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Wintercraft Mask Pdf Files

I have a pdf file and want to mask some sensitive information in it such as social security numbers. Can this be done, without having to use paid tools? Better yet, without having to download anything?

We tend to send to each other the files as AI, occasionally as PDF. Never exchange files as.pdf if you intend to open them in Illustrator. Always save in the program format. PDF is not the native format to illustrator, so things happens like extra masks gets added layers gets flattened, type gets outlined. These plans and instructions enable you to make your own 3D Stag mask from cardboard. This mask would also work well for a reindeer.

Wintercraft Mask Pdf Files

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You could open it with gimp, paint over the sensitive information and then print/save to pdf again.

Or do the same thing with inkscape - however as mentioned in the comments this is less safe as the information may still be present in the saved file (even if you can't see it on the pdf).

Both are free tools and available on a variety of platforms.

More pdf editing options are covered in this question


Source: I worked at a major multinational law firm as tech support.

Winter Craft Mask Pdf Files Free

If security is your goal and you need to complete erase any chance of the redacted information being retrieved, the only valid way to process any document for this goal is to either:

A. Black out the text and then print it.


B. Print the text and then black it out using a black marker.


Scan the blacked out document back into digital format, inspecting the document to confirm the scanned images will not reveal the hidden text through adjustments in color or contrast or brightness.

Adobe Reader

Any other method leaves the chance that metadata or other embedded information may still contain the redacted information.

Only by converting to an entirely non-digital media (physical print) and then back will you end up with a digital file guaranteed to be free of any chance the redacted information is still attached to the document somehow.

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