Windows Vista Partitie Formatteren

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The manufacturer installs their OEM version of the Operating System into the C: partition. A factory re-install of the C: partition is accomplished via the Recovery application. The recovery process puts the machine back to 'Day One/ Out of the Box'. It is stored on the D: partition. This partition must be protected. Do Not set 'restore points' to write to this partition. Do Not use this partition for anything (pictures, games, etc.)

  1. Windows Vista Partitie Formatterencer
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1) You do not state how you accomplished turning it back to the factory settings. There are only 2 ways to do this:

Windows Vista Partitie Formatteren

a) From a set of Recovery DVD's, either furnished or created by you. Alas, you said 'but I don't know much about computers'. You really need these DVD's because if you hard drive became 'Dead/Fried/Useless', you would have means to install the C: and D: onto a new hard drive.

b) From the D: Recovery partition. The most logical, given your stated ability, was that you entered it before start-up via an 'f' key.

But you said something that contradicts : 'I have made backups of all my important files from the D: onto an external harddrive'. That suggests the D: partition ismuch larger than 10 GB. (I am gauging that by the space required for Vista Ultimate Recovery).

Formatteren met Windows 10 Om een usb-stick met FAT te formatteren ga je als volgt te werk. Vervang nu onder Partitie de optie Huidig door 1 en klik op Opties.

Windows Vista Partitie Formatterencer

2) That simple statement implies that your D: partition was compromised, or never setup as a Recovery partition.

a) Did you purchase this computer NEW? It is unlikely that a manufacturer would not install the D: Recovery application. Although my HP8100CTO has a D; Recovery partition, I was allowed tocreate a separate set of DVD's for that purpose. (see 1,a).

b) Just how large in GB's is your C: and D: partitions?

Windows Vista Partitie Formatterent

I do not feel comfortable suggesting you format the D: partition, without having some answers as to what is in this partition.

BTW: I am not affiliated with MS. I am just a technical user enjoying these forums, and adding to my knowledge.