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Concordance magic school bus ms frizzles adventures ancient egypt. - The Art Of Ancient Egypt Robbins Pdf To Excel; - Download Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit Italiano Isoniazid;. John Robbins has been involved in art his entire life. 'I've always been a painter and sculptor and devoured information about art since childhood.' He describes his early artistic self as an abstract expressionist.

I spend a lot of time online searching for home education resources that are fun and interesting for my son and have put together some for this hub. All the resources used are freely available online either as online activities or for printing so I thought they would be useful to share with other parents. .

I have set the resources out by task rather than by days or weeks to make it more flexible for various levels of structure, timetables, time and children’s attention spans and abilities. I have also added some suggested activities or additional ideas.

1.Where is Egypt?

A selection of colour maps showing Egypt’s location and lots of key points such as the Nile, relevant cities, Upper and Lower Egypt and Giza.

2. Virtual Cartouche Creator

Simply type in your name and the generator will create a personalised cartouche.

3. What was Life like in Egypt?

This page shows details of what life was like for Egyptian farmers and Noblemen. The text features small clickable pictures of Egyptian items that enlarge to show larger versions.

4. Mummify an Apple

A simple science experiment using salt and baking soda, that shows how mummification can be used in order to preserve something.

5. Pyramid Photos


This BBC page has a selection of photos that can be clicked on in order to see a larger version and read some relevant information on each.

6. Gods and Goddesses

A list of 29 Egyptian gods and goddesses. Each of the names can be clicked on in order to view a picture and further information such as period of worship, appearance, role and relationships to other Egyptian deity.

Architecture Of Ancient Egypt

7. Tutankhamen Gallery

A gallery of twelve photographs depicting items found in Tutankhamen's tomb. Clicking on each photo opens a new page showing a larger version and some information about the item.

8. Senet

The Art Of Ancient Egypt Robbins Pdf Creator Free

Have a go at playing this Ancient Egyptian board game online. This is a two player game and full instructions are provided. A sign up box pops up at the side but you do not have to complete this in order to use the game.

9. Printable Senet Board


Link to a PDF file containing a printable senet board and full instruction on how to play this Egyptian game.

10. Hieroglyphs

Interactive information on hieroglyphs presented in an easy to understand way. Includes a printable activity that enables you to type your name in hieroglyphs using a computer keyboard.

11. How to Make a Mummy

Art Of Ancient Egypt Tombs

An interactive activity that guides children through how a mummy was made using a cartoon style and easy to understand information.

12. The Underworld Challenge

Journey through the underworld to see if you can make it through and into paradise in this simple online game. (Requires Shockwave).

13. The Nile File

Click through several pages of information on Egyptian life and school. Once the information has been read there is a quiz to complete and see how much you have learnt.

14. Escape From The Mummies Tomb

Online game whose objective is to collect as many of the Egyptian items as possible while avoiding being caught by the mummy. The game requires only a mouse for controls.

15. Ancient Egyptian Treasure Hunt

An online treasure hunt consisting of ten questions. The website includes links to other websites where the answers can be found by reading through the information there.

16. See Inside a Mummy

An interactive website that allows you to look inside three mummies that can be found in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the United Kingdom. The site features CT and X-Ray images of the mummies as well as accompanying information. The page also has links to information on CT scanning and mummification.

17. Egyptian Life

Extensive information on all areas of Egyptian life aimed at children aged 5 – 11 years old.

18. Free Egyptian Clipart

Art Of Ancient Egypt

19. Free Egypt Lapbook

Link to a lapbook in PDF format. The lapbook contains a selection of activities including writing and deciphering hieroglyphics, how to make papyrus, a mummified doll and a sarcophagus and a planner with answers, references and links to useful websites.

The Art Of Ancient Egypt Robbins Pdf Creator Pdf

20. Perler/Hama Bead Patterns

Clip Art Of Ancient Egypt

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