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  1. Case continued for Middletown ex-professor accused of leaving dog to die in car. His file was statutorily sealed by the judge until Nov. 12, 2019, making details on the action in his case.
  2. Statutorily Sealed Case File In Connecticut 401 Young men with mental illness are a common denominator but so, inescapably, are guns. The NRA is fond of.

CONNECTICUT Connecticut General Statutes § 54-142a - Erasure of criminal records. (a) Whenever in any criminal case, on or after October 1, 1969, the accused, by a final judgment, is found not guilty of the charge or the charge is dismissed, all police and court. Statutory sealing of a file is the sealing of a file in accordance with the law provided in. Last Will Checkup; Contact an. Statutorily Sealed Case File In Connecticut.


I know someone who got arrested for failure to have a license to operate an auto repair shop and he has gotten 2 continuances so far and now his case file is statutorily sealed. The new article had said that he was also under investigation for fraud and possible drug related charges. Is it possible the investigators found enough evidence to charge him and maybe that is why he keeps asking for continuances and now has his case sealed? Improper licensing for a repair shop isn't a big charge, usually just a fine maybe 30 days in jail so why would such a simple case now be sealed and continued?


Without reviewing the file, it is impossible to answer with any certainty. Anyone charged with a crime in which jail is possible can apply for a diversionary program if they qualify. In most cases, the file is sealed and will remain sealed if the program is granted.

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