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OEM Tango receives good test reports so I’d like to share its driver free download link and test reports.

  1. New Tango OEM driver download

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New Tango OEM latest 1.111.3 software and driver free download

Tango Scorpio-LK .zip

435.0 MB

Software Tango Pcb Plus

OEM Tango Software version: 1.111.3.

Original Tango Key Programmer Version: V1.112

Test results:

My tango is 1.107.7, I downloaded and tried.

I didn’t kill him but not working, my fw is 1.79, for this version need 1.83.

Actually, you won’t run newest official tango update.

OEM Tango VS clone Tango

I have OEM and clone and they’re both running 1.111.3. Only difference is that the clone has less functionality and can’t be updated.

1) OEM Tango PCB: Good quality

Image source:

Tango Pcb Plus Version 2.21

2) Clone Tango PCB: Bad quality

New Clone Tango Transponder Key Programmer review:

1.Tango Chinese clone

The built-in full documentation what the original had.

2 days ago, customer bring Subaru Impreza 2009 with AKL, read BCM and load in Tango.

It can use with 4D, CN2, CN5, LKP02, TPX2, EH2. I choose EH2 just for test.

Program and bring to customer test. Car work at once.

I also program with Tagkey tool from FVDI to see, but it doesn’t work.

So my first experience is very good, and it paid already 3 times the price of tango clone.

ONLY no any Toyota key maker is activated in clone.

Software Tango Pcb Plus Download

Megane 2 UCH 4L91N add card in used position, Card not start the car, i program over OBD but remote did not work.

Need change the new one and program by OBD. All OK.

  1. Clone tango only can do 40bit and 80bit.
  1. Tango for Toyota

For Toyota key maker, you have to buy the original Tango

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-01 94 D4 type (Yellow)

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-02 98 type (Blue)

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-03 88 A8 type (Red)

Scorpio-LK EmulatorsSLK-04 A9 type (White)

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-05 39 Type (Rose)

FYI, If you have obdstar P001 programmer with the Toyota simulator key, you can also make success.

1) Simulated key yellow applies to the vehicle with 94/D4 type of smart key;
2) Simulated key blue applies to the vehicle with 98 type of smart key;
3) Simulated key red applies to the vehicle with 88/A8 type of smart key;
4) Simulated key white applies to the vehicle with A9 type of smart key;

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