Simpson Silencio 972 User Manual

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  1. Simpson Dishwasher silencio 850. 18 Solutions. Looking for this manual. Simpson Dishwasher 840. Looking to find Simpson 840 dishwasher manual. Simpson Dishwasher 840. How to replace lower door seal. Simpson Dishwasher silencio 850. Sticking timer. Simpson Dishwasher 52B850WJ.
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  3. Simpson Dishwasher silencio 850. 18 Solutions. Old Simpson Nova Markings of temps have worn off oven. Simpson Oven xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Simpson Silencio 972 User Manual

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Ok in our rented house we have a Simpson Silencio 850 dishwasher. But heaps of the time it will not drain out the water. 0 user(s) are reading this topic. 0 members, 0 guests, 0 anonymous.

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Simpson Silencio 52B850WH has been discontinued. See all Simpson Built-in Dishwashers.

4.2 from 9 reviews


Conflicting answers

Have a Simpson silencio 950 dishwasher. Can you connect direct to hot water. I don't have a manual to refer to. Any help would be great

Hi Karin,Rumana from Electrolux here.Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at [email protected] attention Rumana.We look forward to hearing from you soon.ThanksRumana


Crude but Effective

I'd echo the two reviews below in that this machine is / was cheap to buy, built like a tank but unfortunately sounds like one when washing too!
Basic construction and controls means nothing much to go wrong.
Mine has been in constant service since 2006 when it replaced a 20 year old Simpson for which parts were no longer available. Happily parts for this one are easy and cheap to purchase as I've had to replace the upper basket rollers and a bottom door seal in the time I've owned it.
Washes dishes very well and has been a reliable workhorse.
Price, durability, available parts when needed
Loud like the Space Shuttle launch

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Easy - in one word - Brilliant - but seeing as I need to supply 20...if you want a dishwasher that works, is totally reliable and is easy to use, then this machine is for you!
We were given ours by a friend 10yrs ago and they only got rid of it because they had a new one in the house they rented. It gets used every day and, if we've had a party, twice. It's an absolute work horse. Have replaced the door seal and basket wheels but I love it to pieces. It uses much less water than the old fashioned sink and the basket design is still the best on the market!
I just hope I can replace it with another Silencio when it finally retires.
There's nothing I dislike. My dishwasher is on the dividing wall between kitchen and main bedroom and I'm never kept awake by the noise. Heck, who cares - the dishes are being done by a machine -Not Me!


List but gets the job done

Bought one second hand for next to nothing and it has soldiered on like a dream. Very effective at cleaning. Not much to go wrong. Hilariously named the silencio. Those guys at simpson have a great sense of humor. Its like a rock concert, but it's effective.
Reliable, cheap, did the job
Very noisy



When I mention not the quietest machine.... who cares as long as it washes well and never breaks down.
I am on the lookout to upgrade to a stainless steel dishwasher and got on here to read reviews. Why does everything have tobe electronic board operated. That's what is nice about this simpson... no fancy board not breaking down.....
God.... I have had this dishwasher now for over 10 years now and still in good working order. Door Seals are going in it now, but ten years who's complaining!! It was the cheapest on the market at the time and it washes well. Never any major issues with it. Just had to replace the water hose a few months ago.
It's probably not the quietest machine around.

Simpson Silencio 972 User Manual



PROS: top and bottom metal swing arms, unlike the newer models that have either both plastic or lower metal and upper plastic. good clean on normal or eco wash,can be updated with a stainless steel face plate to suit modern kitchens. new parts cheap to buy and can be fitted buy a user not a qualified repairer.

CONS: the upper basket wheels snap after prolonged wear and tear and hot water damage, the plastic snap lock that holds the top washing arm can snap off after doing a routine clean on the arms if not careful, first time they needed replaced was after 3 years usage. they were $3 each but now cost $13 and the top tray has 6 support wheels, usually only one breaks per time. exposed heating element - I have replaced all my plastic measuring spoons and cups and my small plastic containers becuase they can fall through the basket with the force of the water and the element then melts any dropped items. It does use alot of water (26L)for a normal program and has a high energy consumption 448

OVERALL: this dishwasher is great!!! it is sturdy compared to the newer dishwashers and for the price i got a good deal as it is still going strong 6 yrs later.



I like the product however it is not silent as it is supposed to be a silencio. Though it makes a lot of noise , it is an excellent washer and is great to have, It isnt costly and the best thing is it has smaller rounds for economy wash or fast wash alike. I like the way clean dishes come out of this washer, even though they are full of grease. I recommend having this dishwasher if you are buying a new one. But do not like the fact that it doesnt come in silver colour, which is very modern and new.
Nice product. Like the way it cleans the dishes quickly and nicely.
Not a very silent product.



We looked around for ages for a good machine and finally we found one. We use our machine every day and so far, it has been working like a dream.
We bought this model after our Baumatic packed in. There is no comparison between them. This machine is simple to use, its wash cycles are much more economical to run, it's quiet and sturdy, it's well organised inside so you can fit dishes and pots, and for the price, it is much superior to the opposition.
We've had this machine for 3 months. We have a couple of minor quibbles - it doesn't dry the dishes as well as other machines. It runs best on dishwasher tablets - the most expensive option - but for what we paid, these are not major issues

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Simple machine. Nothing fancy. Cleans and dries adequately, although not perfectly, some items still a bit drippy afterwards. Great rack design with folding plate holders makes it quite versatile for washing different size/shape items. Height clearance of lower rack is fine for large items like chopping boards. Two cleaning arms which means better water coverage.
Was very affordable. Very straightforward to run and to clean filters.
The dial design is faulty and the knob for the dial can break off. Has happened to us twice, and the shop model we looked at also had this problem. (was fixed for no charge thus far though)

Questions & Answers

We have moved into a rented property with a Silencio dishwasher and there is no instruction booklet. We have done one wash and it took over 2 hours just to do a simple meal wash. What is the shortest wash? and does it heat the water?
Option no 5 fast wash it much help Try it out !
Dishes do not clean after being washed. Any ideas?
Hi Direid, Sylvia from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux appliance. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Sylvia at [email protected] Thanks Sylvia
My Simpson silencio 850 just stopped. It appears that it could be an electrical problem. Is there an overload or fuse that i can check, prior to calling a tecnition.
Hi Domenic, If you suspect an electrical problem go to your electrical service technician. Don't take chances where electricity and water combined are concerned. Best of luck. Mine is still going strong after 15yrs at least.Hi Dominic, Maria M from Electrolux here. Electrolux will be able to assist you with this query. Can you please email me your contact details at [email protected] attention Maria M? We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Maria M

At&t 972 User Manual

Simpson Silencio 52B850WH
CategoryBuilt-in Dishwashers
Release dateJan 2007

Simpson Silencio 972 User Manual Manual

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Simpson Silencio 972 User Manual Pdf

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