Silent Aim No Headshot

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  2. Silent Aim No Headshot Cs 1.6 Download

Headshot ) Silent aim setat pe corp.rar download at 2shared. Compressed file Silent aim setat pe corp.rar download at Click here to upload a file: Sep 22, 2014. HACK Silent Aim Setat pe Corp de pe girlshare - Duration. Headshot Aimbot only Lua Script. So i've been wondering. The anti-aim shows directly where the head position mostly is at. They dont headshot.

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Silent Aim No Headshot

A friend of mine said he was suspicious of a sniper and thought he was potentially hacking. I logged in to spectate at his request, and then I suddenly I felt like this.

I realized I have no idea what I'm looking for. Anytime I've encountered a hacker, they've given themselves away by being too obvious and I never bothered spectating. (I'm also kinda 'lol no one hacks' in that regard so I rarely assume foul play)

So what exactly does a hacking sniper look like? I spectated the guy and saw a lot of shots that looked like clear misses (a wide margin to the left or the right of the person, or clear bodyshots as headshots) that would count as headshots in the killfeed, but thought that could just be lag or spectator mode being imperfect. Compared to my friend to double-check, and while it was still imperfect, the variance was much smaller. AKA with my friend he might shoot not far from the shoulder (bordering it) on my screen and it'd be a headshot, whereas with the other guy there was a decent-sized gap between where I saw the shot and the actual head or shoulder, with all of them being headshots. Still, unsure if that's just spec mode being spec mode.

Silent Aim No Headshot

So what do I look for guis, halp me pelase.

Silent Aim No Headshot Cs 1.6 Download