Renew Philippine Driving License While Abroad

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Renew philippine driving license while abroad

How To Renew Prc License For Nurses Abroad. For those who are renewing their professional license, please read the regular procedures for professional license renewal. If you in the rush of renewing your. This question was asked by professionals who are busy in their jobs or those who work outside of the Philippines (Overseas Filipino.

1. Original and photocopy of Philippine driver’s license valid for at least one year.
2. Two (2) pieces latest 2x2 colored ID photo with white background.
(The personal appearance of the applicant is not required to get a PIDP, however, the applicant’s representative must present an authorization letter and any valid ID and submit its photocopy along with requirements no. 1 and 2.)
3. For foreign nationals in the Philippines, present the original passport plus photocopies of pages showing identification and date of last arrival. If you are a permanent resident, present your passport and/or Alien Certificate Registration along with requirements no. 1 and 2.
4. Php 1,800 broken down as follows:
P300 = AAP Joining Fee*
P1,200 = AAP Annual Registration
P300 = PIDP Processing Fee

Renew Philippine Driving License While Abroad License

*Note that the P300 AAP Joining Fee is waived for OFWs. Just present any valid proof of your being an OFW (e.g. Seaman`s passport, employment contract abroad with valid POEA ID, etc.).
Equivalent to the expiration of your Philippine Driver's License.
If your PIDP expired while you were still abroad, you can renew your PIDP online by visiting the AAP website as long as the card type Philippine license that was presented before has not expired yet. If a temporary license was presented before, the photocopy of the temporary license together with the original LTO certification and official receipt should be presented.
The PIDP is issued only by the AAP. A PIDP issued elsewhere is fake and using it can get the one holding it into serious trouble abroad. Call the AAP Hotline 723 0808 or visit AAP immediately to establish the authenticity of your PIDP.
Step By Step Application Guide:
1. Fill up a yellow form which you can get from the customer service area upon entry.
2. Photocopy your driver's license preferably still valid for a year.
3. Submit your application form with 2pcs. 2x2 white background picture and driver's license.
4. A number will be given. Wait for your number to be flashed on the screen above Window 2.
5. Listen for your name to be called, you have to sign the international license in Window 1.
6. Once your number is flashed on the screen, go to Window 2 and pay P1,800.
7. Check your international license info and get receipt.
Other tips:
1. If you forget to photocopy your driver's license, the customer service area can photocopy it for PhP 1.50.
2. With the payment of PhP 1,800, you automatically become a member of AAP and your two cars can benefit from it.
3. Air-conditioned area, beware of fixers in LTO that there are long queues. The entire process is finished in less than an hour.
4. When you pay P1,800. Included in it are: plastic envelope wherein the international license, certificate of insurance, an AAP laminated card, sticker and an official receipt.
If you are planning to go to Taiwan, you can't use this international license because Taiwan does not recognize it. In any other country, like US and Canada, it is valid. The license is huge, sized like our local passport, just an added info.