Python Programming For The Absolute Beginner Ebook

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This is an easy-to-follow guide on how to learn Python for absolute beginners! My name is Arthur and I have more than 10 years of experience programming in Python. I worked as a Senior Developer for Google and I now run my own Network Security Consulting Business in the heart of London. Programming is my passion.

Table of Contents

Python Programming For The Absolute Beginner Pdf Free

Python programming for the absolute beginner pdf free

Python Programming For The First Time

  1. Copyright
  2. Introduction
    1. Chapters
  3. 1. Python Has Class
    1. Getting Started with Python
      1. Python Tools
    2. Objects in Python
      1. What Came Before?
      2. OOP: The Python Way
  4. 2. Getting Started with Pygame: The Pie Game
    1. Using Pygame
  5. 3. File I/O, Data, and Fonts: The Trivia Game
    1. Python Data Types
    2. File Input/Output
      1. Working with Text Files
      2. Working with Binary Files
    3. The Trivia Game
  6. 4. User Input: The Bomb Catcher Game
    1. Pygame Events
    2. Device Polling
  7. 5. Math and Graphics: The Analog Clock Demo
    1. Basic Trigonometry
      1. Traversing a Circle’s Perimeter
    2. The Analog Clock Demo
      1. Drawing the Clock
  8. 6. Bitmap Graphics: The Orbiting Spaceship Demo
    1. Using Bitmaps
    2. Orbiting the Planet
  9. 7. Animation with Sprites: The Escape the Dragon Game
    1. Using Pygame Sprites
    2. The Escape the Dragon Game
  10. 8. Sprite Collision Detection: The Zombie Mob Game
    1. Collision Detection Techniques
    2. The Zombie Mob Game
  11. 9. Arrays, Lists, and Tuples: The Block Breaker Game
    1. Arrays and Lists
      1. Lists with One Dimension
      2. Lists with More Dimensions
    2. Tuples
    3. The Block Breaker Game
      1. Block Breaker Levels
  12. 10. Timing and Sound: The Oil Spill Game
    1. Sound
    2. Building The Oil Spill Game
      1. Gameplay
  13. 11. Program Logic: The Snake Game
    1. Building The Snake Game
    2. Teaching the Snake to Move Itself
  14. 12. Trigonometry: The Tank Battle Game
    1. Angular Velocity
    2. Building The Tank Battle Game
      1. The Tanks
      2. Main Code
  15. 13. Random Terrain: The Artillery Gunner Game
    1. Creating the Terrain
      1. Defining the Height Map
    2. Artillery Cannons
  16. 14. More of Everything: The Dungeon Role-Playing Game
    1. Review of Classic Dungeon RPGs
    2. Creating a Dungeon Level
      1. Understanding ASCII Characters
      2. Simulating a Text Console Display
      3. Generating Random Rooms
      4. Generating Random Hallways
    3. Populating the Dungeon
      1. Adding the Player’s Character
    4. Advanced Gameplay
      1. Fighting Monsters
      2. Wrapping Up the Gameplay
  17. A. Installing Python and Pygame