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In C#, I have the following code:

Jan 02, 2019  Python Event Driven System. Cocktail-bot barbot raspberry-pi arduino python pyqt5 async-serial event-driven Python Updated Jan 11, 2018. Qytz / finchan 2 An event process framework with Python3. A Python Implementation of the BitTorrent Protocol with Event-Driven. When anything sends serial data to the Arduino it arrives into the Arduino input buffer at a speed set by the baud rate. At 9600 baud about 960 characters arrive per second which means there is a gap of just over 1 millisecond between characters.


I have an Arduino sending serial data to the comm port continually, and I would like to put the data received into a textbox (with the new entries coming in on a seperate line).

I'm trying to understand the whole += concept, but I'm not sure how to use the code I have to enter the serial data into a textbox... can someone please help me understand this.

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Don't use a text box use a RichTextBox so that you can get new lines. I would also suggest making it read only. Also Don't forget to add a line break ('n') at the end of each incoming string.

the code would look like this


I'm not really following what you're asking. Does indata get the data? If so, to add the text to the textbox just:

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In your case listed above the += operator is used to subscribe to an event.


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Means that when the DataReceived event is raised, it will call DataReceivedHandler. For more information, view MSDN. In DataReceivedHandler simply addTextBox.Text += indata + 'rn'; In order to do that, you will need to remove the static modifier in your method signature.

In other cases, like with int it is the assignment increment operator, for example these are the same

For System.String it is used to concatenate strings together.


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