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INQLE (Intelligent Network of Querying and Learning Engines) is a server-based program for finding correlations in any data.

Tools / Servers

This is a basic program for managing a library of books or other such media. Members can loan / return / reserve books. Members may be added / deleted as can titles of media and instances of media etc.

Development / Front Ends

Program for creation of various collections: books, films, coins etc. The structure of elements of a collection can be adjusted directly by the user. At the heart of an element of a collection (object) the template describing data of object lies....

Development / Front Ends

The jedstate program is some sort of extended mind for John E. Davis' splendid text editor jed. Using jedstate, jed 'remembers' the cursor position for all visited files and will automagically jump to that position again when the files...

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Sims2Tracker is a program for tracking the status of Sims in The Sims 2 for various TS2 Challenges. Initially aimed at tracking the progress data for the Prosperity and Legacy challenges and generating scores according to the challenge rules.

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an mobile program for alert Date of Your Cheques And Listing for New,Delete And Updating Your Data

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This is a program for taking care of your own field service records. Is interest of Jehovah's Witnesses

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Editor and sample PHP web page for a Linux User Group calendar of events

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This is a program for my sister that will run on the command line and scrape ISBNs off a website, cross reference w/ amazon, and make a CSV out of the data.

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QDisco -- program for professional trade management of music production items.
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This goal of this Project is to design a working assistant type program for directx based video games.

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Jink is an interactive tool for debugging of concurrent program in Java.

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Generate a program for managing the operations of a restaurant, based on actual needs.

Christmas Party Program Template

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Planning an event is quite a task as you need to inform those who are attending it, so that it makes them ready psychologically for any kind of task that might include them. An event program template makes it easier for you to event planning templates and work on its different spheres. Such templates can be downloaded for free and are available in various layouts for easy customizing and using it according to your convenience.


A sample script for a Christmas party program depends on the theme of the program. If the theme is Santa ia Coming to Town, you could start out with 'At this festive time, we are all eagerly.

Free Event Program Template

Sample Event Program Template

Event Celebration Program Schedule

Organizing an event is always a complicated job. However, having properly set schedules are always a help. Check out this schedule template.

Event Program Advertisement Form

This would be a template that allows you to describe event and highlight the different advertising platform that you would use to popularize. Each platform needs to be further flow described, criticized and strategized.You may also see graduation programs.

Spectacular Event Program Sample

In this case, the template would help in smoother distribution of responsibilities and divide the event into workable parts. This is meant for any grand event.You may also see program proposal template.

Chardonnay Event Program Sample

If your event revolves around a chardonnay get-together, this would be a great fun template to schedule the programs and take care of each hour of the event in a professional manner. This would be highly necessary for any organizer.You may also see memorial program templates.

Family Event Sample Program

If you are hosting a family event, this template schedule will again help you with the even activities, budgeting, to-do lists and more. Leave no bottlenecks if you want your event to be a success.You may also see father funeral templates.

Books Event Program For Artist

In this case, the template is basically about dividing and defining each hour of event and what activities are intended to take place at each time slot.You may also see event schedule templates.

Gala Event Program Template

For organizing a sophisticated event such as cocktail parties or auctions, this template has a unique layout that is already created so that you just need to enter the program details. You can easily download this template from the internet for free and customize the layout the way you want.You may also see funeral program.

Fundraising Event Program Template

If you are organizing a fundraiser event, you need to make a proper event manual. You can use this template to create a program invitation by writing what the event is about, the cause behind the event and other details. This creates a formal invitation and appeals to your guests.You may also see concert program

Food Safety Event Program Template

This event program template will help you to properly write about what a food safety event is all about, and why should people attend it. Such a template can be found in numerous websites and is available in layouts that are fully editable and can be printed in various formats.You may also see retirement program templates.

Fair Trade Event Program Template


A fair trade is organized for promoting various companies and their products. This engages local communities and for this, a similar template can make work easier and saves time. A readymade and fully customizable template helps you to organize such an event properly and makes the event an official program.You may also see graduation program templates.

Green Event Program Template

Environmental issues are looked upon quite seriously these days. Hence a number of events for growing awareness are organized at a formal level. Therefore a template can be used to write in details about the same program, what its aim is and how people can benefit from a go-green event.You may also see audit program templates.

Artist Event Program Template

An artist event is organized where famous artists such as writers are invited for a special talk. These events require formal and sophisticated invitations and guidelines for people attending it for the first time or for special guests. This template gives a crisp look to the message and attracts more audience.You may also see church program.

Printable Event Program Template

A printable event program template is quite useful to create a formal guideline for all events taking place for a particular program. A number of websites provide numerous such layouts that are free to download and customize for suitable usage. These can be printed out in PDF or microsoft word formats.You may also see develop a program template.

Event Program Template Evaluation

An evaluation of minute details is sometimes necessary to keep as a record for any assistance. Hence such an event template contains all points that might turn out to be helpful in any kind of future assessment. Various types of such templates are all over the web can be downloaded for free and used in various word formats.You may also see obituary program templates

Event Programme Download in PDF

For better organization of an event, a good template always comes handy. This particular template gives a sophisticated yet vibrant look to your manual. This saves a lot of time that you could invest in other important works that need more attention. A fully editable layout that can be printed in different formats is easily available at various websites.You may also see child funeral program templates.

Art Education Event Program

Holiday Event Program Template

Banquet Event Planning Program

Birthday Party Program

Memorial Event Program

Service Event Program

Seminar Event Program

Charity Pre Event Program

Corporate Event Program Ad Template

Dance Event Program

Dinner Event Program

Event Itinerary Program

Event Program and Agenda

Event Program Outline

Event Staff Recognition Awards Program

Fashion Show Event Program

Festival and Event Partnership Program

Fitness Event Training Program

Gala Event Program

Performance Event Program

School Event Program

Sports Event Program

Event Program Template

Event Program Printing

What to Include in an Event Program?

Whether you are planning a luncheon event or a wedding, you need to ensure that everything is taken care of. Thus, it would be a good idea to design an event program. This is sure to add an organized touch to the event while also keeping everyone informed about the goings on. You can get some cue to design such a program using the church program templates online. This is what should be included in an event program.

1. The name of the event

2. Slogan and logo, if any

3. Date of the event

4. Venue

5. A systematic break up for each sub event with date and time

6. Payment details, if any

How to Write a Program for an Event?

Designing an event program and handing it over to the participants would ensure that there is no confusion whatsoever. This should be handed over to them before or on the opening day of the event. You can get an idea of how to design such programs by taking a look at fundraising proposal templates. Here is how you can write a program for an event.

1. Start by giving the specifics of the event.

2. Then, go ahead and give a description of the event.

Christmas Party Games

3. This should be followed by a brief account of why the event has been organized and what to expect.

4. Next list the details of the participants.You may also see catholic funeral program template.

5. This should be followed by the list of the events along with their venues and timing.

6. If there are any specific directions for each event, these should be specified against the event.

7. You can even include a map of the venue to make it easier for the people to find their destinations.You may also see wedding program.

8. Do not forget to mention the sponsors and other important dignitaries in the program.

Need some help to design an event program? Why not check out the wide range of event program templates that we have to offer. With a huge collection and varied designs to choose from, you are sure to find one that catches your fancy. These templates are easy to download and can be customized as per your requirements. Thus, coming up with a unique and impressive event program is not really a problem.

Therefore, the event program template obviously reduces a lot of your stress regarding an event planning since everything is already made, and you just need to fill in with the appropriate details.

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