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Re: uploading PDF file Post by edmagazine ยป Tue Mar 01, 2011 8:37 pm Also I have flip software for joomla loaded on my site and want to upload a flip pdf file and have been unsuccessful in loading.

I have a field in my form which is of type file. When the user clicks on the save icon, I want to naturally upload the file to the server and save the filename in the database. I tried testing this out by echoing the filename but it doesn't seem to be working. Also, how do I add the filename to the database? Is it done in the model? Thanks!



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2 Answers

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Just figured it out.

The correct way is

That should do the trick.The $file array then holds the following keys:

  • error
  • name
  • size
  • tmp_name
  • type

I've deleted my original answer as it was misleading.

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Get inspired by Media manager:

Just note that this component is quite old (refactoring is in preparations)


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