Numark Cue Le 5.2

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  1. Feb 07, 2008  Mix - NUMARK CUE 5.5 YouTube; Numark DMC 2 with virtual DJ on a QUAD CORE DJ Computer - Duration: 7:39. Stewardsproductions 34,538 views. DJmag Numark Total Control Review.
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Cue LE Software Updates Now users of Cue LE DJ Software can download both the PC version and Mac version simply by entering the serial number below! Versions available for download include.

Numark Cue Download


  • Reliable, intuitive DJ software for mixing audio and video
  • Mix, scratch, juggle, and sample audio and video on two virtual decks
  • Customize style and layout by selecting from different software skins
  • Play audio and playlists from CD, DVD, MP3, WAV, iTunes, and much more
  • Play video from DVD, VOB, DIVX, MPG (1, 2, 4), AVI, WMV, and Karaoke (CD+G)
  • Works with VST plug-ins, DirectX, and multi-channel ASIO
  • Cue video on-screen, and output it to projectors, TVs, and other screens
  • Cue audio in headphones and output it to virtually any sound system
  • Broadcast video and audio on the web
  • See the visual waveform of the track in CUE’s Rhythm Window
  • Automatically sync tracks together for effortless song transitions
  • Automatically detects BPM on virtually any track
  • Create beat–matched loops and samples for on the fly remixes
  • Powerful, fast global searching based on nine different tag types
  • Smart database management automatically checks and repairs your library
  • Play History Management automatically records what you played and when
  • Support for Numark MIXTRACK and IDJ3
  • Support for Akai Pro MPD controllers, LPK25 and LPD8
  • Supports premium membership from Virtual DJ
  • Lower latency and better sound for motorized wheels
  • 64 bit drivers for the Virtual Vinyl box are included in the new Virtual Vinyl setup

The product you can download here is called Numark CUE. It’s a DJ console and mixing software solution which supports a series of Numark hardware controllers.

Numark CUE, versatile and feature-rich DJ software

Numark Cue Le 5.2

The CUE in Numark CUE refers to preparing a piece of audio or video equipment, setting it a state of readiness to be played. This might sound abstract, but just think of a DJ mixing in a particular part of a song, which of course has to be cued to be started at the desired moment from the exact song position, to fit in the mix. Well, this software goes beyond regular cueing capabilities for audio and video mixing found in similar software.

The DJs among you reading this article probably have a dedicated Numark Controller, such as the DMC2, iCDX, iDJ3, MixDeck, MixTrack, NDX800, NS7, NSFX, OmniControl, StealthControl, TotalControl or V7, supported by Numark CUE, or supported third-party hardware controllers from Denon, Hercules, ION, Korg, M-Audio, Pioneer, Stanton or Vestax, among others.

With this DJ software you’ll not only be able to mix, but also scratch, sample and juggle audio and video on its virtual decks. It features virtual crates for your digital audio tracks which means you’ll no longer have to take CDs or vinyl records along with you.

Numark CUE features a variety of skins you can select form to suit your mixing needs and setup, supports digital audio and video formats such as MP3, MP3Pro, WMV, WMA, WAV, AIFF, MP4, M4A, OGG, ASF, ACC, DIVX, MPEG-1,2,4, AVI and others. Furthermore, it also supports Virtual Studio Technology (VST) audio plugins and MIDI controllers such as the aforementioned ones. Moreover, its feature list is impressive and too exhaustive to even enlist here, so you’ll have to proceed to the download to find out more details.

Numark CUE, Virtual DJ exclusively repackaged

So, you might want to download Numark CUE to use with your controller, but you should know it is in reality Virtual DJ repackaged. The latter can be found elsewhere on Winportal and has been released in many versions and names over the years, Numark CUE being one of them. Nevertheless, as of Virtual DJ 8, all are unified under the same name. Hence, here you can actually download version 7 of Numark CUE.

A little bit of Numark CUE and the DJ history

Numark, the company behind Numark CUE, is a professional DJ equipment manufacturer founded over four decades ago. Some say that in all ancient and modern cultures, technological advancements can be first seen applied in the military than in music fields. Whether that’s completely true we won’t debate here, but we’ll can confirm over the last decades a revolution which might be called digital music has been, and still is, changing the way we make music, distribute music, listen to music and so on.


As such, you probably know the modern DJ nowadays no longer just depends on two turntables for spinning vinyl and mixing the music, but uses controllers and digital music tracks, video clips and other items to contribute to the party atmosphere.

Numark Cue Le Download

Back to Numark, which in 2001 acquired Alesis, an audio hardware manufacturer and in 2012 Numark itself was acquired by InMusic Brands, the parent company for other renown brands in the music production, DJ, live sound, pro audio, musical instrument and consumer electronics industries, such as Akai, Denon, M-Audio, Marant, MixMeister, and more.