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New tuxbox flash tools download. A few years ago, image creation for the Tuxbox software was a black art. A few years ago, image creation for the Tuxbox software was a black art. Not only were the CVS tools bad or incomplete, worse, some parts were deliberately. Flash Wizard – or other program for Flash new image. First will have to copy all programs installed and settings from DM. From FTP will copy in hdd what we have installed in/from DM: /var/bin – attention do not copy enigmanet! Copy only CAM and SCRIPT installed! /var/etc-movieplayer_linux.xml – if exist.

Sooooooooo, I finally had a chance, a little while back, to test the newest, ironed out version of PB-Enigma for sat TV DBoxes, published on 31st December 2008, one can find here, for instance:
* Fixed Bootmanager
* small fixes
* mit ogg support
* interner Videotext geht nun ohne aktivierten Caching !
I will try to add the proggies and everything else you might need in this thread... The Image is for DBox wih 2 flashes, btw, more on the net, I have no time to put it ALL up, sorry...Flash
New tuxbox flash tools downloadUse the Flashtool that I will post here: setup_dboxifa311 and then...
-install it to your PC, then
-start it from your Hallenberg folder, then
-choose an Image, then
-choose your PC's gadget over which you will connect with your DBoxom, then
-choose how you are connected [I only use the LAN cable via a router, so NO for Null Modem cable], then
-Start and hen DBox must NOT be plugged into electricity [you'll see a warning in a little window to unplug it], then
-click OK and then

New Tuxbox Flash Tools

-plug your DBox into the wall [electricity, as it's well known in the world ] and wait for the flashing process to finish/programming of your DBox to get done, that is...

Macromedia Flash Toolbar

If you do not succeed the first time, worry not, you will eventually. Frequently it does not 'catch on' immediately. Just terminate the proggy on your PC, then unplug the DBox and repeat the procedure... Patience and you'll be dancing round the table *****, to the delight of your neighbours... or not, if you're not a beautiful, busty, bi***ual blonde...
When it's all over just follow the TV prompts and answer the Qs...
If memory serves, firstly you will see a message to terminate the Flashing Tool and to unplug and plug back in the DBox.
There, it's so bloody easy and simple to put in a new Image into your Linuxed DBox, thanx to the maestros who wrote all that helpful stuff for everyone and for nothing, no money but the love of the hobby!!!
When your PB Enigma Image starts just answer the questions which the installation of PB Enigma 7.0x poses to you, namely the main configuration, in the sense of 'which HW [hardware] have you got?' - simple...
Why is that important? Because PB Enigma Image 7.0x comes with various drivers for all kinds of possible setups - like different versions of DBox receivers [Nokia, Philips, Sagem, then version 1 or 2, then various additions, like built in HDD or additional memory etc.].
If, like me, you have nothing of the HW sort added to your DBox [I'm lying, actually, I do have a new kind of MultiCam or MC but I activate that later on in an Expert settings or some such Menu] then choose an option in the middle [Flash, I think] and anything else you might need. I can't remember right now all the details, like for instance were there any other questions after the first restart or

Myspace Flash Tools

boot. PB Enigma will then, allegedly, cleverly delete all the unnecessary drivers

New Tuxbox Flash Tools Download

when you unplug your DBox and plug it back in.
Ergo, just continue going through various Menus and set it up according to your setup, to your HW and network gadgetry...
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