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Discover the Details of the World Around You With a Microscope

Take a peek at a whole new world and discover the amazing hidden details of the microcosm. Whether you'd like to introduce a child to the microscopic wonders of the world or you're a scientist seeking new lab equipment, you'll find an outstanding selection of microscopes. Choose from compound, stereo and USB microscopes with features ranging from beginner to professional. You'll need to know what you want to view, the type of lighting you'd prefer and the special features you'd like to have to make an informed decision.


The size of the items you want to view will determine the type of microscope you'll need. To look at things on the bacterial level, such as blood cells, organisms in water, bacterial lifeforms and moulds, you will need the higher levels of magnification offered by a compound scope. Compounds are available as either monocular (single eye) or binocular (both eyes). Monocular scopes have up to 1000x magnification while binocular models can go even higher. Children often find monocular microscopes easier to use.

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For viewing the details of larger items such as coins, stamps, insects, leaves and rocks, a stereo microscope provides the correct 'low' levels. Stereo scopes are binocular, presenting a 3-D image. They are available as either dual-power, with two magnification options, or zoom, which will slide smoothly through the optical range.

Lighting is another consideration. Tungsten lighting is standard for most home or beginner microscopes. LED-lit scopes are often portable and can be recharged. Halogen is the preferred lighting for pedestal-style scopes, and the light may be adjustable. Fluorescent lights are used for specialised applications and are not typical.

1 Microscope • Axio Zoom.V16 microscope body • Binocular phototube Z 15° with PL 10x/23 eyepieces • Transmitted light base 300 • Coarse/fine drive with profile column 490mm • Mount S with diameter 76mm 2 Objective • Objective Plan-NEOFLUAR Z 1.0x/0.25 FWD 56mm 3 Illumination • Fluar Illuminator Z mot • Reflector modules Z FL P&C.

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Finally, look for special features such as USB connectivity. A USB microscope can connect directly to a computer or tablet and let you view the slide onscreen and take instant digital photos of your discoveries.