Metal Gear Solid Psx Iso Psp Game

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Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops PSP game is an action shooter game. Which has been released in ISO and CSO format? You can play this game on PSP console and PSVITA console very easily.

Metal Gear Solid Psx Rom

Pi Model : P3 B
Power Supply used: Official adaptor - 2.5 I believe
RetroPie Version Used: V4.01
Built From: Flashed 64GB SD card Class 10 Sandisk, by following tutorial on YouTube


Download Metal Gear Solid Psp

I recently got a Pi3 with the intention of making a wee emulation unit. I followed a tutorial on YouTube with no problems and got it all up and running fine, however I'm having issues with a specific game on the PSX... Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid Psx Iso Psp Game

After following the tutorial I've left all emulator and Pi setting as default (as they were when flashed to SD card) and tried Metal Gear Solid. Now initially the game ran fine (BIOS are installed) until gameplay starts. As soon as a solider appears in the opening area, the game becomes sluggish and just about unplayable. I haven't been able to find any tweaks or troubleshooting for this specific game to improve performance and from what I can tell by searching, no one has had the same problem.

Metal Gear Solid Psx Download

I've tried it with an original MGS Disk1 ISO and also a PSP PBP format and both are having identical problems. Does the Pi3 need to be overclocked to run it? Or is there something I can try to resolve the issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.