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This is a list of fictional feature films or miniseries which feature events of World War II in the narrative.

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  • There is a separate list of World War II TV series. Romantic comedy. World War 2 movies - reviews and trailers for popular World War II movies.
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There is a separate list of World War II TV series.

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  • 3Films made during the War of Ethiopia and the Sino-Japanese War
  • 4Films made during the Second World War
  • 6Films made during the Cold War
  • 7Films made since the Cold War


  • The film or miniseries must be concerned with World War II (or the War of Ethiopia and the Sino-Japanese War) and include events which feature as a part of the war effort.
  • For short films, see the List of World War II short films.
  • For documentaries, see the List of World War II documentary films and the List of Allied propaganda films of World War II.

Fictional feature films specifically pertaining to the Holocaust appear in the List of Holocaust films#Narrative films.

Common topics[edit]

Many aspects of this conflict have repeatedly been the subject of drama. These common subjects will not be linked when they appear in the film descriptions below:

  • Adolf Hitler, National Socialists and National Socialism
  • National Socialist Germany (Third Reich)
  • Gestapo and SS
  • Death camps, concentration camps, earlier concentration camps
  • Partition and occupation of Poland and Polish resistance
  • Occupied France, Vichy France and French Resistance

Films made during the War of Ethiopia and the Sino-Japanese War[edit]

Before the Second World War explicitly began with the Nazi German, then later Soviet (Russian) invasions of Poland in September 1939, Germany had already absorbed Austria in the Anschluß of 1938, then the Czechoslovakian lands of Bohemia and Moravia. Meanwhile, Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union were involved in the Spanish Civil War,[1] (1936-1939), and Italy had conquered Ethiopia (1935-1936) and Albania (1939).China had been fighting against Japan since the 1931 invasion of their northeastern province of Manchuria in a war that completely opened in 1937, called the Second Sino-Japanese War, until Japan attacked the U.S.A. at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. then the British Empire and the Dutch East Indies colonial possessions also in December 1941.


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
ItalyThe Great AppealIl grande appelloMario CameriniItalian father and son in the War of Ethiopia
GermanyThe TraitorVerräterKarl RitterForeign spies in a German armaments factory


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
ItalySentinels of BronzeSentinelle di bronzoRomolo MarcelliniItalian colonial soldiers defeat the Ethiopian attack on Walwal
JapanSong of MarchingShingun no uta (進軍の歌)Yasushi SasakiVolunteer in the Japanese Army fighting in China


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
JapanChocolate and SoldiersChocolate to heitai (チョコレートと兵隊)Takeshi SatoJapanese Army soldier's battlefield letters with chocolate wrappers sent to son while fighting in China
Soviet UnionConcentration Camp (Bog Soldiers / Soldiers of the Swamp)Bolotnye soldaty (Болотные солдаты)Aleksandr MacheretNazi concentration camp guards attempt to break spirits of Communists
ChinaThe Eight Hundred HeroesBā bǎi zhuàngshì (八百壮士)Ying YunweiDefense of Sihang Warehouse
FranceIt Happened in GibraltarGibraltarFedor OzepBritish officer in Gibraltar pretends to be traitor
JapanInvisible InvaderSugata-naki shinnyūsha (姿無き侵入者)Shuzo FukudaForeign spies in Japan pretend to be travelers
ItalyLuciano Serra, PilotLuciano Serra pilotaGoffredo AlessandriniItalo-Abyssinian War
Military TrainGun'yō ressha (軍用列車)
Gun-yong-yeolcha (군용열차)
Gwang-je SeoA Korean train conductor is involved in espionage on a Japanese military train
JapanA Pay by the Wayside (Five Scouts)Gonin no sekkôhei (五人の斥候兵)Tomotaka TasakaFive Japanese Army soldiers on reconnaissance mission behind Chinese lines
JapanThe Road to Peace in the OrientTōyō heiwa no michi (東洋平和の道)Shigeyoshi SuzukiChinese farmers overcame their distrust of Japan after being helped by Japanese soldiers
FranceThe Shanghai DramaLe drame de ShanghaïGeorg Wilhelm PabstJapanese Black Dragon agents in Shanghai

Films made during the Second World War[edit]

Note:Soviet films are in Russian and originate in the Russian SFSR, unless otherwise noted.


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
ItalyBattles in the ShadowLotte nell'ombraDomenico GambinoForeign spies steal the formula of a new explosive
USAConfessions of a Nazi SpyAnatole LitvakNazi spy ring in the United States
USAHitler, Beast of Berlin (Hell's Devils / Beasts of Berlin)Sam NewfieldDrama. German anti-Hitler political prisoner
UKThe Lion Has WingsMichael Powell, Adrian Brunel, Brian Desmond Hurst, Alexander KordaRAF mobilization [2]
ItalyThe Little AdventurersPiccoli naufraghiFlavio CalzavaraAdventure. Twelve Italian boys embark on a merchantman ship to fight in the War of Ethiopia, but are shipwrecked on an island. Then they manage to take control of another merchantman smuggling weapons to Ethiopia.
JapanMud and SoldiersTsuchi to heitai (土と兵隊)Tomotaka TasakaDrama based on Ashihei Hino novel. Effect of war on Japanese soldiers during Sino-Japanese War
UKQ Planes (Clouds Over Europe)Tim Whelan, Arthur B. WoodsThriller. Foreign spies suspected in disappearance of secret aircraft [3]
UKSecret Journey (Among Human Wolves)John BaxterBased on Charles Robert Dumas' short story. British secret service agent on mission
JapanShanghai Landing SquadShanhai Rikusentai (上海陸戦隊)Hisatora KumagayaJapanese Special Naval Landing Forces
GermanyShoulder ArmsDas Gewehr überJürgen von AltenGerman emigrant in Australia returns to his country for military service in the Army
USASouth of the BorderGeorge ShermanAction/Western. US Federal Agent on mission in Mexico to prevent German agents from gaining control of Mexican oil refineries and inciting revolution
GermanyThree Non-ComsDrei UnteroffiziereWerner HochbaumLuftwaffe NCO's
UKTraitor Spy (The Torso Murder Mystery)Walter SummersMystery thriller based on T. C. H. Jacobs novel. German spy employed in anti-submarine patrol boat and torpedo factory
USAWings of the NavyLloyd BaconDrama. Experimental fighter for the US Navy


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
USAArise, My LoveMitchell LeisenRomantic comedy. Spanish Civil War through French capitulation, 1940
GermanyAttention! The Enemy Is Listening!Achtung! Feind hört mit!Arthur Maria RabenaltForeign spies in a German armaments factory
UKThe Big BlockadeCharles FrendEconomic blockade of Germany
JapanThe Blazing Heavens (The Burning Sky / Flaming Sky)Moyuru ōzora (燃ゆる大空)Yutaka AbeAction-drama. Imperial Japanese Army Air Service during Sino-Japanese War
ItalyThe Cavalier from KrujaIl cavaliere di KrujaCarlo CampogallianiAdventure. An Italian journalist gets involved in the Albanian opposition to King Zog and is finally saved by the Italian invasion of Albania
USAComrade XKing VidorSpy drama. US journalist in the Soviet Union moonlights as spy.
UKConvoyPen TennysonBattle of the Atlantic
GermanyEnemiesFeindeViktor TourjanskyInvasion of Poland justified by Polish persecution of ethnic Germans
USAForeign CorrespondentAlfred HitchcockSpy thriller. American reporter tries to expose spies in Britain on the eve of World War II.
USAThe Great DictatorCharlie ChaplinSatire. Dictator Adenoid Hynkel is replaced by identical Jew
USAThe Long Voyage HomeJohn FordBattle of the Atlantic
USAThe Man I Married (I Married a Nazi)Irving PichelDrama. American woman's German husband develops Nazi sympathies
UKNight Train to Munich (Gestapo)Carol ReedMystery-thriller. Inventor and daughter kidnapped by Gestapo then rescued by British agent
USAThe Phantom SubmarineCharles BartonAction-mystery. Journalist and US Navy frogman investigate U-boat terror
GermanyRequest ConcertWunschkonzertEduard von BorsodyLuftwaffe airmen fighting over Poland and then the Atlantic
USASki PatrolLew LandersOlympians oppose each other again in the Winter War
JapanThe Legend of Tank Commander NishizumiNishizumi senshacho-den (西住戦車長伝)Kōzaburō YoshimuraJapanese tank commander fights in the Sino-Japanese War and dies in the Battle of Nanking
UKTen Days in ParisJeremy BrownComedy mystery.
USAWaterloo BridgeMervyn LeRoyCalled-up British officer reminisces over World War I romance [4]
USAWomen in WarJohn H. AuerAction-drama. Allied nurses on pre-Dunkirk Battle of France front


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
GermanyAbove All in the WorldÜber alles in der WeltKarl RitterGerman civilians abroad get involved in the beginning of World War II
USAAll Through the NightVincent ShermanLighthearted mystery-thriller. Nazi Fifth Columnists
GermanyAnnelieAnnelieJosef von BákyHeroic German mother during war
GermanyBomber Wing LützowKampfgeschwader LützowHans BertramA bomber crew takes part in invasion of Poland and attacks on British shipping
USABuck PrivatesArthur LubinComedy. Abbott and Costello enlist in the Army
USACaught in the DraftDavid ButlerComedy. Bob Hope gets drafted
USAConfirm or DenyArchie Mayo, Fritz Lang (uncredited)Comedy-drama. London Blitz
UKCottage to Let (Bombsight Stolen)Anthony AsquithLighthearted mystery. Kidnapping of bombsight inventor from Scotland by Nazi agents
USADangerously They LiveRobert FloreyNazi agents in US pursue Allied spy with secret of U-boat fleet off US coast
UKDangerous MoonlightBrian Desmond HurstThe Battle of Britain
USADive BomberMichael CurtizFlight surgeons and medical flight research on pilots in Pacific
HungaryEurope Doesn't AnswerEurópa nem válaszolGéza von RadványiSpies on board of a transatlantic at the beginning of World War 2
UK49th Parallel (The Invaders)Michael PowellBattle of the St. Lawrence and survivors of a sunken U-boat in Hudson Bay trek across Canada
UKFreedom RadioAnthony AsquithGerman Resistance
Soviet UnionThe Girl from LeningradFrontovye podrugi (Фронтовые подруги)Viktor EisymontRussian woman volunteers as nurse on Finnish Front where she becomes involved with wounded soldiers; remade in US as Three Russian Girls
GermanyGoodbye, FranziskaAuf Wiedersehn, Franziska!Helmut KäutnerA German globetrotting reporter is drafted into a Wehrmacht Propagandakompanie
USAGreat GunsMonty BanksComedy. Laurel and Hardy are drafted into the US Army
GermanyHallgarten's Reconnaissance PatrolSpähtrupp HallgartenHerbert B. FredersdorfTwo German soldiers in the Norwegian Campaign
GermanyHomecomingHeimkehrGustav UcickyDrama. Poles persecute ethnic Germans
USAInternational LadyTim WhelanSpy drama.
GermanyIn the Eye of the StormMenschen im SturmFritz Peter BuchDrama. Serbs persecute ethnic Germans[5]
Soviet UnionIn the Rear of the EnemyV tylu vraga (В тылу врага)Yevgeni ShneiderComedy. Finnish War [6]
USAMan HuntFritz LangPrewar assassination attempt on Hitler
ItalyMen on the Sea FloorUomini sul fondoFrancesco De RobertisThe crew of an Italian submarine try to repair their damaged ship trapped on the sea bottom
USAParachute BattalionLeslie GoodwinsThree men join a parachute battalion [3]
UKPimpernel SmithLeslie HowardThe Scarlet Pimpernel updated
JapanPrayer to Mother EarthDaichi ni inoru (大地に祈る)Takeo MurataJapanese military nurses in China
UKShips with WingsSergei NolbandovBattle of Taranto
GermanySix Days of LeaveSechs Tage HeimaturlaubJürgen von AltenGerman soldiers on leave
GermanySoldiers of TomorrowSoldaten von morgenAlfred WeidenmannHitler Youth
USASundownHenry HathawayThe North African Campaign[3]
GermanyU-Boat, Course West!U-Boote westwärtsGünther RittauU-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic[7]
USAUndergroundVincent ShermanGerman Resistance
VolunteerShiganhei (志願兵)
Chiwŏnbyŏng (지원병)
Seok-yeong AhnKorean volunteers in the Japanese Army
Vichy FranceThe Well-Digger's DaughterLa fille du puisatierMarcel PagnolA girl becomes pregnant by a military pilot, then shot down behind German lines during the Battle of France
ItalyThe White ShipLa nave biancaFrancesco De Robertis, Roberto RosselliniSailors on a hospital ship after wounds in battle (depicted by footage filmed during the Battle of Calabria and the Battle of Cape Spartivento)
USAA Yank in the RAFHenry KingAmerican volunteers in the RAF
You and MeKimi to boku (君と僕)
Nŏ wa na (너와 나)
'Eitaro Hinatsu' (Hae Yeong), Tomotaka TasakaKorean volunteer in the Japanese Army marries a Japanese woman


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
Germany5 JuneDer 5. JuniFritz KirchhoffBattle of France
USAAcross the PacificJohn Huston, Vincent ShermanSpy drama. Japanese plot against the Panama Canal
ItalyAlpha Tau!Alfa Tau!Francesco De RobertisItalian submarine warfare in Mediterranean Theatre
USAAtlantic ConvoyLew LandersAllied naval operations based in Iceland against U-boats in Atlantic
JapanThe Battle of Hong KongHonkon kōryaku: Eikoku kuzururu no hi (香港攻略 英国崩るゝの日)Shigeo TanakaBattle of Hong Kong
ItalyBengasiBengasi (Bengasi anno '41)[8]Augusto GeninaItalian resistance to the British occupation of Benghazi in 1941
USABlack DragonsWilliam NighJapan's Black Dragon Society, in collaboration with Nazis, recruits a mad scientist to create likenesses of Western leaders[3]
USAThe Bugle SoundsS. Sylvan SimonCavalry and tank warfare
USACaptains of the CloudsMichael CurtizCanadian bush pilots in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan[9]
USACasablancaMichael Curtiz1943 Best picture romantic-thriller set in Vichy-controlled Morocco
USACommandos Strike at DawnJohn FarrowNorwegian resistance
USAThe Dawn ExpressAlbert HermanA Nazi spy ring is after a chemical formula
UKThe Day Will Dawn (The Avengers)Harold FrenchNorwegian resistance
USADesperate JourneyRaoul WalshRAF aircrew escape from Germany through occupied Netherlands
ItalyDocument Z-3Documento Z-3Alfredo GuariniItalian agents in Yugoslavia in the last days before the invasion
USAEagle SquadronArthur LubinEagle Squadron, American volunteers in the RAF during the Battle of Britain
Soviet Union
(Georgian SSR)
Elusive IanUchinari Jani (Georgian please) (in Georgian)
Neulovimyy Yan (Неуловимый Ян) (in Russian)
Isidor Annensky, Vladimir Petrov
JapanFear of the Fifth ColumnDaigoretsu no kyofu (第五列的恐怖)Hiroyuki YamamotoBritish and Chinese spies try to steal the projects of a Japanese airplane engine
UKThe First of the Few (Spitfire)Leslie HowardDevelopment of the Spitfire[3]
Flying FortressWalter FordeB-17 bombers
USAFlying TigersDavid MillerAmerican Volunteer Group in the Sino-Japanese War
UKThe Foreman Went to FranceCharles FrendBattle of France
GermanyFront TheaterFronttheaterArthur Maria RabenaltBattle of Greece
JapanGeneral, Staff Officer and SoldiersShōgun to sanbō to hei (将軍と参謀と兵)Taguchi SatoshiSino-Japanese war
ItalyGiarabubGiarabubGoffredo AlessandriniThe Siege of Giarabub in 1941
GermanyThe Great LoveDie große LiebeRolf HansenWar between Nazi Germany and USSR
Here We Go!Warera imazo yuku (吾等今ぞ征く)
Nanŭn kanda (나는 간다)
Ki-chae ParkKorean volunteers in Japanese Army
USAHillbilly BlitzkriegRoy MackNazi spies steal rocket formula in the US [3]
USAHitler – Dead or AliveNick GrindeThree American gangsters set out to collect the million-dollar reward for bringing Hitler to justice.[3]
UKIn Which We ServeNoël Coward, David LeanBased on the sinking of HMS Kelly[3]
USAJoan of ParisRobert StevensonDowned RAF aircrew meets the French Resistance
USAJungle SirenSam NewfieldFree French, with two Americans, sent to African village to build an airfield [3]
UKKing Arthur Was a GentlemanMarcel VarnelComedy, Musical, Romance. Soldier fantasizes about King Arthur as he takes on the Wehrmacht
USALady from ChungkingWilliam NighSino-Japanese War [3]
UKLady from LisbonLeslie S. HiscottFarce. Nazi agents, Allied counterspies and several copies of the Mona Lisa
USALet's Get Tough!Wallace FoxJuvenile delinquents battle Black Dragon Society saboteurs in New York [3]
ItalyMASMASRomolo MarcelliniMAS (Italian torpedo boat)
USAMrs. MiniverWilliam Wyler1942 Best picture depicting the British home front
USAThe Navy Comes ThroughA. Edward SutherlandBattle of the Atlantic
UKThe Next of KinThorold DickinsonMessage that careless talk costs lives, and fictional commando raid
Odessa in FlamesOdessa in fiamme(in Italian), Odessa în flăcări(in Romanian)Carmine GalloneBattle of Odessa, 1941 [3]
UKOne of Our Aircraft Is MissingMichael Powell, Emeric PressburgerAllied aircrew escape from the occupied Netherlands [3]
USAPacific RendezvousGeorge SidneySpy drama. Cryptography in the Pacific War
JapanPatriotic FlowersAikoku no hana (愛國の花)Keisuke SasakiJapanese military nurses
USAThe Phantom PlainsmenJohn English'The Three Mesquiteers' battle Nazi agents on a Western ranch
USAThe Pied PiperIrving PichelDrama based on Nevil Shute novel. Holidaymaker rescues French children, 1940
ItalyA Pilot ReturnsUn pilota ritornaRoberto RosselliniGreco-Italian War
USAPrivate BuckarooEdward F. ClineMusical.[3]
GermanyThe Red TerrorGPUKarl RitterGPU's plots in Rotterdam are foiled by the German occupation
USAReunion in FranceJules DassinFrench Resistance helps a downed US pilot
UKSabotage at SeaLeslie S. Hiscott
USASaboteurAlfred HitchcockAirplane factory worker falsely accused of sabotage
USASeven Days' LeaveTim WhelanMusical comedy. Soldier on leave must marry to inherit
USASherlock Holmes and the Secret WeaponRoy William NeillSherlock Holmes vs Nazi agents and Professor Moriarty
USASherlock Holmes and the Voice of TerrorJohn RawlinsSherlock Holmes vs. Nazi saboteurs
USASomewhere I'll Find YouWesley RugglesWar correspondents in China and Pacific
JapanThe Spy Isn't Dead YetKanchō imada shisezu (間諜未だ死せず)Kōzaburō YoshimuraChinese and American spies in Japan
USAStand by for ActionRobert Z. LeonardUS Navy in the Pacific War
GermanyStukasStukasKarl RitterGerman dive bomber, the Stuka[3]
USAThey Raid by NightSpencer Gordon BennetCommando raids in occupied Norway[3]
ItalyThe Three PilotsI tre aquilottiMario MattoliThree young pilots of the Regia Aeronautica
USATo Be Or Not To BeErnst LubitschOccupied Warsaw, and Polish air squadron in London
USATo the Shores of TripoliH. Bruce Humberstone
JapanA Triumph of WingsTsubasa no gaika (翼の凱歌)Satsuo YamamotoTwo young Japanese become pilots of the Army Air Service[10]
GermanyTwo in a Big CityZwei in einer großen StadtVolker von CollandeLuftwaffe pilot meets a nurse while on leave in Berlin
USAWake IslandJohn FarrowBattle of Wake Island
JapanThe War at Sea from Hawaii to MalayaHawai Marē oki kaisen (ハワイまれ沖回線)Kajiro YamamotoAttack on Pearl Harbor and Malayan Campaign
UKWent the Day Well?Alberto CavalcantiFictional German invasion of England (see Operation Sea Lion)
USAA Yank in LibyaAlbert HermanJournalist exposes Nazis trying to start an Arab revolt in North Africa [3]
USAA Yank on the Burma RoadGeorge B. SeitzBurma Road
USAYankee Doodle DandyMichael CurtizGeorge M. Cohan


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
USAAbove SuspicionRichard ThorpeHoneymooners spy on the Nazis
USAAction in the North AtlanticLloyd BaconThe Battle of the Atlantic
UKThe Adventures of Tartu (Sabotage Agent)Harold S. BucquetBritish spy posing as Romanian Iron Guard officer aids Czech partisans[3]
USAAerial GunnerWilliam H. PineThe B-17 bomber in the Pacific [3]
USAAir ForceHoward HawksB-17 bombers in the Battle of the Philippines
JapanThe Air Raid by Enemy AircraftTekki raishū (敵機空襲)Hiromasa NomuraAir war over Japan
USAAir Raid WardensEdward SedgwickLaurel and Hardy try to stop Nazi spies in the USA
JapanAll-out Attack on SingaporeShingapōru sōkōgeki (シンガポール総攻撃)Koji ShimaJapanese conquest of Singapore
USABackground to DangerRaoul WalshIntrigue involving Nazis in neutral Turkey
USABataanTay GarnettThe Battle of Bataan, Philippines
USABehind the Rising SunEdward Dmytryk
UKThe Bells Go DownBasil DeardenAuxiliary Fire Service during the Blitz
USABombardierRichard WallaceB-17 bomber crewmen in the Pacific
USABomber's MoonEdward Ludwig, Harold D. Schuster
USABombs Over BurmaJoseph H. Lewis[3]
USAThe Boy from StalingradSidney SalkowRussian children resisting Nazi forces at the Battle of Stalingrad
USAChetniks! The Fighting GuerrillasLouis KingChetniks - Yugoslav guerrillas under General Draza Mihailovich
USAChinaJohn Farrow
USACorregidorWilliam NighThe Battle of Corregidor, Philippines
USACorvette K-225Richard Rosson, Howard HawksThe Battle of the Atlantic, RCNcorvette
USACrash DiveArchie MayoUSN submarine in the North Atlantic
GermanyThe Crew of the DoraBesatzung DoraKarl RitterThe crew of a Ju 88 bomber is forced to land in the desert and is saved by an Italian SM.79
USAThe Cross of LorraineTay GarnettFrench Resistance
USACry 'Havoc'Richard ThorpeDrama based on Allan Kenward play. Army nurses on Bataan work with civilians during the Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
USADestination TokyoDelmer DavesUSN submarine patrol for the Doolittle Raid
USADestroyerWilliam A. SeiterFictional story of the destroyer USS John Paul Jones from commissioning
USAEdge of DarknessLewis MilestoneThe Norwegian resistance movement
Figure of YouthWakaki sugata (若き姿)
Chŏlmŭn mosŭp (젊은 모습)
Shirō ToyodaKorean volunteers in Japanese Army
UKFires Were Started (I Was a Fireman)Humphrey JenningsDocudrama.[11] Firemen during the Blitz[12]
USAFirst Comes CourageDorothy ArznerNorwegian resistance
USAFive Graves to CairoBilly WilderSpy drama set after the fall of Tobruk in the North African Campaign depicting an English soldiers interactions with Erwin Rommel
UKThe Flemish FarmJeffrey DellCommando raids in occupied Belgium
USAGangway for TomorrowJohn H. AuerAnthology film. Five stories of American defense workers on way to work at munitions factory
USAGhosts on the LooseWilliam BeaudineGlimpy's newlywed sister and her husband buy a house next door to a nest of Nazi spies, but the East Side foil the Nazis' evil plot[3]
USAG-Men vs the Black Dragon (serial)Spencer Gordon Bennet, William Witney, William J. O'Sullivan
GermanyThe Golden SpiderDie goldene SpinneErich EngelsSoviet spies try to discover the secrets of a new German tank
USAGuadalcanal DiaryLewis SeilerUS Marines in Guadalcanal Campaign
USAGung Ho!: The Story of Carlson's Makin Island RaidersRay EnrightMarine Raiders in the Central Pacific[3]
USAHangmen Also Die!Fritz LangOperation Anthropoid, the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by the Czech resistance
Soviet Union
(Georgian SSR)
He Would Come BackIs kidev dabrundeba (Georgian please) (in Georgian)
On eshchyo vernyotsa (Он ещё вернётся) (in Russian)
Diomide Antadze, Nikoloz ShengelaiaKakhetian village and Battle of the Caucasus
USAHitler's Madman (Hitler's Hangman)Douglas SirkOperation Anthropoid, assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich and revenge taken by the Germans
USAImmortal SergeantJohn M. StahlBritish and Canadian troops in the North Africa Campaign
USAJourney Into FearNorman Foster, Orson Welles (uncredited)Spy drama based on Eric Ambler novel. An American engineer, in neutral Turkey to help upgrade the Turkish navy, that is targeted by Nazi agents
ItalyLetters to the Second LieutenantLettere al sottotenenteGoffredo AlessandriniComedy. A girl writes letters to a young officer, but she does not want to meet him because she feels ugly
UKThe Life and Death of Colonel BlimpMichael Powell, Emeric PressburgerThe Home Guard
JapanThe Man from ChungkingJūkei kara kita otoko (重慶から来た男)Hiroyuki YamamotoEnemy agents try to sabotage Japanese war production
ItalyThe Man with a CrossL'uomo della croceRoberto RosselliniA chaplain of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia
ItalyMen of the MountainQuelli della montagnaAldo VerganoAlpini against France
UKMillions Like UsFrank Launder, Sidney GilliatThe home front
USAMinesweeperWilliam Berke[3]
USAMission to MoscowMichael CurtizA biopic of Ambassador Joseph E. Davies.
USAThe Moon Is DownIrving PichelResistance
USAThe More the MerrierGeorge StevensComedy. Soldier on American home front with housing shortage
JapanNavyKaigun (海軍)Tomotaka TasakaAttack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese midget submarines
USANight Plane from ChungkingRalph Murphy
USANorthern PursuitRaoul WalshRoyal Canadian Mounted Police uncover Nazi plot against Allied war effort to cripple transatlantic shipping of war materials
USAThe North Star (Armored Attack)Lewis MilestoneGuerrilla warfare on the Eastern Front[3]
Vichy FranceOccult ForcesForces occultes'Paul Riche'Freemasons work with Jews to bring France into the war [3]
JapanOn the Eve of WarKaisen no zenya (开战前夜)Kōzaburō YoshimuraKempeitai fights American spies in Japan
JapanOur Planes Fly SouthAiki minami e tobu (愛機南へ飛ぶ)Yasushi SasakiThe young pilot of a recon plane is shot down but survives
ItalyPeople of the AirGente dell'ariaEsodo PratelliTwo brothers become pilots of the Regia Aeronautica
USAPilot #5George SidneyBattle of the Java Sea
USARookies in BurmaLeslie GoodwinsThe Burma Campaign
USASaharaZoltan KordaAllied troops at the Second Battle of El Alamein
USASalute to the MarinesS. Sylvan SimonThe Battle of the Philippines
USASecret Service in Darkest Africa (serial)Spencer Gordon Bennet
ItalySpies Among the PropellersSpie tra le elicheIgnazio FerronettiAn Italian detective discovers enemy agents sabotaging a warplanes factory
USASherlock Holmes in WashingtonRoy William NeillSherlock Holmes travels to Washington D.C. in order to prevent a secret document that must be delivered to Congress from falling into Nazi hands.
UKThe Silver FleetVernon Sewell, Gordon WellesleyDutch resistance [12]
USASo Proudly We Hail!Mark SandrichArmy nurses and the Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
ItalySpecial CorrespondentsInviati specialiRomolo MarcelliniAn Italian journalist discovers an enemy female agent in the Spanish Civil War and then in Egypt during World War II
Straits of ChosunChōsen Kaikyō (朝鮮海峡)
Joseonhaehyeob (조선해협)
Ki-chae ParkKorean man volunteers to serve in the Japanese Army
USAThe Strange Death of Adolf HitlerJames P. HoganMan with likeness for Adolf Hitler plans his assassination takeover of his identity
JapanSuicide Squad at the WatchtowerBōrō no kesshitai (望楼の決死隊)Tadashi ImaiJapanese, Koreans and Chinese cooperate against bandits near the Yalu river
USAThis Land Is MineJean RenoirFrench Resistance
ItalyThe Three-hundred of the SeventhI trecento della SettimaMario BafficoAlpini on the Greek front
USAThousands CheerGeorge SidneyMusical comedy romance. Soldier wants to be airman
USAThree Russian GirlsHenry S. Kesler, Fyodor OtsepThe Eastern Front
USATiger FangsSam NewfieldThriller. Nazis make man-eaters of Malayan tigers [3]
JapanThe Tiger of MalayaMarai no Tora (マライの虎)Koga MasatoThe story of Japanese secret agent Tani Yutaka, known as 'Harimau' (Malay word for 'Tiger')
USATonight We Raid CalaisJohn Brahm
JapanToward the Decisive Battle in the SkyKessen no ōzora e (決戦の大空へ)Kunio WatanabeTraining of young boys in the Yokaren, a program feeding new pilots into the Japanese Army and Navy
ItalyThe Train with the CrossIl treno crociatoCarlo CampogallianiItalian hospital-train on the Russian front
UKUndercover (Underground Guerrillas)Sergei NolbandovYugoslav guerrillas in Serbia
USAWatch on the RhineHerman ShumlinNazi agents pursue a German freedom-fighter and his family to Washington
UKWe Dive at DawnAnthony AsquithSubmarine warfare during the Battle of the Atlantic
USAWe've Never Been Licked (Texas to Tokyo / Fighting Command)John RawlinsJapanese spies at Texas A&M University


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
USAAction in ArabiaLéonide MoguyIntrigue involving Nazis in Damascus, Syria
USAAddress UnknownWilliam Cameron MenziesGerman-American returns to Germany with his family and becomes a Nazi, cutting off contact with his Jewish friend in America
Italian Social RepublicAir BaseAeroportoPiero CostaItalian aviators flying for the Regia Aeronautica in the summer of 1943 and then, after the armistice, for the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana
JapanBattle TroopRaigekitai shutsudo (来撃退しゅつど)Kajirō YamamotoTorpedo bomber squadron at war
UKBees in ParadiseVal GuestMusical comedy. Allied bomber crashes on mysterious Atlantic island [3]
JapanColonel Kato's Falcon Squadron (Colonel Kato's Flying Squadron)Kato hayabusa sento-tai (過渡ハヤブサ線と歌い)Kajiro Yamamoto
USAThe ConspiratorsJean NegulescoSpy drama
JapanThe Daily BattleNichijō no tatakai (日常の戦い)Yasujirō ShimazuJapanese teacher of English language serves as an Army interpreter in South-East Asia
Second Philippine Republic
Dawn of Freedom (Fire on That Flag!)Liwayway ng kalayaan(in Tagalog)
Ano hata o ute (あの旗を撃て)
Gerardo de León, Yutaka AbeJapan–Philippines relations during Japanese occupation of the Philippines
USADays of GloryJacques TourneurSoviet partisans
JapanThe Decisive BattleKessen (決戦)Kōzaburō YoshimuraJapanese war production
GermanyThe DegenhardtsDie DegenhardtsWerner KlinglerBombing of Lübeck on 28 March 1942
USADragon SeedHarold S. Bucquet, Jack ConwayThe Sino-Japanese War
ArgentinaEnd of the NightEl Fin de la NocheLibertad Lamarque
Homero Cárpena
A female Argentinetango singer in occupied France gets romantically involved with a Resistance member
USAThe Eve of St. MarkJohn M. StahlPhilippines Campaign (1941–1942)
Italian Social RepublicEveryday Is SundayOgni giorno è domenicaMario BafficoAn Italian soldier is wounded on the Greek front and his leg is amputated, but when he returns home his girlfriend still loves him
SwedenExcellencyExcellensenHasse EkmanAustrian poet opposes Nazism and therefore is imprisoned in a concentration camp
JapanField Army BandYasen gungakutai (野戦軍楽隊)Masahiro MakinoMusic band of the Imperial Japanese Army in an occupied Chinese village
USAThe Fighting SeabeesEdward LudwigUS Navy Seabees in the Pacific War
USAThe Fighting Sullivans (The Sullivans)Lloyd BaconThe Sullivan brothers
USAFour Jills in a JeepWilliam A. SeiterFemale stars of USO shows [13]
USAGoing My WayLeo McCareyTed Haines Jr. fights in Africa
USAHail the Conquering HeroPreston SturgesComedy. Civilian with medical discharge befriends Marines
JapanHot WindNeppū (熱風)Satsuo YamamotoWar production in a Japanese steel foundry
USAThe Hour Before the DawnFrank TuttleDrama based on W. Somerset Maugham novel. Austrian refugee is Nazi spy preparing for German invasion of England
JapanThe Human Bullet Volunteer CorpsNikudan teishintai (肉弾挺身隊)Shigeo TanakaGuadalcanal Campaign
USAThe ImpostorL'ImposteurJulien DuvivierCondemned French killer escapes and joins Free French in Chad
USAIn the Meantime, DarlingOtto PremingerStateside military housing
SwedenThe Invisible WallDen osynliga murenGustaf MolanderIn an unnamed country occupied by Nazis a girl becomes indirectly involved in a terrorist attack and helps Jews to escape
Soviet UnionJurgais pariJurgais pari (ჯურღაის ფარი) (in Georgian)
(Щит Джургая) (in Russian)
Siko Dolidze, Davit Rondeli
USALadies CourageousJohn RawlinsWomen's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron
USALifeboatAlfred HitchcockDrama. Survivors adrift in Battle of the Atlantic
SwedenLive DangerouslyLev farligtLauritz FalkNorwegian resistance movement
Soviet UnionMalakhov HillMalakhov kurgan (Малахов курган)Iosif Kheifits, Aleksandr ZarkhiSiege of Sevastopol
USAMarine RaidersHarold D. SchusterBattle of Edson's Ridge during Battle of Guadalcanal, then Australian R&R
USAMarriage Is a Private AffairRobert Z. Leonard
USAThe Master RaceHerbert J. Biberman
USAThe Miracle of Morgan's CreekPreston SturgesComedy. Young woman wants big send-off for departing soldiers
JapanMr. SailorSuihei-san (水兵さん)Kenkichi Hara
Mr. SoldierHeitai-san (兵隊さん)
Byeongjeongnim (병정님)
Han-jun BangYoung Korean men conscripted into the Japanese Army
USAMr. Winkle Goes to WarAlfred E. Green
JapanThe Most BeautifulIchiban utsukushiku (一番美しく)Akira KurosawaJapanese female workers in a war production factory
USAThe Navy WayWilliam A. Berke[3]
USAPassage to MarseilleMichael Curtiz
USAPassport to DestinyRay McCareyCharwoman travels to Germany to assassinate Hitler
USAThe Purple HeartLewis MilestonePOWs captured during Doolittle Raid
Soviet UnionRainbowRaduga (Радуга)Mark DonskoyDrama based on Wanda Wasilewska novel.
AustraliaThe Rats of Tobruk (The Fighting Rats of Tobruk)Charles ChauvelSiege of Tobruk
USARosie the RiveterJoseph SantleyMusical.
JapanSantarō Pitches InSantarō gambaru (三太郎頑張る)Hiromasa NomuraSantarō, a Japanese boy, works in a factory producing Zero fighters
USASee Here, Private HargroveWesley RugglesComedy based on Marion Hargrove book. US Army training at Fort Bragg
USASergeant MikeHenry LevinDog handler in the Pacific War
USASince You Went AwayJohn CromwellHome front
JapanSinking the UnsinkableFuchinkan gekichin (不沈艦撃沈)Masahiro MakinoJapanese workers in a factory increase their production of aerial torpedoes for the Japanese Navy after the sinking of the Prince of Wales
USASong of RussiaGregory Ratoff
USAThe Story of Dr. WassellCecil B. DeMilleNavy doctor in the Battle of Java
Italian Social RepublicStrongholdCaposaldoAndrea MianoItalian and German soldiers of the Army Group Liguria fighting against partisans[14]
USASunday Dinner for a SoldierLloyd BaconDrama. Home front
USATampicoLothar MendesU-boat operations in Gulf of Mexico with sinking of Mexican oil tankers make Mexico an Allied nation
USAThirty Seconds Over TokyoMervyn LeRoyDoolittle Raid
USATill We Meet AgainFrank Borzage
USATo Have and Have NotHoward Hawks
USATwo-Man SubmarineLew Landers
UK2,000 Women (Two Thousand Women / House of 1,000 Women)Frank LaunderInternment camps for British women in occupied France
USAU-Boat Prisoner (Dangerous Mists)Lew LandersRescued seaman considered German agent amidst submarine warfare
USAUncertain GloryRaoul WalshCondemned French killer escapes and aids Resistance
USAWaterfrontSteve Sekely[3]
UKThe Way Ahead (The Immortal Battalion)Carol ReedConscripts are trained and fight in the North African Campaign[3]
USAThe White Cliffs of DoverClarence Brown
Italian Social Republic
The White SquadronSquadriglia bianca(in Italian)
Escadrila albă(in Romanian)
Ion SavaRoyal Romanian Air Force squadron of hospital airplanes piloted only by women
USAWing and a Prayer (The Story of Carrier X)Henry HathawayBattle of Midway
USAWinged VictoryGeorge CukorTraining of US Army Air Forces
GermanyYoung EaglesJunge AdlerAlfred WeidenmannYoung boy in a factory of warplanes


CountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
USABack to BataanEdward DmytrykRaid at Cabanatuan, Battle of Bataan, guerrilla warfare in the Philippines, Battle of Leyte
JapanBelieve That Others Will FollowAto ni tsuzuku o shinzu (後に続くを信ず)Kunio WatanabeThe actions of company commander Tōichi Wakabayashi in China, Singapore and Guadalcanal
USABlood on the SunFrank LloydJournalist persecuted by Japanese militarist government [3]
British IndiaQueen of BurmaBurma RaniT. R. SundaramAn Indian spy ring in Japanese-occupied Burma
USAChina's Little DevilsMonta BellA group of Chinese children assist downed American pilots escape the Japanese
USAChristmas in ConnecticutPeter GodfreyComedy. A food columnist hosts a coming-home banquet for a war hero.
USACorneredEdward DmytrykEx-Nazis in Argentina
USACounter-AttackZoltan KordaEastern Front
MexicoEscuadrón 201Escuadrón 201Jaime Salvador201st Air Fighter Squadron of the Fuerza Aérea Expedicionaria Mexicana in the Battle of Luzon and Philippines Campaign
USAFirst Yank Into TokyoGordon DouglasAmerican agent has to rescue a scientist bearing valuable secrets about the atomic bomb.
JapanGirls of the Air BaseOtome no iru kichi (乙女のゐる基地)Yasushi SasakiGirl mechanics work in a Kamikaze air base
USAGod Is My Co-PilotRobert FloreyDrama based on Robert Lee Scott, Jr. book. Flying Tigers
USAThe House on 92nd StreetHenry HathawayDocudrama. Duquesne Spy Ring
DenmarkThe Invisible ArmyDen usynlige hærJohan JacobsenDanish partisan
USAKeep Your Powder DryEdward BuzzellWomen's Army Corps
SwitzerlandThe Last ChanceDie letzte ChanceLeopold LindtbergEscaping Nazi prison train in Italy, an American and a British soldier head for Switzerland [3]
JapanThe Last Visit HomeSaigo no kikyō (最後の桔梗)Shigeo Tanaka
Misao Yoshimura
GermanyLife Goes OnDas Leben geht weiterWolfgang LiebeneinerGerman home frontV-2 rockets will turn the tide of war in Germany's favour[15]
Love and the VowAi to chikai (愛と誓ひ)
Sarang kwa maengsŏ (사랑과 맹서)
Tadashi Imai
In-kyu Ch'oe
Korean orphan living with Japanese parents volunteers in a Kamikaze unit
JapanMomotaro's Divine Sea WarriorsMomotaro no koumi no senshi (百田炉の香味の戦士)Mitsuyo SeoAnime. Japanese folk hero and animal buddies drive British soldiers off an island [16]
USAObjective, Burma!Raoul WalshBurma Campaign
USAOut of the DepthsD. Ross LedermanFictional rogue Japanese resistance during the USS Missourisurrender ceremony
USAPride of the MarinesDelmer DavesBattle of Guadalcanal and civilian readjustment
USAPrison ShipArthur DreifussRevolt of American POWs aboard a Japanese ship
DenmarkThe Red MeadowsDe røde engeBodil Ipsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr.Young Danish saboteur
ItalyRome, Open CityRoma città apertaRoberto RosselliniItalian resistance in German-occupied Rome
USASamuraiRaymond CannonJapanese spy in California
ItalyThe Song of LifeIl canto della vitaCarmine GalloneItalian partisan hiding in the countryside
JapanSpy Ship 'Sea Rose'Kanchō Umi no bara (間諜海の薔薇)Teinosuke KinugasaKempeitai discover an American spy ring and help sinking the enemy spy-submarine Sea Rose
USAThe Story of GI JoeWilliam A. WellmanJournalist Ernie Pyle with Company C, 18th Infantry in the North African Campaign and the Battle of Monte Cassino
USAThey Were ExpendableJohn FordPT boats in the Battle of the Philippines (1941-42)
USAThis Man's NavyWilliam A. WellmanAdventure. US Navy airships
ItalyThe Timeless HouseLa casa senza tempoAndrea ForzanoEnemy spies try to steal the blueprints of a new airplane [17]
USAToo Young to KnowFrederick De CordovaWar in the South Pacific separates young couple
ItalyTwo Anonymous LettersDue lettere anonimeMario CameriniItalian resistance and collaboration in German-occupied Rome
USAA Walk in the SunLewis MilestoneInvasion of Salerno
UKThe Way to the StarsAnthony AsquithRAF and USAAF bomber crews stationed in England
USAWhat Next, Corporal Hargrove?Richard ThorpeComedy. Final adventures of Private Hargrove in Europe

Late 1940s[edit]

YearCountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
1946FranceBattle of the RailsLa bataille du railRené ClémentResistance on French railways
1946ItalyBefore Him All Rome TrembledAvanti a lui tutta Roma tremavaCarmine GalloneItalian resistance in German-occupied Rome
1946USAThe Best Years of Our LivesWilliam Wyler1946 Best Picture depicting American servicemen struggling to return to civilian live after the war
1946UKThe Captive HeartBasil DeardenBritish POWs in Germany
1946ItalyA Day in LifeUn giorno nella vitaAlessandro BlasettiA group of Italian partisans seek refuge in a cloistered convent
1946PhilippinesDeath MarchLeopoldo SalcedoBataan Death March
1946PolandForbidden SongsZakazane piosenkiLeonard BuczkowskiMusical. Polish resistance 1939–1945 [18]
1946PhilippinesGarrison 13Gregorio FernandezWar crimes committed by Imperial Japanese Army in the Philippines
1946PhilippinesGolden ClockOrasang GintoManuel CondeBattle of Bataan and Battle of Corregidor
The Great RoadWielka droga(in Polish)Michał WaszyńskiPolish Campaign 1939, Russia, Africa, Italy 1944
1946PhilippinesGuerilyeraGuerilyeraOctavio SilosGuerrilla movement in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines
1946PhilippinesI Remember BataanDugo ng BayanFernando Poe, Sr.Filipino resistance
1946Soviet Union
In the Mountains of YugoslaviaV gorach Yugoslavii (В горах Югославии) (in Russian)
U planinama Jugoslavije(in Serbo-Croatian)
Abram RoomYugoslav partisans; Draza Mihailovich and Chetniks
1946UKJourney TogetherJohn BoultingThree RAF pilots from recruitment to first combat
1946ItalyMonte CassinoMontecassino (Montecassino nel cerchio di fuoco)Arturo GemmitiBattle of Monte Cassino and destruction of the abbey
1946ItalyO sole mioO sole mioGiacomo GentilomoFour days of Naples
1946USAO.S.S.Irving PichelUS agents infiltrate in German-occupied France
1946USARendezvous 24James TinlingGermans planning revenge on Allies through atomic weapons
1946ItalyOutcryIl sole sorge ancoraAldo VerganoItalian disbanded soldiers after the armistice and resistance
1946UKSchool for SecretsPeter UstinovOperation Biting
1946USAThe StrangerOrson WellesA member of the United Nations War Crimes Committee hunts down a Nazi war criminal who has fled to Connecticut
1946UKTheirs is the GloryBrian Desmond Hurst and Terence YoungOperation Market Garden
1946PhilippinesWalang KamatayanWalang KamatayanTor VillanoJapanese Occupation of the Philippines
1947ItalyChristmas at Camp 119Natale al campo 119Pietro FrancisciComedy-drama. Italian POWs in a US camp before repatriation
1947UKFriedaBasil Dearden
1947ItalyHow I Lost the WarCome persi la guerraCarlo BorghesioComedy. An unlucky soldier fights in nearly every Italian campaign since the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
1947DenmarkJenny and the SoldierSoldaten og JennyJohan Jacobsen
1947PolandThe Last StopOstatni etapWanda JakubowskaAuschwitz-Birkenau
1947[19]ItalyMen and SkiesUomini e cieliFrancesco De RobertisRegia Aeronautica
1947Occupied GermanySeven Journeys (In Those Days) In jenen TagenHelmut KäutnerTwelve years of Nazi rule as experienced by a car
1947ChinaThe Spring River Flows EastYījiāng Chūnshuǐ Xiàng Dōng Liú (一江春水向東流)Cai Chusheng, Zheng JunliSino-Japanese War
1947USA13 Rue MadeleineHenry HathawayUS agents infiltrate in German-occupied France
1947ItalyTo Live in PeaceVivere in paceLuigi ZampaTwo former American PoWs hide in an Italian village occupied by the Germans in 1944
1947JapanWar and PeaceSensō to heiwa (戦争と平和)Fumio KameiJapanese soldier falls prisoner of the Chinese and then returns to his home
1948Italy...And Not Say Goodbye...E non dirsi addioSilvio Laurenti RosaThree escaped Allied PoWs and three German soldiers fraternize near Rome in November 1943
1948UKAgainst the WindCharles CrichtonCommando raid into occupied Belgium
1948AustriaThe Angel with the Trumpet (The Angel with the Trombone)Der Engel mit der PosauneKarl HartlDrama based on Ernst Lothar novel. Salzburg through both world wars
1948PolandBorder StreetUlica GranicznaAleksander FordHolocaust in occupied Poland
But Not in VainNiet TevergeefsEdmond T. GrévilleDrama.[20]
1948USACommand DecisionSam WoodCommand stresses in the US Eighth Air Force
1946ItalyDamned War!...Accidenti alla guerra!...Giorgio SimonelliComedy. An Italian disguises himself as a German soldier and is chosen to take part to the Lebensborn
1948USAFighter SquadronRaoul WalshP-47 fighters in the air war in Europe
1948ItalyThe Great RoadLa grande stradaMichał Waszyński, Vittorio CottafaviPolish Campaign 1939, Russia, Africa, Italy 1944 [21]
1948USAJungle PatrolJoseph M. NewmanP-40 fighters in the air war in the New Guinea campaign
1948ItalyThe Mascot of the Blue DevilsLa mascotte dei Diavoli BluCarlo BaltierAn Italian child becomes blind due to an accident with German cavalrymen during an American bombing, but regains his sight thanks to American physicians
1948Occupied GermanyMorituriMorituri(in Latin) (Freiwild(in German))Eugen York[22]
1948YugoslaviaOn Their Own TerritoryNa svoji zemljiFrance ŠtiglicSlavs fighting to kill Germans and Italians on Eastern Front (World War 2)
Operation Swallow: The Battle for Heavy WaterLa Bataille de l'eau lourde(in French)
Kampen om tungtvannet(in Norwegian)
Jean Dréville, Titus Vibe-MüllerDocudrama. Norwegian heavy water sabotage
1948ItalyPhantoms of the SeaFantasmi del mareFrancesco De RobertisThe effects of the Italian armistice on an Italian warship (based upon the facts happened on the battleship Giulio Cesare)
The Search[23]Fred ZinnemannDisplaced persons in postwar Germany
1948PolandThe Steel HeartsStalowe sercaStanisław JanuszewskiSilesia, Poland 1944 / 1945
1948DenmarkThe Viking Watch of the Danish SeamanStøt står den danske sømandBodil Ipsen, Lau Lauritzen Jr.Docudrama. Danish sailors
1949USABattlegroundWilliam A. Wellman101st Airborne Division in the Battle of the Bulge
1949Soviet UnionThe Battle of StalingradStalingradskaya bitva (Сталинградская битва)Vladimir PetrovBattle of Stalingrad
1949PhilippinesCapasCapasGregorio FernandezBataan Death March survivor, appointed hometown mayor by Japanese, supports guerrilla activity
1949Soviet UnionEncounter at the ElbeVstrecha na Elbe (Встреча на Эльбе)Grigori Aleksandrov, Aleksei UtkinElbe Day
1949Soviet UnionThe Fall of BerlinPadeniye Berlina (Падение Берлина)Mikheil ChiaureliBattle of Berlin
1949ItalyThe Flame That Will Not DieLa fiamma che non si spegneVittorio CottafaviItalian hero Salvo D'Acquisto
1949UK USAThe Hasty HeartVincent ShermanBritish and US wounded soldiers in the Burma campaign
1949USAHome of the BraveMark RobsonBlack soldier paralyzed after unit attacked on Pacific island
1949USALost BoundariesAlfred L. WerkerDrama. White US Navy officer is actually Negro
1949USAMalayaRichard ThorpeSmuggler paroled to sneak rubber crop out of Japanese-held Malaya
1949FranceMission in TangierMission à TangerAndré HunebelleJournalist carries documents to London from Tangiers
1949ItalyMonastery of Santa ChiaraMonastero di Santa ChiaraMario SequiDrama. Naples during the German and then the Allied occupations
1949SpainNeutralityNeutralidad (Los caballeros del mar)Eusebio Fernández ArdavínA neutral Spanish merchantman rescues American sailors from a sunk ship
1949PolandThe Others Will FollowZa wami pójdą inniAntoni BohdziewiczWarsaw, Polish resistance
1949UKPrivate AngeloMichael Anderson, Peter UstinovLight-hearted story. Reluctantly conscripted Italian soldier
1949[24]ItalySailors Without StarsMarinai senza stelleFrancesco De RobertisItalian boys embark on a torpedo boat (depicted by a Gabbiano-class corvette)
1949USASands of Iwo JimaAllan DwanBattle of Tarawa and Battle of Iwo Jima
1949UKThe Small Back RoomMichael Powell, Emeric PressburgerBomb disposal
1949DenmarkThat applies to us all†·Det gælder os alleAlice O'FredericksYoung survivor from a concentration camp
1949UKThey Were Not DividedTerence YoungThe British Guards Armoured Division
1949USATwelve O'Clock HighHenry KingB-17 bombers of the US Eighth Air Force

Films made during the Cold War[edit]

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Science fiction, fantasy and horror[edit]

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Dramatised documentaries[edit]

A dramatised documentary is a documentary film which includes dramatised scenes using actors in costume.
This format is distinct from a docudrama, which is a fully dramatised fact-based fictional work in a documentary style.

YearCountryMain title
(Alternative titles)
Original title
(Original script)
DirectorBattles, campaigns, events depicted
1940FranceMy Crimes After Mein KampfAprès Mein Kampf, mes crimes'Jean-Jacques Valjean'Assassinations of Ernst Röhm and Kurt von Schleicher on Night of the Long Knives, 1934, then Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß, also 1934
1940UKMein Kampf - My Crimes (After Mein Kampf?: The Story of Adolph Hitler)Norman Lee (uncredited)
1992CanadaA Savage Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong (TV)Brian McKennaDrama. Royal Rifles regiment at Battle of Hong Kong, 1941
1992CanadaDeath by Moonlight: Bomber Command (TV)Brian McKennaDrama. RCAFLancaster bombing of German cities
1992CanadaIn Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944 (TV)Brian McKennaDrama. Black Watch regiment at Battle of Verrières Ridge, 1944
1995CanadaWar at Sea: U-boats in the St. Lawrence (TV)Brian McKennaDrama.
1995CanadaWar at Sea: The Black Pit (TV)Brian McKennaDrama.
1996CanadaA Web of WarBrian McKennaDrama. Polish Gen. Wladyslaw Anders
2003UKKilling Hitler (TV)Jeremy LoveringDrama. Operation Foxley plan to kill Hitler, 1944

Spanish Civil War[edit]

In the Spanish Civil War, the Nationalists (the rebel side) are supported by Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany, and a small number of international rightist volunteers. The Republicans (government side) are supported by Stalin's Soviet Union and a large number of leftist volunteers, the International Brigades.

The Nationalists under Francisco Franco win.

During World War II, Franco remains neutral – so Gibraltar is never overrun – but nevertheless he sends the Blue Division to fight for Germany on the Eastern Front.

For films about the Blue Division, see the List of World War II films since 1950.

See also[edit]

  • List of films based on war books – includes World War II section
  • List of partisan films – films about World War II in Yugoslavia
Of related interest


  • ^† This English language title is a literal translation from its original foreign language title.
    This title should always be replaced by an English language release title when that information becomes available.
  1. ^For movies set during the Spanish Civil War please refer to List of Spanish Civil War films
  2. ^This is the first World War II British propaganda film.[citation needed]
  3. ^ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzaaabacadaeafThis film is available at the Internet Archive. Refer to the film's main page for the link.
  4. ^Released on 17 May 1940, this is arguably the first Hollywood film set during the war.
  5. ^The IMDb, on the other hand, identifies the villainous Yugoslavs in Menschen im Sturm as Slovenians rather than Serbs.
  6. ^The IMDb lists In the Rear of the Enemy as V tylu vraga (1942) based on its 1942 release date in New York City.
  7. ^Available for viewing is this public domain World War II film[dead link] at Google Videos. Refer to the film's main page for the link.
  8. ^New edition of the movie, released in theaters in 1955, with the addition of scenes before and after the original Bengasi, which now becomes a long flash-back recalled by an Italian woman visiting the cemetery of El-Alamein with a British officer ten years after the end of the war.
  9. ^Canadian World War I flying ace Billy Bishop appears as himself.
  10. ^A Triumph of Wings (1942) was co-written by Akira Kurosawa.
  11. ^Fires Were Started is often regarded as a documentary film.
  12. ^ abAvailable for viewing – from British libraries and universities only – are clips from this British World War II film at the BFI's Screenonline. Refer to the film's main page for the link.
  13. ^Actresses Betty Grable, Carole Landis and others play themselves.
  14. ^Released only to Italian fascist military units and maybe a few theaters around Genoa in the last months of the war
  15. ^Never released in theaters.
  16. ^The first feature-length anime film.
  17. ^Filmed in 1943, before the Italian Armistice, but released in theaters in 1945 after a relevant editing, which changed the nationality of the enemies.
  18. ^The first post-war Polish film.
  19. ^Filmed in 1943, but released in cinemas in 1947 after a slight editing
  20. ^This film is currently considered to be lost.
  21. ^Italian remake of Wielka droga
  22. ^First German film to show a concentration camp.
  23. ^This film is an international co-production shot in English.
  24. ^Filmed in 1943, but released in cinemas in 1949 after a slight editing


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  • World War 2 movies - reviews and trailers for popular World War II movies.
  • Top 10 World War 2 Movies - List by Topyaps
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OverviewSuper Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4 in Japan) is a platforming game, released in 1990 in Japan and in 1991 alongside the SNES in North America. It marks the first appearance of Yoshi the dinosaur.
PJT says:

'Super Mario World' is the best Mario game in existence. With its many secrets, cool new power up, and the addition of Yoshi the was little room for improvement. When 'New Super Mario Bros. Wii' came out promising a retro experience I was sad to find it was nothing more than a selling point. if you thought 'New Super Mario Bros. Wii' was good you'll love this game.

Retsu8 rates this game: 5/5

I once owned super mario world when I was young, having beat the game several dozen times I moved on, later I was looking for emulations for my snes and came across the game again, I've been playing this game straight since I downloaded it and am glad to have it back in my collection. Cant believe I ever put the game down in the first place.

skweebl rates this game: 5/5

Oh, Mario. Is there any gamer who doesn't know him? The mustachioed plumber is a worldwide icon, and Super Mario World was Nintendo's flagship title intended to set the standard of the awesome things to come on the Super Nintendo. It's pure platforming bliss, and one of the best games on the console. As Mario, you run and jump jump jump through levels, stomping on your enemies, flying with a bright yellow cape, and throwing fireballs, all while on a mission to rescue that damsel-in-constant-distress Princess Peach from the nefarious Bowser.
I really can't say enough good things about the game. The levels are fun, and balanced just enough to challenge but not to frustrate. There are plenty of secrets to find. Many levels have secondary exits that lead to entire extra sections of the world map, and sometimes even shortcuts! If you SOMEHOW missed Mario's first Super Nintendo adventure, you definitely want to check it out. It's a shining example of why we love video games to begin with.

KrakerwatYT rates this game: 4/5

For the very short while I've had it, I saw it was very difficult from the start and I died a lot on Level 1! But the challenge is also fun, making you want to keep playing, but also making you make a save state so when you die you don't start ALL OVER, because you only get to save at certain points! So all in all, 4/5, Pretty good!

Goldenaura rates this game: 5/5

Super Mario World. The game that came along with the SNES when it the console was launched. It, for some, is a very good game and, for others, a really well made Mario game. This game introduced one of the most crucial characters in the Mario series. The dinosaur, Yoshi! It also introduced the Cape Feather, which, when grabbed, allows the player to have a cape and fly in levels. Sadly, it isn't in any other games yet. Super Mario World is one of those games you cannot miss out on playing. Many people love it, so you probably will too.

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