Mad Tv Coach Hines Postgame Press Conference

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Coach Hines Post Game Conference. Give me the camera phone Yaminashi. Submitted by tvman over a year ago: mad tv. Rita RocksStar Nicole Sullivan Expecting Baby #2! MAD ON CARTOONNETWORK. Keegan-Michael Key (born March 22, 1971) is a cast member on MADtv since he was introduced halfway through the 9th season as a featured player and was promoted the following season. Original Characters Coach Hines Eugene Struthers Impressions Gordon from Sesame Street Montel Williams. Sep 01, 2008  Coach Hines. Coach Hines confesses his future sins to a prist as he wants to hurt Yaminashi and Careco for pulling tricks on him. Coach Hines opens up his deepest darkest secrets to the prist only to find out that it's Yaminashi. Coach Hines asks the prist why he doesn't look at him, and drops a whistle on Yaminashi's face.

: I really think Coach Hines is one of the funniest characters created in sketch comedy. How could Key and Peele not continue with him in their own show, this is so hilarious.

: 'Here's the envelope and you just *PUUUUUUSHED* IT.'

: Coach Hines single handedly roasted the entire faculty

: I love how he NEVER breaks out of character EVER.Â

: holy mother of god on heaven and on earth at the exact same time...who is chewing gum?

: how do all these people keep straight faces lol

: Its a heehaw factory with these jackasses.... lol..


: I love this just because every school has a teacher like this, they gotta act like a cop during assembliesÂ

: Coach Hines is absolutely the funniest character ever thought up! This is my favorite one! His energy, voice and movements are priceless!

: Imagine being an audience member and he's pointing right at you, saying that you need to be quiet or else you're getting stabbed with a pencil. XD

: I'm gonna turn you upside down and take a potato peeler to YOUR ANKLE

: how can any of them keep a straight face while he's doing this! coach Hines says everything I wish I could say to ppl..lmao😅😅😂

: 'Its unacceptable and inappropriate!' LMAO!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


: holy mother of God on earth & in heaven at the exact same time... who is chewing gum😂😂😂😂

: i lost it at the 'do not think that i will not suplex you' part. ayy lmao!!

: Coach Hines still shading and making me laugh in 2K16

: I guess that sister was having Nun of that.

: 'Here's the envelope and you just puuuushed it'... My favorite part lol

: Holy mother of god on earth and in heaven at the exact same time. Loooool I'm dying

: I'm pretty sure most of us have had a coach or teacher like this at some point in school.

: Comedy GOLD

: Watching the principal try to contain his laughter this entire sketch adds a whole new layer of enjoyment

: Gym teacher is about to square up with a bunch of high school kids

: I just wish to have half of his skills and energy in body language and gestures. God, Keegan is crazily good with physical expressions.

: Here's the envelope and you just puuuushed it

: I literally have a teacher in my school that acts like this. Talks the same way too. Minus the shorts, bald head and gum chewing

: i can see you, night goggles man i can see you XD


: Is this Key from Key and Peele that plays Coach Hines?I forgot

: HD more like digitally remastered

: the way he says 'If there's nothing funny, then what are you laughing at?!' at 0:55 had me rolling for a few minutes.

: I love the way his voice cracks like he is going to start crying.

: MadTV knew how to end sketches.Sometimes.

: This reminds me of the skit Chris Farley did Living in a van down by the river

: Coach Hines for President 2016!

: a potato peeler to the ankle! LMFAO!!! I can't even...!

: Coach just doing his job

: I just love Coach Hines.

: My last names hargrave, and he looks just like my 7thgrade coach, 'hargrave something funny? no chief? then what you laughing at?' lol ive been looking for this for years

: Every school, every assembly there is always some teacher one or two doing this exactly...

: coach Hines is America talking to all the countries in the world.

: You know what would be a funny twist? For the camera to pan out and reveal that the principal was giving a televised lecture.

Mad Tv Coach Hines Postgame Press Conference

: 4:45 Huuuuuuuh!!! EXCUSE ME!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

: I swear I'm gonna give you a hairlip that makes vigo's look like a caaat scratch!

: secure it son secure it

: The principal is Morgen from the Mindy project

: Haha i miss him

Mad TV (season14)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes17
Original networkFox
Original releaseSeptember 13, 2008– May 16, 2009
Season chronology

Mad Tv Coach Hines Prom

The fourteenth season of Mad TV, an American sketch comedy series, originally aired in the United States on the Fox Network between September 13, 2008, and May 16, 2009.

In November 2008, it was announced that after 14 years on FOX, Mad TV would be cancelled at the end of the 2008-2009 season.[1] Despite this, producer David Salzman promised that Mad TV would be revived and put on cable television.[2] Though plans for this did not come to fruition, Cartoon Network's MAD series and Comedy Central's Key & Peele are considered by some to be unofficial spin-offs, and the show would briefly return for an eight-episode fifteenth season nearly seven years after the series finale on FOX. Mad TV's final episode aired on May 16, 2009, featuring guest appearances from Fred Willard and a select few former cast members. 22 episodes were scheduled to air this season, though only 17 actually aired, and averaged 2.6 million viewers.

Between January 17, 2009 and February 21, 2009, Mad TV was moved from its 11:00pm time slot to midnight on FOX affiliates and aired 30-minute reruns of their episodes that have previously aired from September to December 2008. Meanwhile, the show that preceded Mad TV (Talkshow with Spike Feresten) was moved to Mad TV's 11pm time slot and expanded to an hour.

Of the season thirteen cast, feature players Daheli Hall, Dan Oster, and Anjelah Johnson did not return, while longtime cast members Jordan Peele and Michael McDonald left (though McDonald acted as a contributing writer and director for the show). New feature players for this season included comedian Matt Braunger, Erica Ash (from Logo's The Big Gay Sketch Show), stage actress Lauren Pritchard, and Eric Price.

This season was also the last of two seasons that aired Saturday Night Live-style clip show episodes: Mad TV's Sexy, Dirty Politics (a collection of the show's most outrageous past and present political sketches), Mad TV's Best of Holiday Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular (a collection of Christmas-themed sketches), and Mad TV: The Best of Michael McDonald (a collection of sketches featuring Michael McDonald's greatest celebrity impersonations and recurring characters).

Mad Tv Coach Hines Substitute Teacher

Opening montage

The visuals of the opening montage are essentially the same as season thirteen (except Bobby Lee's footage), but the theme song is new. This version hints back to the original theme song of seasons 1-12, using the vocals of 'MAD!' and 'You are now watching...'


Repertory cast members
  • Nicole Parker (last episode: March 28, 2009)
Featured cast members
  • Eric Price


No. in
TitleGuest(s)Original air date
30514.1'Episode 1'Jerry O'ConnellSeptember13,2008
Barack Obama (Key) and John McCain (Lee) welcome new feature players Erica Ash, Eric Price, Lauren Pritchard, and Matt Braunger; Thai movie critic Johnny Gan (Lee) now hosts a talk show; the new season of The Hills with Lauren (Parker) and Lo (Flanagan); Eugene the Janitor (Key) meets Jerry O'Connell; Obama and McCain compete in So You Can Think You Can Dance?; Jerry O'Connell plays John Edwards in a music video parody of 'Viva La Vida'; Coach Hines (Key) is forced to teach his sex ed class on Saturday after news hits about a pregnancy pact in another Catholic school; Arden Myrin interviews celebrities at FOX's environmental party.
30614.2'Episode 2'Chris Rose, Judge Joe Brown, Audrina Patridge, Zachary GordonSeptember20,2008
Parody of Katy Perry's 'I Kissed a Girl' has Ellen DeGeneres question America's obsession with girl-on-girl love; Keegan-Michael Key and Arden Myrin run attack ads against each other over who will open the show; parody of has a hapless woman (Flanagan) paired with a baboon; Bobby Lee and Johnny Sanchez sell an energy bar they created during 'The Rice and Beans Tour'; parody of The Sundance Channel's Iconoclasts called Ikeaclasts is interrupted by FOX News reports warning viewers not to vote for Obama; Ozzie Guillen (Sanchez) holds a press conference filled with cursing and inappropriate comments; commercial for King Burger's new line of toys based on the darker, more disturbing elements of The Dark Knight.
30714.3'Episode 3'TBASeptember27,2008
Eric Price and Matt Braunger pretend they're the racist and sexist ad executives from Mad Men; John McCain's campaign manager (Matt Braunger) sets up a Facebook account for the senator; Nacho Hernandez (Johnny Sanchez) gets interviewed about the new Apple iPhone; John Mayer (Braunger) releases an album about his sexual conquests; Project Runway's new season contains connections to Top Chef and Top Design; an Albanian TV channel shows their version of America's Got Talent; Sarah Palin (Parker) takes audience questions; Arden Myrin goes on the red carpet during the premiere of Eagle Eye; the reality shows Living Lohan and Super Nanny combine into a parody, where Jo Frost tries to discipline the unruly Lohan children.
30814.4'Mad TV: Sexy, Dirty Politics'TBAOctober4,2008
A collection of Mad TV's political and historical sketches, including 'The 2004 Presidential Debates', the music video parody 'Under Barack Obama', 'Angela Wright Meets George W. Bush', 'McCain/Obama/Clinton Attack Ads', 'Civil War Letters,' and 'Bill Clinton on Politically Incorrect'.
30914.5'Episode 5'Ne-YoNovember1,2008
Two-part parody of I Love Lucy shows Lucy (Parker) and Ethel (Flanagan) selling their bodies to pay off their rent, and Lucy trying to fight off Fred Mertz's (Braunger) advances; Johnny Sanchez reads a Spanish message to Mexican viewers; a 'WeightSmashers' commercial gets interrupted by a man (Braunger) who keeps exposing himself; Condoleezza Rice (Ash) comes clean about the Bush administration's shady ethics at a press conference; video footage of George Takei's (Lee) wedding, featuring William Shatner (Braunger) as the priest; Ne-Yo appears in a sketch as a news anchor who hits on his female colleague (Ash).
31014.6'Episode 6'Jeff ProbstNovember8,2008
A new crime drama on TNT about a blond, amoral border patrol officer as played by Goldie Hawn (Myrin); Jeff Probst votes off John McCain (Lee) as the new U.S. President; Wendy Walker (Flanagan) hosts a tailgating party edition of 3 Minute Meals; Coach Hines (Key) goes to confession with Yamanashi (Lee) and Careco (Braunger); Geico commercial parody featuring Mo'Nique (Ash), Carlos Mencia (Sanchez), and Elmo from Sesame Street; a hungover newscaster (Braunger) stumbles his way through a man-on-the-street piece; professional basketball players Charles Barkley (Key), Yao Ming (Lee), and Lisa Leslie (Ash) read to children; a new homicide detective (Flanagan) meets her new partner (Braunger) who can't take a joke.
31114.7'Episode 7'Serena WilliamsNovember15,2008
In a parody of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay (Price) bullies a nun and a priest into renovating their soup kitchen, and later, the priest and nun get their revenge on the foul-mouthed chef; Keegan Michael-Key welcomes melodramatic movie singer Lisa Gerrard (Parker); Nacho Hernandez (Sanchez) gets interviewed on a newscast about the economy; Lap Dancing with the Stars has celebrities performing risque routines; Serena Williams appears as superheroine The Black Racket; Nacho Hernandez (Sanchez) plugs his new custom auto paint store; a rocker named Dom (Braunger) teaches party guests how to play Guitar Hero: World Tour; a businessman must call upon Bae Sung (Lee) for translation; Queen Elizabeth (Pritchard) invites Americans to England and gets celebrity endorsement from trainwreck singers Lily Allen (Myrin) and Amy Winehouse (Parker).
31214.8'Episode 8'TBANovember22,2008
Parody of Britney Spears' 'Womanizer' about Spears' comeback after years of being a tabloid trainwreck; American Indian Eddie Thundercloud (Key) protests against Thanksgiving; Al Pacino (Sanchez) and Robert De Niro (Price) exert little effort in their latest crime drama, Phoning It In; a CNN report about the current economic crisis includes Warren Buffett (Price) and a homeless man (Key) named Razzle Dazzle; Batman (Braunger) loses his money and must resort to low-cost ways to fight crime (two-part sketch); parody of The Amazing Race has celebrity couples; a look at the raucous men who work for J.D. Power (Braunger) and Associates; the Coffee Twins (Flanagan and Myrin) get upset when someone in the office steals one of their lame jokes.
31314.9'Mad TV's Best of Holiday Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular'TBADecember13,2008
Connie Chung (Lee) and Barack Obama (Key) host a clip show episode of Mad TV's best Christmas-themed sketches. Sketches include: 'The Abercrombie Guys' Christmas', the animated sketch 'The Reinfather', the 'Tickle Me Emo' commercial parody, 'Stuart Meets Santa Claus', 'Maury and Connie's All-Star Christmas Spectacular', 'Global Warming with Frosty and Al Gore', 'Keeping Santa's Secret', and 'Saw 4: Jingle Hell'
31414.10'Episode 10'TBAFebruary28,2009
A couple freak out over a graphically violent eye commercial while watching Sleepless in Seattle on TV; Miley Cyrus (Flanagan) and the Jonas Brothers (Sanchez, Braunger, and Price) show off purity body jewelry and their new abstinence-only tour; notoriously rude comedians Sarah Silverman (Parker), Carlos Mencia (Sanchez), Bobby Lee, and Gilbert Gottfried (Flanagan) fail to make fun of a dying boy during a Comedy Central roast; black talk show hosts (Ash and Key) outline what black people should do in case of a zombie apocalypse; Bobby Lee's Blind Kung-Fu Master returns; a nerd afflicted with many physical ailments (Price) competes in a car touching challenge held by a radio station; a pair of human resource representatives (Flanagan and Key) try to save a company that specializes in douchebags; Al Pacino (Sanchez) and Robert De Niro (Price) play sweetheart cops.
31514.11'Episode 11'Jerry SpringerMarch7,2009
The host of a black history talk show (Key) interviews the air-headed daughter (Ash) of a deceased civil rights leader; on ABC's special What Would You Do?, a bystander (Sanchez) keeps cutting in with wrong ways to approach touchy social situations; a Jamaican office worker (Key) shills his homemade reggae album; a night at a Benihana shows a black man (Key) who's overly amazed at the chef's skills while a white couple (Price and Myrin) is grossed out by an incompetent chef (Lee) decapitating himself; on the Today show, Ann Curry (Lee) talks with a mom/finance expert (Parker); neurotic comedian Luanne Lockhart (Flanagan) goes out on a date.
31614.12'Episode 12'Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn JennerMarch14,2009
On The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer (Price), Christiane Amanpour (Parker), guest star Tila Tequila, and Candy Crowley (Pritchard) report on spring break; Eddie Thundercloud (Key) returns to discuss spring break; another eHarmony commercial shows a snobby rich girl (Pritchard) hooking up with a Latino thug fresh out of prison (Sanchez); a woman's restless leg syndrome is cured by making her paralyzed; a group of spring breaking frat boys (Key, Lee, Price, Sanchez, and Braunger) struggle to discuss being tricked into having a gay orgy; a real police officer (Key) tries to tell a bride-to-be that her husband is dead, but is mistaken for a male stripper; Tank (Lee) hits on women at the beach during spring break and ends up with Candy Crowley; the Kardashian/Jenner family compete against Disney's Miley Cyrus (Flanagan), two of the Jonas Brothers (Price and Sanchez), and Raven-Symoné (Ash) on an episode of Family Feud.
31714.13'Mad TV's Best of Michael McDonald Special'Kathy Griffin, Michael McDonaldMarch21,2009
D-Lister and Mad TV friend Kathy Griffin hosts a special night honoring Mad TV alum Michael McDonald and his fan-favorite characters, including whiny man-child Stuart Larkin, depressed Persian tow-truck man Mofaz, and paranoid floor leader Sean Gidcomb, along with his impressions of Dr. Phil, Hugh Laurie's Dr. House, and Maury Povich.
31814.14'Episode 14'Tommy Chong, Cheech MarinMarch28,2009
Bobby confesses to Crista Flanagan that he slept with Nicole Parker and filmed it; Wilmer Valderrama (Sanchez) creates his own Punk'd-style hidden camera prank show; another eHarmony commercial featuring a Mormon man (Braunger) and his five wives; a man (Key) gets freaked out by goblins; a single woman named Lydia Rodriguez (Parker) sells items for lonely women on TV at 3:00 am; on 24 with Bobby Lee, Cheech and Chong's plans to spend the day with Bobby go up in smoke when the trio stay in and get stoned; two representatives for Webster's Dictionary (Flanagan and Key) announce new slang terms, misappropriations of existing words, and words that have fallen out of fashion; on IKEAclasts, Julie Andrews (Parker) and the Dalai Lama (Lee) team up to build a dresser drawer; Arden Myrin goes to a pole-dancing class; a Latin lover (Sanchez) plugs his new feces-based perfume called 'Flirty Sanchez'.
31914.15'Episode 15'TBAApril11,2009
A Latin thug (Key) contends with his cousin (Sanchez) who wants to give his tagging some professionalism; Crista Flanagan introduces a comedian who is in witness protection (Key); another eHarmony commercial about a woman (Flanagan) dating a serial killer (Price); Johnny Gan (Lee) and his sidekick, Pongo, launch a low-rent version of Deal or No Deal; commercial parody showing how the VMW car stands up to running over those who rank low on the socioeconomic ladder; the X-rated stars come out at the The 26th Annual Adult Video News Awards (three-part piece); the opening of the Clifton Malik Muhammad Memorial Library is interrupted by Malik Muhammad's airheaded daughter, Cerise (Ash); a man (Key) trying to fix his cable connection must deal with an automated phone recording that has an answer for everything; Cottage Life with Jill and Carol.
32014.16'Episode 16'TBAApril25,2009
The Andy Griffith Show gets warped in a triple parody of modern crime shows, CSI, Law and Order, and COPS; Bobby Lee tries once again to win Crista Flanagan's heart; Coach Hines (Key) is put on trial at school for his bizarre and violent antics, then retires after revealing his true identity; Nancy Grace (Parker) reports on obnoxious morning DJs getting lost at sea; a Sesame Street parody about childhood obesity and plastic surgery; Nacho Hernandez (Sanchez) meets Jovan Muskatelle (Key) and Bae Sung (Lee)
32114.17'Episode 17'Fred Willard, Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Artie Lange, Will Sasso, Debra WilsonMay16,2009
Fred Willard hosts 'Mad TV Gives Back,' a telethon made to showcase Mad TV's generosity. Featuring appearances by past cast members and clips from past episodes.

DVD releases

As of February 2014, episodes of season 14 have not been released on DVD.


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