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The legend of zelda 8.8k? Princess zelda 2.8k? The legend of zelda: twilight princess 2.5k? The legend of zelda: ocarina of time 1.6k? The legend of zelda: breath of the wild 1.5k? The legend of zelda: skyward sword 995? The legend of zelda: the wind waker 613? Toon link 613? Zelda musou 526? Master sword 488. One of these black sheep is called 'Link: Faces of Evil', in which Link must defeat Ganon, save Zelda, and become the almighty hero of Koridai. Sounds like your typical Legend of Zelda game, but it's a. Link: The Faces of Evil is one of the few games in the series to lack 'The Legend of Zelda' in its full title. SQUADALAH, also written as SQUADALA, is an iconic quote spoken by Gwonam in Link: The Faces of Evil. SQUADALAH is known by many fans of the Zelda series and has grown to become one of the most recognized quotes. Recurring Boss: You fight Goronu twice in Faces of Evil, first in the face of Goronu and later the revived Goronu in Fortress Centrum who at first appears to be a sleeping Zelda. In Faces of Evil, you fight every boss twice, except for Lupay and Ganon.

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Genre: Action-Adventure
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OverviewAn obscure game developed by Animation Magic Inc. and published by Phillips, Link: The Faces of Evil is considered to be one of the all-time worst video games.
Zoma prime rates this game: 2/5

This game, as well as it's sister game (wand of Gamelon) is crap. The only reason they get a 2 is that this game, wand of Gamelon, and Hotel Mario, are pretty much the Prime YTP Trio.


Legend Of Zelda Faces Of Evil Cutscenes

rates this game: 1/5

Faces Of Evil Dc

This game is complete shit. I have no idea why Nintendo even considered letting Phillips use the Legend of Zelda franchise.
It's a game, and you can play it. You won't want to, but you can. For that alone, it gets a 1/5

Faces Of Evil rates this game: 5/5

It is written: Only Link can defeat Ganon. Unfortunately there is no time for link to grab his things but luckily his sword is enough.

Link must confront the faces of evil, and he must conquer each.

DeriLoko2 rates this game: 5/5

Link - The Faces of Evil (USA, Europe) is a game that was developed by Animation Magic and published by Philips Media. In this game, you play as Link, who must conquer the locations of Koridai. You must defeat Ganon in order to restore peace to the locations of Koridai.

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Legend Of Zelda Faces Of Evil All Cutscenes

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