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Interlude Treasure Chest/Box Check out L2Market.com, Lineage II Marketplace. Sign in to follow this. I got new interlude l2 FileEdit and edited npcname-e.dat file, seems like everything ok. I found treasure chest ID (lucky ones) and renamed them to Treasure Box(es). Turning on l2 and guess what. DownloadLineage 2 chest box patch interlude. Driver EXE 1 is a bug windows release. Lineage 2 chest box patch interlude Direct Link #1. The Chauffeur imageRunner becomes you to find drivers with color. Free Download Files, lineage, 2, chest, box, patch, interlude. Box and Chest Patch for c5 lokadia The toy box create available 18 new. L2 Chest Box Patch Interlude In Death Jd. PDF, Large PDF, Multimedia, Meaning. Ulo┼ż.to is the largest czech cloud storage. Upload, share, search and download for free. Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed.

Greetings, everyone!
Since the mob names of the treasure boxes got fixed (now they're sharing the same name with the regular treasure chests), it is not possible, to distinguish between Treasure Chest (eating your DX Chest Keys attacking you, dropping same **** as a regular mob) and a Treasure Box (opens, if you use such a key, drops enchants / high amount of adena).
Well, actually you can use the IG walker to see the boxes on the map / on the moblist, but this is kinda dumb, in my opinion (I got ****** after a few boxes).
So I edited the npcname-e.dat.
Just place this file into your '.../Lineage II/system/' dir and start the game.
Now you also can set up a regular ingame macro to locate the (good) boxes (/target Treasure Box).
But remember : If you pop a box, there's a 50% chance, that this spot gets blocked by a bad one (Chest). So if there are too many chests in your area, just send some of them back to hell. Then some good ones (Boxes) can spawn. ;3
Working with C4off servers, tested with L2xReborn!
- Jack

L2 Interlude Servers

L2 Chest Box Patch Interlude 2

L2 chest box patch interlude downloadEDIT :
File PW : thxjack.epvpftw

L2 Interlude Torrent

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Treasure Chest Box

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:00 pm

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I need a working patch for interlude to show me wich one is box so i open it and if isa chest so i kill it please help me fast

Post subject: Re: Patch box/chest c6

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http://www.filehost.ro/3837251/LvlDropS ... tch_1_rar/

Post subject: Re: Patch box/chest c6

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Thank you for your file and I can fix it now.

Post subject: Re: Patch box/chest c6

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Should I see the difference in their title, too? Because they are all displayed as 'Treasure Box' (before patch all of them were Treasure Chests). Though when I try to open them with a key, there is a msg that the box is empty - so we could say that it works fine.

Post subject: Re: Patch box/chest c6

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This patch will work with c3?


Pirate Treasure Chest Box

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