Installing Dragon Naturallyspeaking 12 On Windows 8

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To put Dragon in your start-up folder: Windows 7 Copy the Dragon shortcut on the Desktop (Single click on the shortcut and press CTRL+C) > Click the Start Menu or press the Windows key > Select All Programs> Right click the Startup folder > select Open All Users to open the startup folder for all user accounts. I am unable to install Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 -- on windows 8 pro 64 bit - for some reason every time I try to install this program when it is almost completed the whole computer freezes, locks up, and I have to manually switch it off and restart it. Cannot uninstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 from Windows 8.1 Problem: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 cannot be uninstalled from the Windows Control Panel in Windows 8.1.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software introduced by Nuance. Call +0 for dragon software installation, services & support. Chat with us, powered by LiveChat.

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It can transcribe minutes from the latest sales meeting or let you verbally control your office computer’s email application, and Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 also enables you to search the Internet by speaking keywords instead of typing. The program is compatible with a variety of Windows versions including Windows 7, but you have to download the latest release, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.


Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, the original version, will not install and run properly on your Windows 7 system. The original version was designed for systems running the 32-bit version of Windows Vista and older Windows operating systems. The application also does not support Windows 8. During Dragon Naturally Speaking 10’s installation process, the application's installation wizard informs you of the incompatibility and aborts the installation process. The installation issue is due to a problem with the configuration of Windows 7 and the location of the operating system’s files.


Nuance, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10’s manufacturer, resolves the Windows 7 installation issue with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1. The latest release is free and available as a download from Nuance at the “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1” link (see Resources). The download is large -- 1.37GB for the Preferred version, 1.22GB for the Standard version and 1.31GB for the Professional version. You also need the serial number from Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 to start the download process.

DVD Version

Installing Dragon Naturallyspeaking 12 On Windows 8

You can also request a DVD containing the latest release if you are unable to download the application. To request a DVD, call 800-654-1187 and speak with a customer service representative. The DVD is not free, and Nuance charges $9.95 to cover the cost of the DVD, shipping and handling. The Nuance representative will process your payment and complete your order.


Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1 is only for Windows 7 and systems running the 64-bit version of Vista. The application is not for older versions of the Windows operating system nor is it for systems running the 32-bit version of Vista. If running Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on an older version of Windows, you can download the latest service pack for Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 via the application’s “Help” menu and clicking “Update.”

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Installing Dragon Naturallyspeaking 12 On Windows 8

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To get yourself properly introduced to your brand new Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, you use the User Profile Wizard. You can start the wizard in one of the two following ways:

Automatically, the first time you run NaturallySpeaking after installation, click the Dragon icon on your desktop (or on the Start screen in Windows 8).

Choose Start→All Programs→Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0 from the Windows Start menu (or in Windows 8, press the Windows key to display the desktop and then say Open Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

You can also set up a new user profile manually by going to the DragonBar and choosing Profile→New User Profile and then clicking the New button in the New User Profile window. The wizard opens.

To start the process of choosing a username and testing and configuring your microphone, follow these steps:

1Click Next on the Creating a User Profile screen.

The Create User screen appears. The wizard wants to know the following information:

Your User Profile name: This name will appear on future lists and menus so that you can tell NaturallySpeaking which user you are. So pick a name you will recognize as your own. Type it into the text box in the center of the screen and click Next.

Your username is case sensitive. Be aware of that when you make a choice. If you type your name as Tom with a capital T, you won’t be able to use tom later.

Your age group: The wizard isn’t just being nosy. Age plays a part in how your voice sounds. No one is looking. Make your choice from the drop-down list. Click Next.

Identification of the words you say:It’s important for NaturallySpeaking to prepare files that are specific to your region of the world. Again, choose from the list. Click Next.

The way you pronounce your words: There are identifiable accents depending on where in the world you first learned to speak. It’s important for NaturallySpeaking to prepare files that are specific to your region of the world. Choose an accent from the list and click Next.

How you talk to your computer:You need to identify whether you’re going to speak directly into a microphone or use a recorder. You have a choice of Mic-In Jack, USB, Dragon Remote Microphone Application, or Line-In Jack. If you want to use the headset that came with NaturallySpeaking, choose Mic-In Jack. For now, to make it easy, unless you are sure about your recorder, just choose your microphone.

[img id:385192]

2Click Next. A screen with all your choices appears. If you agree with them, click the Create button.

NaturallySpeaking creates your profile. You will see the progress on the screen, and then your user profile is created.

You’re automatically taken to the next screen, which helps you properly position your microphone.

This is an instructional screen that requires no information from you. It just gives you advice on how to position your microphone, and it shows a picture illustrating the approved technique.

3Position the microphone as directed.

The main idea is that the microphone needs to be near your mouth, but not in front of it. (In front seems natural, but you get interference from your breathing on the microphone.) It should be far enough to the side that you don’t bump it with your mouth when you talk. You may need to twist the arm a bit to get the microphone positioned just right.

Put the microphone a distance of two fingers from your mouth; that’s the perfect amount of space. Also, make sure the word talk under the boom cushion is pointing toward your mouth; otherwise, you will not be heard.

4When your microphone is properly positioned, click Next.

It’s time to adjust the volume with the Adjust Your Volume screen.

5Click the Start Volume Check button and read the text aloud at the volume you plan to use when you dictate.

Stop talking when you hear the beep. The important thing is to keep talking until the wizard is done adjusting the volume.

6Click Next to move on to the Test the Quality of Your Sound System screen.

This screen is another where you talk to the computer while it analyzes. Earlier, it was only listening to the volume. Now it’s analyzing your voice.

7When you’re ready, click the Start Quality Check button and start talking.

Read the text provided on the screen. You should get a Check Microphone: Passed alert. If the test fails, try repositioning your microphone and clicking Start Quality Check to run the test again. You can run it as many times as necessary.

If you continue to fail this test, you may have a broken headset or the sound card on your computer may not be sufficient. To fix this issue, get a USB adapter for your headset or a new USB headset. The USB adapters or headsets have their own sound card that bypasses the one not working in your computer.

8When you’re done with the quality check, click Next.

You’re presented with the Read Text Aloud message to train Dragon. If you want to stop at this point, click Cancel and exit NaturallySpeaking.

NaturallySpeaking remembers that you made it through Audio Setup and starts you off reading training text.