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I have been reading this page about setting up Bittorrent Sync embedded into the Buffalo NAS linkstation (my firmware version 1.56). It refers to this page about Buffalo's settings. Here a detailed discussion about how to do this.

I run

Debian Installer for Bu alo Linkstation NAS Install Debian to headless device Roger Shimizu Debian Maintainer December 10th, 2016. (linux-image-marvell) 1. Debian Installer for Buffalo Linkstation NAS Install Debian to headless device. Freelink - Convert the LinkStation into a Full-fledged Debian Linux Server. From NAS-Central Buffalo - The Linkstation Wiki. How to Convert the LinkStation into a Full-fledged Debian Linux Server. The following guide will attempt to explain the steps involved in converting a stock Buffalo LinkStation into a fully functional Linux system with. Mounting a Buffalo Linkstation Share on Ubuntu. Posted: January 5, 2012 in Linux Desktop Tags: Buffalo, Linkstation, mount, Ubuntu. Quick details on how to permanently mount a Buffalo Linkstation Share (such as the Linkstation Duo, Pro etc) on ubuntu. Sudo apt-get install cifs-utils. Raj Patel says: July 29, 2013 at 9.

where I have verified that the password is correct. I get

and another time, I get

I go to my Buffalo NAS settings and see that I have these settings in WebAccess

I have these Advanced firewall settings in my router D-link DIR-645

where UPnP IGD enabled as required in the advices about setting up BT sync. Some details of my router

  • nothing in 32 -- IPV6 FIREWALL RULES
  • nothing in IPV6 ROUTING
  • nothing in PORT FORWARDING

How can you solve the error messages in installing BT Sync for Buffalo NAS linkstation?

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How to set up BitTorrent Sync with Buffalo NAS Linkstation?


Buffalo Nas Linkstation Software

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The IP has been set to the given, fixed IP, however DNS and gateway have not been set. Use the WebGUI to make appropriate settings.

Apparently, your network configuration is incomplete.

Have you tried setting these from your WebGUI, exactly as suggested by the above error message?

You should be able to find your own gateway easily enough, but at any rate it is typically either or As for the DNS, you can use Google's ( and and they will work.

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Recently purchased a Buffalo LinkStation 420D, 4TB. Came with RAID0, but wanted it to be RAID1. Went into the GUI and tried to remove the original array and it failed, after which have gone through everything I can think of, and it seems like the device has bricked itself.

  • Upgraded firmware

  • Hard reset

  • Soft reset

  • Swapped drives on a prayer

Now i'm looking at no GUI access (only a grey screen), and I can't access the device across the network, however it does respond to pings, so i've got that going for me, which is nice.