Huawei E169 Firmware Update Password Reset

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  1. Huawei E169 Firmware Update Password Reset
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Unlock & update firmware Huawei K3520. Archive View Return to standard view. Last updated – posted 2010-May-15, 12:07 am AEST posted 2010-May-15, 12:07 am AEST. The software listed on has a list of various devices eg e160g, e169, e180, e220, etc., but no 'k' models in the list. Ive got a huawei u8180-1 and have forgoten the password but always have reset code which is ##258741 but dont know what the launch key is???? Ay help please?? Reply willian December 26, 2011 at 07:57.

  • Dec 16, 2013  In this article am going to sho w you how you can flash your huawei modem using firmware updater. Firmware updates varies with versions and models.There are two different versions in huawei modems they are firmware version and
  • Maintaining updated Huawei E169 software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. Using outdated or corrupt Huawei E169 drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail. During this time, it’s necessary to update the firmware and let it work well.

Supported Mobile Devices

Huawei E169 modem locked to any wireless provider in the world


Remote unlocking by IMEI is performed by generating a device-specific unlock code for your Huawei E169 modem. No disassembling or technical knowledge is required. All you have to do is to enter the unlock code.

Service Details and Requirements

  • Type of Unlock:Huawei E169 modem Unlock by Code via IMEI.
    Modem does not have to be shipped to us.
  • Turnaround: 1 to 5 business days (Please use provider code if faster processing time is required)
  • Ease of Use: Very easy
  • Cable Required: No
  • Internet Required: No
  • Guarantee: Yes, or your money back.

How Unlock by Code Works

    To generate the unlock code we need your modem's 15-digit IMEI number.

Benefits of Remote Unlock by Code

  1. Unlocking removes the following messages:
    • Enter Subsidy Code
    • Enter Special Code
    • Enter Unlock Code
    • Contact Service Provider
    • Insert Correct Sim Card
    • Wrong Sim Card
    • Incorrect Sim Card
    • Phone Locked Return for Service
    • Other similar messages...
  2. You never send your Huawei E169 modem to anybody, unlocking is done in the convenience of your own home.
  3. No technical expertise is required to enter the unlock code.
  4. provides you with detailed instructions how to enter the codes and livehelp assistance in case for any reason you are experiencing difficulties.
  5. Unlock code is sent to your email within hours, there is no need to use any software or ship phone anywhere.
  6. Simunlock code unlocks your Huawei device PERMANENTLY, phone will stay unlocked even after you upgrade its firmware or perform master reset.
  7. Unlocking is a one-time event, once it's unlocked, your Huawei E169 USB stick will stay unlocked for the life of it.
  8. Unlocked Huawei E169 USB modem is easy to travel with and can be used as a 'world phone' with dual SIM card, International prepaid sim card or any other compatible local SIM.
  9. As cell phone companies usually subsidize cost of the mobile device, unlocking increases its retail value by up to 300%. For obvious reasons cellular carriers don't want you moving away from their network so they will often charge extortionate rates to unlock your Huawei E169 USB modem and you can also be made to wait up to 3 months to receive your unlock codes.


Firmware is nothing but the program code which contains of the control program for the devices. They may be permanently installed on the device or update able

As we know we can unlock some Huawei modem by updating or downgrading (Flashing) the firmware, In this article I will discuss on same.

Huawei E169 Firmware Update Password Reset

Firmware Upgrade Files Downloading

you can download the firmware upgrade file from the our Huawei Firmware Portal.

  • Go to
  • Select your model number from list and download the file
  1. Open the firmware upgrade file you have downloaded by double clicking on it
  2. As you open the firmware upgrade file you can see the terms and condition tab kindly select the I Agree and click on Next.
  3. Then it will search for the modem and port , you can check following process.
  4. As it find the port and model details you can see the conformation tab kindly select the next.
  5. After conforming it will show following warning window click on next.
  6. Your Firmware is updating kindly wait until the process complete (Interrupting the process may damage your modem permanently ).
  7. As process completed you can see the success message.

Note:- If it will ask password during the update you have to provide the FLASH Code generated by IMEI

Firmware Upgrade Video Tutorial:-

Firmware Upgrade Error:-

Update Password Reset Information


Huawei Firmware Update Tool

Probably you can get following error during the firmware upgrade

Solution :-

If you are getting this kind of error it means your modem is not properly connected or your dashboard is open so kindly close the dashboard and read following article

If you are facing any error during firmware update you might look at Error Solution During Firmware Update