How To Remove 4gb Ram Patch For Windows 7 32-bit

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Windows 7 operative system and your PC’s hardware are limiting the maximal amount of memory that your PC can use. For 64-bit operating systems, that limit is theoretically non-existent, as 64-bit systems can read and use 192 GB of available RAM. For 32-bit operating systems, the set limit is 4GB of RAM. This means that the operational RAM will be anywhere between 2.75 and 3.5 GB because, depending on your chipset and motherboard, Windows kernel will block a good part of your RAM into ‘hardware reserved’.

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This limitation is a consequence of IO memory mapped reservations that are overlaying the physical address spaces and are masking them out so the working memory cannot utilize them. This behavior is not dependant on the OS the machine is running.

Very large portions of address spaces below 4GB, which is also the highest accessible address for 32-bit systems, are being reserved for system hardware, such as PCI bus, bridges, BIOS, legacy video support, ACPI, etc. At least 256MB to 768MB will be reserved by PCI Express support only, depending on installed memory on your graphics card.

The direct consequence of these hardware reservations is that an average system is cut short for anywhere between 265 MB and 1GB, which are then inaccessible for your OS.

Intel chipsets are especially known for reserving certain address ranges by default and they often have fixed 1.5GB that is always reserved and unusable by Windows.

Re:HOW TO: Removing 4GB Memory Limit on 32 bit Windows 2012/12/09 02:44:15 mikele59 frankly I loved my W7 with this tweak. 64 bit need a compleeeeeete reinstallation and all my 16 and 32 bit soft will never use full ram so its really ridiculous for me to do that. On x86 systems, all applications are given 2GB of virtual memory out of the maximum 4GB available for the 32-bit architecture: the other 2 GB are reserved for the operating system itself. On x64 systems these additional 2 GB can be accessed by any 32bit application, as long as a specific flag is set in the file’s internal format. This behavior is expected on 32-bit computers that have 4 GB of RAM installed. For more information, you can refer to this thread: 32 Bit Windows 7 and 4 gigabytes of RAm Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question. Filed under: Windows — Tags: 32 bit, 4GB, 7, limit, ram, seven, Windows, x86 — admin @ 2:19 pm A lot of people still prefer to use 32 bit version of windows 7, but 32 bit version of windows doesn’t allow you to use more than 3GB ( 4GB theoretically, 3GB practically ) of your RAM. Ram,Windows 7,Tips & tricks,Full ram use in windows Who are using Windows 7 (32bit), they have faced a RAM problem that they cannot use the full 4gb RAM. It is locked by Windows.


How To Remove 4gb Ram Patch For Windows 7 32 Bit Use More Than

Although many claim that it is impossible removing this memory limit, it has proven to be wrong, as it is very much possible. A group of Russian programmers have provided a hacked kernel, which you can use to fix this limitation.

Ram Patch For Windows 7 32-bit

How To Remove 4gb Ram Patch For Windows 7 32 Bit Download

According to Microsoft themselves, this is a well known problem and they have even released a special Windows Server 2003 Datacenter edition , that supports even 64GB of RAM. It has also been known that all Windows Vista 32bit editions contain the code that would allow usage of physical memory even beyond 4GB, but Microsoft didn’t unlock that code.

For now, you can freely download this file: Windows 7 32bit 4GB Ram Patch and follow the installation instructions on this website: and you’re all set.

Some Antivirus programs may detect this program as a trojan, which is certainly false. You can simply temporarily disable it, or add the file to your antivirus’ exceptions list. It will be enough to allow undisrupted download and installation of the file.