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  2. How To Install Silverlight On Linux Mint
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Pipelight, a browser plugin allows to use Microsoft Silverlight in your Linux browser now get a NEW PPA which includes the required Wine packages. The PPA supports Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty, Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy, Ubuntu 13.04 Raring, Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal, Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint and their derivatives.

Just got the Firefox 49 update (yay!)

But Netflix still wants to install Silverlight (boo!)

How can I watch Netflix in Firefox, as has been advertised?

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2 Answers

As wisely mentioned in comments: if you have this problem, contact Netflix support about it. It's a problem to be fixed on their side, and the more complains they'd get, the faster it get fixed.

A solution by GizmoChicken:

Is anyone able to play Netflix? With the original user agent it requests to install silverlight With chrome user agent it plays, but with tearing and high cpu load.

Netflix plays for me on Firefox 49 when using the following User-Agent entry:

Sometimes I have to hit 'refresh' to start a video. I don't recall ever having to do that with Chrome. So it's still not perfect.

(edit by OP)

Before using the user agent string above (which worked) I had to do two other things.

  1. Get Firefox to install the Widevine plugin by ticking the box onPreferences/Content labeled Play DRM Content.
  2. Install User Agent Overrider extension. Then go to the extension's preferences and add the user agent string above.

Then just select the Linux / Chrome 53 user agent, go to, and Bob's yer uncle.

Edit 2: This also works on 32 bit Ubuntu! Woo hoo!

Edit 3: At least as of April 2017, 32 bit no longer works, but the user agent workaround is no longer required.

Edit 4: One of the many awesome enhancements in Firefox Quantum is that Netflix works again in 32 bit! (Dec 2017)

download vlc media player.

I guess vlc downloads the necessary libraries, but Netflix now plays with absolutely no problem in Firefox 54.

Worth noting this also worked when I was running Firefox 47.

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How to uninstall silverlight

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I will show you to install and use Netflix on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Fedora in this article. Netflix streaming video has been available for Linux for a while. With Netflix you can watch unlimited movies and TV episodes from your Personal Computer, Playstation, Wii, Xbox or any device that support Internet streaming. Netflix will run on Windows, Mac OX, now even Linux.

How To Install Silverlight On Linux Mint

Netflix requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin with DRM (Digital Rights Management). Even thought there is a native Linux program similar to Silverlight is Moonlight, Moonlight does support DRM so it does not help. Netflix will keep using DRM for all of their movies and TV shows, and only Silverlight support DRM so Netflix will not be officially supported in Linux.

You will have to add PPA (Personal Packages Archives) in order to install Netflix on Linux.

To install Netflix Desktop on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

How To Install Silverlight On Linux Mint

To install Netflix Desktop on Fedora and Centos

32 bits

Install Silverlight

64 bits

Linux Mint Install From Windows

How to use Netflix Desktop in Linux

First time when you start Netflix, there are will be some small prompts asking you to install a few extra required programs to make Netflix run properly. Agree and install those. After login to your Netflix account, when you play your first movie or TV show, you will be asked again to agree on “Enable playback of protected content” by Silverlight DRM. Enable to agree to playback restricted content to use Netflix on Linux.