How To Install A Jacuzzi Whirlpool

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Neal of Skokie, IL Verified Reviewer

Installation went well and the remodel was completed in the spring of 2014. The tub was used often during final trim work and was exactly what we had hoped. I purchased a new Jacuzzi whirlpool.

Original review: May 4, 2019

Bought shower faucet at Lowe's. Worked for 2 months then began to slow in redirecting water to the shower when pulling up the pin. Then it stopped working altogether. Removing it showed the little plate is loose and not blocking the flow of water back to the shower. Poor quality

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Bev of United Kingdom Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2018

I purchased my new Jacuzzi bath thinking that I would get high quality service because I thought this company was a premium company. NEVER!!! My bath was splashing out water over ceilings, floors, walls so I called customer service and explained this. They asked if all water was above the jets and yes they were. So I asked them to send me an engineer because they felt the jets could be misaligned. After the booking they sent me an email stating that if there was no fault I would be charged £125.

I called back and asked why they sent me this email and they said it didn't apply to me because my bath was new and it's still under warranty. When the engineer arrived he said although the jets were covered with water the bath must be filled so that the headrest is half coved too which is nearly to the top of the bath. It is so ridiculous that when my husband who is a heavy man gets in the bath overflows. The engineer said that this is not chargeable but the next day customer service sent me a personal email to say I have been charge. Jacuzzi has since been harassing me for the money. This bath IS NOT fit for purpose. Jacuzzi is not following their warranty terms and condition. They are unlawful taking money for a service that should not be charge.

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At this time I am not convinced where my problem lies so I’m more so making an inquiry. We gutted our bathroom to bare studs and rebuilt a gorgeous bathroom using a non jetted Jacuzzi soaked tub and bought the Duncan series shower/sink faucets and drains. I am about 6 months post completion now and have been smelling a wet towel mildew smell coming from somewhere. I have crawled around floors, looked at floorboards from underneath in the basement, I’ve removed the exhaust fan, and I keep coming back to the sink drain. I’ve poured bleach down it several times but I can get it to go away. Has anyone experienced something similar? My gorgeous fancy bathroom can’t continue to have this smell. Any help/insight would be very much appreciated.

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Marcy of Tracy City, TN Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2018

We have a Jacuzzi brand toilet that plugs up CONSTANTLY! This happens so frequently that when we go to do our no. 2 business we actually have to stop, flush... pray that it goes down before we can finish our business. 90% of the time it plugs up! What makes it more unreasonable is there is only TWO of us living here! Don't ever buy this brand of toilet! IT IS THE WORST!

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Chuck of Cherry Hill, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2018

Also, I just found out why I’ve had water flowing into my Kitchen from the Jacuzzi Primo Jetted Tub. I figured it was a drain problem (drain at bottom of tub) improperly installed by an NJ Licensed plumber. It’s a fiberglass forming problem on the underside of the drain hole. After I removed the drain (top and bottom) I felt around the underside of the drain hole. I can feel a V notch where the rubber gasket would sit against the bottom of the tub and your extremely expensive tub drain. It is due to poor work control (as also the cracked jets may be referred to in previous email). What can be done about this. The tub has been installed. It doesn’t leak when a shower is taken, only when the tub is filled and drained. This lack of quality control should not have happened. Didn’t anyone look at this drain before it got shipped out? Same email sent to Jacuzzi. Too early for an response.

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How To Install A Jacuzzi Whirlpool

Original review: June 1, 2018

My Jacuzzi toilet has never flushed properly. They sent me another one which also has the same problem. $250 spent in trying to fix the problem and plumber says just a poor design. Also the matching pedestal sink is losing its shiny white ceramic coating.

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Joshua of Arden, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 25, 2018

How To Install Jacuzzi Bathtub

I bought the Jacuzzi Duncan shower faucet. After I installed it, following the instructions properly, I tried to connect the faucet, but the faucet is too short to reach the valve stem. I contacted the company to determine how to get around this. Well, they don't sell extenders. And during this call I flat out asked, 'So you're telling me this unit is not possible to install?' He said yes. HE ACTUALLY ADMITTED THEY SELL A PRODUCT THAT YOU CAN'T USE. What an absolutely horrific company, and I cannot believe they're allowed to sell this product.

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Repair Service

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Barbara of Annandale, NJ Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtubs

Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

We are remodeling our master bathroom. We have had a Jacuzzi bathtub for 25 years which we love - never had one day of problems! I decided since we were gutting the entire bathroom to buy a new one (Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtub Solna 7242)! How could I go wrong? Well, apparently Jacuzzi decided to build thin poorly constructed junk - instead of the quality tubs they once built. The contractor installed it, hooked up drain and plumbing - installed quartz since it was an undermount - filled it and the sides sag half inch - it's so soft and thin that when filled just sags at the base near the drain on both sides! The silicon separated from the quartz. Then we tried it and the one jet in the back leaks water! Tech comes out to tell us horror stories of other tubs with similar problems - not fixed after even 3 replacements! How can they have done this to their product and their company?

Customer Support is insulting and ridiculous! Said we should have inspected it before installing it - isn't that what their Quality Insurance is supposed to do? Tech wrote up that it is defective and they want to send me another one - why would I want another piece of junk? I plan to speak to a manager and get my money back or I will call my credit card company and fight the purchase price that way. But who is going to cover cost of my contractor coming back to remove drain, plumbing, 200 lbs of quartz from the platform and a 200 lb tub? And who is going to pay to dispose of it? They aren't going to stand behind that - that is not under warranty. Are you kidding me? It's not like I bought a cheaply made toaster that I can throw away? How are we going to get this poorly constructed junk out of our house? WHY JACUZZI? Why do you have no respect for a company and product that was once quality construction? I can't believe it. So disappointed.

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Joyce of Richmond, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

I purchased this toilet a few years ago. One of the reasons that I chose this was because it was suppose to have a quiet flush. About a month ago it started making a loud hissing sound when it was flushed and it took forever! I called Jacuzzi and explained that I wanted the actual Jacuzzi parts that provide the quiet flush and I did not want a universal replacement.

Long story short, she sent me a new flush valve replacement. Very nice! But the problem is that I was sent one of those cheap, universal flush valves that I could have purchased at Lowe's and that replacement would have come with detailed directions. This one didn't! I finally got it installed. Now I have a fast fill but the noise could wake the dead. Bottom line, don't waste your money buying this more expensive product from Jacuzzi because after a few years you have the same thing as the cheap toilets and you are stuck. The Jacuzzi name doesn't mean anything any longer. Total waste!! Save your money!

How To Install A Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Tub Repair

My Jacuzzi is two years old and has had many problems. I bought it from a dealer that was unaware the electrical set up should be 220, they told me 110 was fine. At 110 the water wasn't filtered enough to be clean, my daughter got a severe skin infection from dirty water. In the first six months the thermostat was replaced ($250). In the 2nd year I have chronic flow errors, nothing seems to work. Needs another visit from service technician as the circulation pump won't run. The bills are adding up! Very disappointed in the quality.


Jacuzzi Tub Install

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