How To Create Loyalty Programs In Sap Crm Configuration

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Get serious about Customer Loyalty – you will save more than just customers. Organizations need to develop customer loyalty programs that are part of an overall customer-centric strategy, where customers are segmented into meaningful groups and specific strategies are developed to market, sell, and service to these groups. The Loyalty Management Processing Engine a highly scalable Engine to process member activities and tier transition evaluation. It is an integrated part of SAP CRM and the “heart” of the CRM based Loyalty Management solution. Loyalty Management additional features: Collaboration Integration Analytics SAP Loyalty Management is part of SAP CRM. To use the enhanced functions, you must activate the business function Loyalty Productivity (CRM_LOY_PROD). For configuration settings, see the Loyalty Management business scenario in SAP Solution Manager. How To Create Loyalty Programs In Sap Crm. 5/3/2017 0 Comments. SAP CRM Loyalty Management. 12.Program Management Process steps Create loyalty. SAP CRM / Loyalty: The new black. Loyalty Program Management enables set-up and maintenance of loyalty programs. SAP CRM loyalty management also provides. SAP CRM — Marketing — Segmentation — Profile set and Target Group August 23, 2008 October 27, 2010 kumar SAP, SAP CRM CRM Profile Set, CRM TARGET GROUP, SAP, SAP CRM, SAP Segemetation In this post let us see how to create the Profile set and target group.

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Loyalty Programs In Hotels

A customer segmentation model supported by SAP Marketing Cloud solutions

A customer segmentation model supported by SAP Marketing Cloud solutions

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You are using a SAP CRM B2C WebChannel application and have configured the Loyalty program. You do not want to use the SAP standard transaction type in the application but custom transaction types that have been created.


Loyalty Programs Software

The standard delivered transaction types for the loyalty program can be seen below.
There are 3 standard transaction types

  1. 'ISLA Loyalty accural order' This type is used to accrue points.
  2. 'ISLB Loyalty Buy Points' This is used to purchases points in the webshop.
  3. 'ISLR Loyalty redemption order' This is used to redeem points to purchases in the webshop.

For the Loyalty program to work correctly in the webshop each of the transaction types need to be defined correctly. Any missing or incorrect configuration would result in error or points not accruing.

How do we configure a custom transaction type?

If you would like to use a custom transaction type in the webshop there is some customizing that needs to be maintained.For example for the SAP standard transaction type for Loyalty accrual is 'ISLA' . Below you can see the Transaction type has Transaction classification 'A' for Loyalty accrual sales order.
When you create your custom transaction type for example ZISA you need to do the following go to


=>Customer Relationship Management


=>Basic Settings

Best loyalty programs

Best Loyalty Programs

=Define Transaction Types

When you define the transaction type ensure that you enter the correct Transaction classification. This is vital for each of the 3 classification in the webshop and if configured incorrectly will result in errors.


The Classification options are:

Once your custom transaction types have been created you will need to set these for user in the Shopadmin of your B2C webshop.

Shopadmin setting

Once your custom transaction type has been create you then need to set this in the shopadmin to be available in the webshop. For the type = accrual this is used to accrue points through the ordering of normal products in the webshop. So this transaction type needs to be used for all orders created in the webshop. You need to set this as below in the 'General information' tab of your B2C Shop.

For 'Redemption order' and 'Buy points order' this needs to be set in the 'Marketing tab' where the loyalty program has been defined.
Here you can also select your custom transaction types. Once this configuration has been complete your custom types should be used in the Loyalty process.


Once this configuration has been complete the custom transaction types will be used in your B2C webshop.

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If you wish to configure custom point types other than the SAP standard points please see SAP Support Note 1759351