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  1. Hajime No Ippo Episode 1
Hajime No Ippo S3sub IndoHajime no ippo manga

Hajime no Ippo

Files: 83
Type: TV Series


Special 001: Boxer`s Fist23:36Download(175MB)
Episode 1: The First Step24:02Download(236MB)
Episode 2: The Result Of Hard Work24:03Download(234MB)
Episode 3: Tears of Joy24:02Download(202MB)
Episode 4: Shadow Boxing24:03Download(221MB)
Episode 5: Three Months to Counter24:03Download(221MB)
Episode 6: Rematch`s Gong23:58Download(232MB)
Episode 7: The Destructive Power of one Centimeter24:02Download(239MB)
Episode 8: Promise of the Reunion24:03Download(220MB)
Episode 9: Licence for Type C24:01Download(205MB)
Episode 10: Debut Match!24:03Download(213MB)
Episode 11: Perseverance for Victory24:03Download(214MB)
Episode 12: Rough Declaration of Friendship24:02Download(212MB)
Episode 13: Opening, Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament24:02Download(237MB)
Episode 14: Strong Arm! Hook vs. Upper!24:03Download(231MB)
Episode 15: Comparison of Perseverance24:02Download(230MB)
Episode 16: Premonition of an Extreme Match25:33Download(174MB)
Episode 17: Ippo on the Beach24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 18: Clinch24:02Download(175MB)
Episode 19: K.O. Dream24:03Download(175MB)
Episode 20: Shotgun Threat24:03Download(176MB)
Episode 21: The Way to Capture a Genius24:02Download(175MB)
Episode 22: Forward ! Forward !!24:03Download(175MB)
Episode 23: Another Semi-Final Match24:02Download(175MB)
Episode 24: To the Place promised...24:03Download(175MB)
Episode 25: Each Persons Feeling24:03Download(174MB)
Episode 26: Fight for the Distance23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 27: Death Match23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 27: Death Match23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 28: Victory or Defeat23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 28: Victory or Defeat23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 29: Naniwa`s Rocky23:54Download(177MB)
Episode 29: Naniwa`s Rocky23:54Download(177MB)
Episode 30: To the Enemy`s Territory23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 30: To the Enemy`s Territory23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 31: Traces of Intense Battles23:53Download(176MB)
Episode 32: Throw Your Right !23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 32: Throw Your Right !23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 33: The Power of Smash Punch23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 33: The Power of Smash Punch23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 34: Newcomer23:53Download(175MB)
Episode 35: Another Journey23:54Download(219MB)
Episode 36: Encounter with the king23:54Download(222MB)
Episode 37: A high aim23:54Download(237MB)
Episode 38: Two rookie champs23:54Download(218MB)
Episode 39: Challenge in a Foreign Land23:54Download(223MB)
Episode 40: A Counter Stronger than the Counter23:54Download(226MB)
Episode 41: Gero-Michi`s Battle23:53Download(196MB)
Episode 42: Sympathy for Dreams23:54Download(228MB)
Episode 43: The Speed Star23:54Download(172MB)
Episode 44: A Blind Spot in the Ring23:54Download(174MB)
Episode 45: Wolven White Fang23:54Download(179MB)
Episode 46: Become a Gazelle!23:54Download(176MB)
Episode 47: The Fighting Spirit Within23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 48: Red Wolf23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 49: Courage to Trust23:54Download(175MB)
Episode 50: Message to Tell24:00Download(175MB)
Episode 51: Group Date23:53Download(173MB)
Episode 52: Challenger23:56Download(175MB)
Episode 53: For Me To Be Myself24:04Download(176MB)
Episode 54: Fist Of The King24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 55: Japan Featherweight Title Match24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 56: A Wall Against Power24:04Download(174MB)
Episode 57: Showdown24:04Download(174MB)
Episode 58: A Broken Heart24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 59: A Determined Will24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 60: Rival24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 61: Comeback Anxiety24:04Download(174MB)
Episode 62: The Road Back24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 63: Burning Youth24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 64: Hot Rod Era24:04Download(176MB)
Episode 65: Kamogawa Troop`s Summer24:04Download(176MB)
Episode 66: Takamura-san`s Tears24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 67: Kamogawa Gym on the Move24:04Download(176MB)
Episode 68: The Coach`s Crisis24:04Download(176MB)
Episode 69: The Southpaw Trap24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 70: A Naughty Boy24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 71: Time Of Battle24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 72: LALLAPALLOOZA24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 73: Surpass The Past24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 74: Mix Up24:04Download(175MB)
Episode 75: Into the Next Step24:09Download(176MB)
Episode 76: Boxer's Fist23:36Download(175MB)

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Hajime No Ippo Episode 1

Hajime No Ippo Rising 1 Subtitle Indonesia Animeindo Hajime No Ippo Rising Full Episode Subtitle Indonesia Animeindo Hajime No Ippo Rising 1 Sub Indo. Reminders: If download link doesn't work, make sure to try another download link.Hajime no Ippo: Rising Returner subbed episode listing is located at the bottom of this page. Hajime no Ippo Rising Batch Sub Indo. Hajime no Ippo Rising Subtitle Indonesia – Season ke-3 dari anime Hajime no Ippo. Ippo terus mempertahankan gelar kelas bulu di Jepang dari lawan yang semakin kuat.