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Cebuano Holy Bible New Testament PDF

Cebuano, referred to by most of its speakers as Binisaya
(or Visayan in English), is an Austronesian language spoken
in the Philippines by about 20 million people mostly in the
Central Visayas most of whom belong to the Bisaya ethnic group.
It is the most widely spoken of the languages within the
so-named Bisayan subgroup and is closely related to other
Filipino languages.
speaking population
of the Philippines despite not being taught formally
in schools and universities.[2] It is the lingua franca of the
Central Visayas and parts of Mindanao. The name Cebuano

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The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!’
8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and cast out demons.

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(Mt 10:7-8)

Pray before you read the Bible
Ask God to give you understanding