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Engineering Software as a Service. Approach Using Cloud Computing Armando Fox PDF Subject: Engineering Software As A Service An Agile Approach Using. Instead, our goal is to bring a d (v1.2.1) Awarded 'Most Promising New Textbook' for 2016 by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association.

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(v1.2.1) Awarded 'Most Promising New Textbook' for 2016 by the Textbook & Academic Authors Association. A one-semester college course in software engineering focusing on cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), and Agile development using Extreme Programming (XP). This book is neither a step-by-step tutorial nor a reference book. Instead, our goal is to bring a d...more
Published April 16th 2013 by Strawberry Canyon LLC (first published April 12th 2013)
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Nov 22, 2017Mathi Fonseca rated it it was amazing
Usually, when you find a book that covers many topics, you end up reading an introduction to things you already read in the Wikipedia article. This book is NOT the case. It covers many topics that have become essential to every programmer nowadays and it does it in a comprehensible but yet very detailed way.
Sep 24, 2018Eduardo de Oliveira Castro rated it it was amazing
I've read this book following a MOOC from edX and it made total sense. It makes a great introduction in Agile and helps new developers while working with Rails. To be fair, I don't know if it is a great book standalone but I recommend the course for everyone safely.
Apr 28, 2019Matias rated it it was amazing
The best book about the whole process of creating a modern web application in an Agile way with Ruby on Rails and friends
Apr 26, 2018Wudongnoodles rated it really liked it
You are not going to be able to learn Ruby, Rails and JavaScript in this book. Go grab a book for each of the topics respectively. That is what I did. Otherwise you will be disappointed.
Aug 30, 2013Alberto Venturini rated it really liked it
This book is useful if you are planning to take the CS-169x courses on
Be warned: there is A LOT of material crammed into these 12 chapters - so the whole book is more of an introduction / tutorial on various topics, such as web programming, Ruby on Rails, Javascript / AJAX, Agile, cloud computing.
Also - it's a beta edition. Expect mistakes and some unfinished sections.
I liked the writing style - engaging and to the point.
All in all, if you are taking the edX courses, get this book. Othe

Software As A Service Benefits

Another amazing text for an amazing edX course. Fox and Patterson are masters at showing you the Cloud from high above, then all the way down to detailed engineering practices for interpersonal and technical development. Agile approach is no nonsense/bureaucracy. Their principle of 'design the tests before you write code' creates elegant Saas apps. Their special lecture on why the obamacare site failed on first deployment was incredibly insightful.
This was the textbook for the EdX class on SaaS. I think both the class and the book try a bit too hard to be a 'one size fits all', and teach everything from history to software development best practices to RAILS web development. It's not the sort of book you pick up to learn something on your own, I think.
I'm going to put this book aside for now, as I am already working in this area (creating software that lives in the cloud and gets updated pretty much every day).
Mar 12, 2015Deepak Verma rated it really liked it
Very concise in software development lifecycle and covers ver crucial layers of micro service architecture. Worth reading
Tom DeBerardine rated it it was amazing
Mar 18, 2016
Julia Clavien rated it really liked it
Feb 11, 2017
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Engineering Software As A Service Armando Fox Pdf Writer Free

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