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Is there more than one DMV handbook? Your state's Department of Motor Vehicles provides a number of driver's manuals and handbooks to help you become a safe driver. Those include a standard driver's license manual, a motorcycle license manual and a CDL (commercial driver's license) manual. New Hampshire road rules & regulations handbook - View, download, or order a copy of New Hampshire's driver manual. New Hampshire DMV made easy! NH DMV Questions And Answers. Driving Quiz Prepare for your driver's license exam. Questions are based on material in the New Hampshire Driver's Manual. Street Sign Game Match street signs to their meanings. Answers to the 'Test Your Knowledge' sections of the New Hampshire Driver's Manual. Online Drivers Ed. New Hampshire DMV Handbook NH Driver's Manual 2017. Scenic drivers, winding through picturesque valleys and forests then up winding mountain passes.

have a more pronounced effect than either taken separately.
have a less pronounced effect than either taken separately.
improves concentration.
2. A steady yellow light at an intersection means:
Immediately come to a complete stop
Slow down and be prepared to stop
Anti-Braking System
4. Your ability to drive safely can be impaired by:
drugs, even if they are over-the-counter.
All of the above.
Slow down or stop
7. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane you should:
maintain your current speed to gain better traction.
apply the brakes firmly to prevent your vehicle from sliding.
All of the above.
8. Drivers often fail to see a motorcycle headed toward them. Why?
It is hard to judge how far away a motorcycle is.
Motorcycles are hard to see.
9. When an aggressive driver confronts you, you should:
Report aggressive drivers to law enforcement authorities.
Remain calm and relaxed.
10. ___________ normally are white rectangles with black letters or symbols.
Destination signs (guide signs)
Regulation signs (regulatory signs)

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