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Hello all, welcome to my first fanfic! For those wondering, this crossover is based on the OC that I created in the Dragon Ball game called Xenoverse. I'll get the copyright worries out of the way: I do NOT own Dragon Ball or World of Warcraft, they are owned by Akira Toriyama and Blizzard Entertainment respectively.

The only thing I own is my own personal OC which I will be using in this story. One thing I do wanna get clear, I'm setting this during the time of Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos. I will eventually move into the events of World of Warcraft.

I will be going through the events of the expansions and for the most part it will follow the canon of Blizzard lore. There will be slight differences here and there, but for the most part events will transpire as they did in the games.

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  • Let me explain myself: This map is a custom map for the game Warcraft 3 with the expansion Frozen throne. On this map,You play one of the characters of the dragon ball Z universe even though the roster is limited.

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On another note, I'm not sure if I'll be doing a pairing for this. Like I said this is my first fanfic EVER, I have no experience in writing relationships. If anybody wants to lend some advice I will gladly welcome it, and if enough people ask for it, I might consider trying to add a pairing.

Also I welcome any constructive criticism, so long as it has a legitimate reason and makes sense, just saying that something in my story doesn't work and giving a have-assed reason is NOT constructive nor helpful, also any and all flames I see WILL be deleted.

If all you're going to do is rag on my story and how I write and say a bunch of vicious and toxic things I will delete the post. If you don't like my story, simply say so and stop reading, I understand that everyone has their own likes and dislikes for fanfiction and I am not, nor will I ever force someone to read my story if they don't like it. Well with all that out of the way, please enjoy The Saiyan of Azeroth.



Crack of Time

In a realm outside of time and space, two figures faced each other. The first was a young man, a Saiyan to be exact, one of the last of his race, his outfit showing the signs of battle with rips and tears, his normally crimson hair was a golden yellow and his eyes, normally blue, were instead a shade of turquoise, showing he was currently transformed as a Super Saiyan, this young Saiyans name was Marrock.

The other, a horrific lizard-like monster, towering over the warrior, its skin a mix of light blue and white, bulky muscles with two spikes sticking out of the shoulders and elbows, long pointed ears with earrings, evil red eyes with a black sclera a wild mane of red hair a shade brighter than his own with horns extending upwards, finished off by a long tail. This being's name was Demigra, the Demon God.

(A.N This is Demigra's final form. If you haven't played Xenoverse, please go look it up on either Google or Youtube. Also my OC's outfit is called 4-Star Dragon Ball Costume in a mix of dark red and black, again look it up.)

The young saiyan was all that stood between this monster and the end of everything. It had all led to this, all the battles through time, fighting against the likes of Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Beerus the God of Destruction, and even the duo of Mira and Towa of the Demon Realm. It had all led to this final battle against Demigra, a being who sought to undo all of history and rewrite it in his image.

He didn't know how long they'd been fighting, to be honest he'd lost track. He grit his teeth in frustration, wondering how much of what had been happening to time had been Demigra's doing. Were Mira and Towa even the original culprits, or were they simply scavengers, picking the pieces of Demigra's influence to suit their own needs?

Marrock shook his head, now was not the time for those thoughts, now was the time to fight, something his Saiyan blood was practically screaming at him to jump back into.

He readied himself for another bout, as did his opponent. The two glared at each other from across the distance, the crystals that hovered around them being the only witnesses to their fight. At an unseen signal the two charged each other, their ki leaving trails of red and yellow behind them respectively.

With a shout the saiyan lashed out with a kick to Demigra's side, which the demon merely blocked with one arm before countering with a slash from the other. The warrior teleported behind his opponent and struck with an axe kick to the head, launching Demigra away.

Demigra immediately spun in the empty space and created three portals in front of him, sending a barrage of dark ki blasts at the saiyan in an attempt to end him. With a grunt the warrior held both hands in front of him, and with a shout unleashed a kiai, dissipating a majority of the blasts in a domino of explosions.

Watching his attack be dispersed Demigra launched himself forward in an attempt to grab the young Saiyan through the smoke, only to find nothing.

Confused the demon searched for his opponent, only to have his head jerk down from a blow from behind sending him careening wildly before crashing into a nearby crystal.

'How? How is he doing this?' Demigra thought in anger, 'There shouldn't be a single warrior who can match my strength! I am the Demon God Demigra, how is this miserable monkey DEFEATING ME?!'.

With a howl of rage Demigra prepared another ki blast, this one much larger than his last few attempts. Marrock grimaced as he saw the attack form, he couldn't let Demigra launch that. With that though he brought both hands out at his sides, yellow ki forming in each hand, before bringing them forward with a cry of 'Final Flash!'.


A massive yellow beam streamed forth, rushing at Demigra too quickly for the demon to counter. Grunting in annoyance Demigra dissipated his attack and crossed his arms in an attempt to guard, right as the wave of ki washed over him.

An explosion rocked the space and a massive amount of smoke emanated from where Demigra was. Marrock lowered his hands into a ready state, just in case Demigra tried to rush him, the young Saiyans senses stretching to keep track of the monster.

Eventually the smoke dissipated showing, to no surprise, that Demigra still stood, though not without harm. His arms smoked badly, and several areas looked burned from taking the brunt of the attack. The Demon God lowered them, showing his body had taken some damage as well, with a few areas showing that the last attempt had finally drawn blood from the so-called God.

The look on Demigra's face screamed murder, and if looks could kill Marrock was sure he'd have died at least 50 times over. 'How dare you draw blood from me you miserable monkey!' screamed Demigra, his fury at an all time high, 'I will erase you from all existence!'

With a cry of fury and hatred Demigra began charging all of his ki into his right fist, intent on ending the fight with one blow, as his fist became covered in a vile ki that was a mix of black and red. With another shout the Demon God launched himself the young Saiyan.

Marrock, realizing Demigra's intent, did the only thing he could do, counter as best as he could. He cupped his hands next to his waist and began charging his ki, intent on pouring as much energy into it as he could.

'Kaaa...Meee...', he began, as an orb of blue ki coalesced between his palms, his focus solely on the demon charging him 'Haaa...Meeee...', the orb grew bigger as more ki was added. 'Go ahead Saiyan, just try it! Once I'm through with you, I will finish with your friends!', Demigra shouted as he drew closer, his fist rearing back for the blow. The orb of energy shone brightly and with a final cry, 'HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!', the warrior thrust his hands forward shooting a beam of blue energy out at his opponent, who thrust his fist at the same time, meeting blue beam and engaging in a struggle to break through and finish the Saiyan.

Marrock struggled to maintain his attack and punch through Demigra's own, but he could feel his fatigue, a price of the numerous battles he had fought since the moment Demigra set foot in the Time Nest.

His strength was beginning to waver slightly, but the warrior pushed on, pouring more energy into his attack to keep it going, but doubts began to creep into his mind. What if he failed? What if Demigra broke through and managed to land his attack? The saiyan knew that if that happened, he was finished, and Demigra would be free to unleash his destructive intent and wipe out all history.

Either that, or he would be confronted by Lord Beerus. The warrior shivered at the thought of those two going all out, especially if it happened in the Time Nest itself. Steeling his resolve the warrior pushed more into his attack, hoping to break Demigra's attack.

The struggle continued for several minutes, each side trying to break through and finish the battle. While Demigra began to feel fatigue, due in part to his injuries, the young Saiyan was feeling it more. His control had nearly slipped a couple times and he could feel Demigra beginning to push forward a bit more.

His ki was beginning to falter and he feared that Demigra would indeed win. Suddenly, he felt a surge of ki flow through him, and a familiar voice called out to him from above 'Don't give up! I know you're stronger, I can feel it.' He looked up and saw Son Goku, his hand outstretched, lending him some of his own energy.

Another voice rang out to his right 'You're hopeless, utterly hopeless.', he looked and saw Vegeta this time, hand outstretched like Goku. Again another voice, this one above Vegeta saying 'It's only a little more, just a little more.' a glance revealed it was Gohan, as yet another voice spoke up, no need to look to know it was Piccolo as he said 'You can't lose! Don't be a fool!' One final voice chimed in, this time Krillin saying 'Just making it this far is amazing in its own.'

Map For Warcraft 3 Reign Of Chaos

Marrock couldn't believe it, all five of them were charging him with a bit of their ki, giving him what he needed to finish the battle, all five charged up, their energy converged on him, absorbing into his body and giving him the strength he needed to end this. Gathering up his energy one final time, the young saiyan surged it outwards into his beam with one final shout of defiance. The added energy from the five warriors caused the beam to explode and rush down towards his opponent.

Demigra was in shock, he had the saiyan on the ropes and was about to win, then those five warriors came and gave him their energy. With a furious glare he attempted to once again surge his ki into his attack to break through, but it was in vain. The energy boost empowered the wave and caused it to overpower Demigra's attack, blasting through his defenses and be consumed by it. It was over, his body was disintegrating even as he realized he had lost.

Dragon ball z map for warcraft 3 reign of chaos free

'I-Impossible. I am a god...' Demigra muttered to himself as the attack vaporized every cell in his body 'I've become a god...!', he muttered one last time as his body disappeared, consumed by the attack of the young saiyan.

The blast dissipated, and as the last traces of the attack faded, Marrock looked around the space, searching for any sign that Demigra might've survived, and spreading his senses as far as he could to make sure the Demon God wasn't lying in wait for an ambush. When he neither sensed, nor saw any sign of his opponent, the warrior heaved a sigh of relief 'Finally', he mutters to himself as he powered down to his base state, 'it's over.'

However, his relief is cut short, as one of the crystals, which had been hit by his Kamehameha, started to crack and glow, followed by the entire place shaking, with several crystals starting to fall all around him. One fell close to him, forcing to leap away to avoid being hit by it. As he moved, he noticed a glimmer out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to look at it, he noticed it was the gem that was TokiToki, the Supreme Kai of Time's friend.

He reached out to reclaim the orb, but it suddenly glowed brightly, blinding him. When the glow faded and he could see again, he noticed that TokiToki emerged from the orb, now whole. Before he could so much as smile, the space shook again, with more crystals falling and even smashing into each other. It was utter chaos, whatever this place was, it was likely tied to Demigra, and with his death, it seemed this place would follow his fate.

Tower Defense Map For Warcraft 3

He looked at TokiToki and said in an urgent voice 'We need to get back to the Time Nest, now, before this whole place collapses on itself!' TokiToki nodded and began charging its energy to transport them back, when another crystal began falling towards them. The young saiyan dodged to the side, but noticed he had been separated from TokiToki, who looked to be about finished gathering his energy. Desperate to reach the bird in time, the young warrior flew with all his might, hoping he'd make it.

However, fate had other plans. Before he was halfway to TokiToki, a black and red rift appeared in front of him, the same ones Demigra used to teleport between realms. Unable to stop himself the Saiyan plunged headfirst into the rift, which immediately closed, leaving TokiToki alone. The bird looked saddened at the warriors' disappearance before teleporting itself out.

Break: Time Nest

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TokiToki arrived back at the Time Nest, and saw the Supreme Kai of Time, Trunks, and Son Goku near the steps of the nest itself. The Supreme Kai of Time looked up, and noticed TokiToki had returned but, curiously, Marrock had not. Standing up and dusting herself off, the Supreme Kai ran to TokiToki, hoping that the warrior was alright, a sentiment shared by Trunks and Goku as they followed her.

When the three reached TokiToki, the Supreme Kai of Time kneeled in front of the bird and said 'TokiToki, I'm so glad you're alright! But, what happened to Marrock? Why isn't he with you? Is he in the city?'

TokiToki shook its head, and hooted sadly, as if trying to convey that the young warrior was no longer with them. Unsure of what TokiToki was trying to say, she attempted to ask another question, but was interrupted by another voice 'It's no use trying to find out what happened.', the three looked up to see Lord Beerus and his assistant Whis walking toward them, a grim expression on both their faces.

The Supreme Kai of Time stood up 'Why's that Lord Beerus? Do you know what's happened?' she asked, a tinge of concern entering her voice. Beerus looked at her for a moment, before looking up at the ceiling as Whis spoke 'I used my staff to see what transpired in the Crack of Time. Your young warrior defeated Demigra, but before he could escape with TokiToki, a rift opened and he fell through it. I'm afraid he's lost to us. Who knows where that rift might have taken him.' The three gasped in shock, before looking to Beerus's attendant to see if it was true or not, sadly their fears were confirmed when Whis solemnly nodded his head.

They were crushed, learning that one of the young warriors Trunks had brought into Time Patrol was lost, either dead or simply placed in another time or space was unknown, but lost all the same.

The Supreme Kai of Time started to tear up, she had liked Marrock, he was kind, like Goku, to his friends, and a fierce warrior to his enemies, like Vegeta. When he fought, he fought to protect, not to boast and brag, or try to prove he was superior. He was a soft spoken individual and a man of few words, but when he spoke, it was with conviction, humility, and sometimes humor. To know he was lost was a blow to her, losing such a kind and strong warrior.

Trunks recoiled as if struck. He and Marrock had been working together for a good amount of time since the latter had been summoned to TokiToki City by Shenron, and had forged a strong friendship throughout their journeys. Especially after Marrock had traveled to Trunk's own time to make sure history wouldn't be undone by Demigra, as well as helping him when Demigra had possessed the young demi-saiyan. To know he was lost, it made Trunks feel like he had when Gohan had died in his time line, once again feeling powerless to truly help one he called friend.

Goku held his head down in honor of the young Saiyan. He was one of a kind in Goku's mind, a truly strong warrior with a compassionate heart. He put himself into harms way so many times in order to ensure history went as it was supposed to. He respected the younger Saiyans' strength and humility when out of battle, and his deep conviction to doing the right thing. The young warriors' loss was a blow to the older Saiyan, who felt that the universe had lost a great warrior.

Break: Unknown Space

As the group mourned Marrock's loss, far away from the Time Nest, the young Saiyan in question floated through an endless abyss, cursing himself for falling into the rift. As he floated in the empty space, he wondered what was happening back in TokiToki City. Had TokiToki managed to return? And if he did, would the Supreme Kai of Time and the others be able to find him?

As his thoughts continued to focus on his friends and fellow Time Patrol companions, another rift opened up next to him, but this one was different. Instead of the black and red that he attributed to rifts of Demigra's creation, this rift glowed in a strange mixture of blue and gold.

He looked at it carefully, wondering where it led, and if it was really a smart idea to go jumping through random rifts. 'Well, it's better than staying here and floating in nothing for the rest of my life.', he thought with some apprehension, but deep down he knew he really had no choice.

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

With a sigh of resignation, the warrior went through the rift, hoping that it would at least bring him someplace where he could try to find his way back to the Time Nest. As he did, he was unaware that, instead of the Time Nest or a world that would allow him to contact his comrades, this rift would led him to a new world. A world of honor, a world of mystery, a world of danger. As the rift closed behind him, he unknowingly left behind his old life as a member of Time Patrol, and would find a new destiny, on a world torn by war.

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End Chapter

So there we have it, the first chapter of Saiyan of Azeroth. As I said in my introduction any constructive criticism and feedback is more than welcome. If you notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, please feel free to let me know. If you have any ideas or advice you would like to share, please feel free to message me and share your thoughts with me. I hope you guys enjoy, and remember, any flames I see WILL be deleted. Also for those wondering, the ending of the battle between my OC and Demigra is an alternative ending you can get if you finish the final battle quickly enough. If you don't believe me, go check it up on Youtube. See you guys next time.