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Home / Unlabelled / [UPDATED]V6 Supercharger script + KickAss Kernilizer Guide!!! [UPDATED]V6 Supercharger script + KickAss Kernilizer Guide!!! Posted by Kay Hernandez Minggu, 13 Mei 2012 0 komentar. This is a complete guide for Samsung Galaxy Young Users to make sure you get 100% Supercharger Level. Android app, game apk + mod version terbaru bisa anda download secara mudah dan gratis di blog ini Empire Warriors TD: Defense Battle Mod v6.6 (Unlimited Money) APK If you are a fan of tower defense games and real time strategy games, Empire Warriors TD is the must-have addictive games that can't be missed in your 'challenging games'.


Download Folder: Simplified V6_SuperCharger Script

1. Smooth and Fast Re-Draw of UI and Internet Browser.
2. Complete Memory Management Script. Not a Junk Android Manager.
3. No need for Crappy Android Task Killers and Task Managers. Just V6_Supercharger Alone.
4. 100% Safe. Unless you want to explore the other options of the Script.

1. Fully Rooted with Superuser and BusyBox 1.19.4. If you install Root-Script:
2. Please update BusyBox Free (Stericson) to v7.8.2 on PlayStore.
3. Proceed to BusyBox Installation. Install BusyBox 1.19.4 to SYSTEM/BIN directory.
4. Reboot Tablet.
5. Launch SuperUser and goto Preferences. Tap SU Binary Update
6. It will fail on 1st time, just Try Again until all text are Green
7. Reboot Tablet.
8. Internet Connection for PORN! -LoL

1. Connect Tablet to PC powered-ON and enable USB Debugging & Stay Awake.
2. Run V6_SuperCharger-Pull-Push-Script and Follow Instructions.
3. Select Option-#1 first and when done, do not EXIT the Script yet!
4. Upload Services.jar inside 'ICS/default' Script Folder to
5. Download the Modified Services.jar and put inside 'ICS/modified' Script Folder.
6. Proceed to Option-#2 and Reboot Tablet.
7. On your Tablet, download and install 'Script Manager by DevWom'.
8. Launch Script Manager and tap 'Browse as Root' and check 'Do not ask again'.
9. It should ask for SU Permissions. If not, the script won't work.
10. Locate the '' and tap to open using Script Manager.
11. Once you get on menu, TAP to ENABLE [SU]
12. Leave the OTHER options at DEFAULT. Hold your Tablet to PORTRAIT MODE.

1. TAP the [RUN] button. V6_SuperCharger_Update9 Script will now RUN.
2. If asked for 'Scrolling Speed', select [FAST]- Type= 1
3. If asked to 'Disable Animation', select [YES]- Type= Y
4. If asked to 'Apply SuperMinFree Calculator Settings', select [YES]- Type= Y
5. Follow the succeeding 'Script Instructions' and it will ask if you want:
6. TO perform [SuperClean and Restart], select [YES]- Type= Y
7. Tablet may look like in Boot-Loop, but it is not. Just Try ON/OFF atleast 3x.
8. If successful, you can skip performing V6_SuperCharger Menu #2.

1. TAP the [RUN] button. V6_SuperCharger_Update9 Script will now RUN.

  • If asked for 'Scrolling Speed', select [FAST]- Type= 1
  • If asked to 'Disable Animation', select [YES]- Type= Y
  • If asked if 'Launcher is at Home', select [YES]- Type= Y
  • Press any Key to Continue. If Browser pops-up, just press BACK once.

2. On V6_SuperCharger MENU, select [SuperCharger & Launcher]- Type= 1
3. Wait until it finish and Press any Key if asked to do so.
  • If Browser pops-up again, just press BACK once.
  • You'll be redirected again to V6_SuperCharger Menu.

4. On V6_SuperCharger MENU again, you have the Following Options:
  • If Tablet has 512MB RAM, Select [Super UL -512 HP] Type= 7
  • If Tablet has 1GB RAM, Select [Super UL -1000 HP] Type= 9

5. Wait until it finish and Press any Key if asked to do so.
6. You'll see something like '100% SUPERCHARGED' if its Successful
  • Select [SuperClean and Restart]- Type= 30

7.Tablet may look like in Boot-Loop, but it is not. Just Try ON/OFF atleast 3x.
  • We're not DONE YET! Please follow below Instructions:

1. Launch Script Manager and press Back Key twice until you reach [/] Directory.
2. Open /Data and look for, tap it to select and run using Script Manager.
3. Select [SU] and [Boot] and hit the RUN button. After finish, just close it.
4. Enjoy V6_SuperCharger - Super-Saiyan Mode.
5. Do not uninstall Script Manager. It is used by every Boot-up.

1. Extract USB_Driver to a Folder and Connect Tablet to PC powered-ON.
2. Go to Device Manager. Check for an Android Device with Exclamation Point [!].
3. Right-click Android Device and click Update Driver. Locate the USB_Driver Folder.

Thanks. - ivanz
Credits to 4.3 v6 superchargerzeppelinrox of XDA [Creator of Amazing V6_SuperCharger Script]

V6 Supercharger Kit

Having SU Permissions Problem? Try [wraithdu's Superuser Script]

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