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Every now and them I have a look at saxopedia stats,to learn what pages are viewed the most and which ones are less interesting for my fellow musicians. Michael Brecker Licks Pdf Reader. I consolidated some of the other patterns I had (like the Ray Brown ones). There are now 2. 86 pages (or 2. Also gone is the Jazz Font.


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04-05-2010, 05:28 PM

Michael Brecker Licks

How much do you think altissimo should be used? How important do you think altissimo is? Do you think overtones are only important for altissimo development, or do you think that overtones should be used more for tone? How do you think you should go during a performance?
My answers to my questions: I think altissimo should be used in moderation for complete musical effect
I don't think altissimo is super important when performing.
I think that extended altissimo is fun, but I think that overtone practice should be used so that your tone goes through the roof.
I don't play sax, but for others who play sax I think you probably shouldn't go higher than B3 maybe? Higher notes, In my opinion, should only be used for tonal development through long tones.
Thanks, If you reply to these many many questions.:)