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MinGW includes the C++ compiler gcc, and utilities and libraries needed to create native Windows applications. These depend on MSVCRT (Microsoft Visual C RunTime), which is built in to Windows. > In my Visual Studio options Well there's your problem! You downloaded MinGW libraries, not Visual Studio libraries. Try here Lots of people download binary distributions of curl and libcurl. If you want to install curl in a different. The GNU compiler and linker have a number of. Download Curl Devel Mingw. 5/19/2017 0 Comments. The MinGW + MSYS environment MinGW is an open source C/C++ compiler based on the popular gcc; MSYS is a command shell supporting a minimalistic Linux-like environment. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software.

I installed curl this command (i use Ubuntu):

When I test simple program using g++ test.cpp

g++ shows me:

Can anyone help me?

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5 Answers

sudo apt-get install curl-devel

(will install the default alternative)


Download Curl Devel Mingw Compiler

(the OpenSSL variant)


Yum install curl devel

(the gnutls variant)

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To those who use centos and have stumbled upon this post :

and when compiling your program example.cpp, link to the curl library:

'-o example' creates the executable example instead of the default a.out.

The next line runs example:

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Instead of downloading curl, down libcurl.

curl is just the application, libcurl is what you need for your C++ program

Download curl devel mingw compiler softwareroymustang86roymustang86
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Mingw W64 C C++ Compiler

yes please download curl-devel as instructed above.also don't forget to link to lib curl:


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If after the installation curl-dev luarocks does not see the headers:

Download Curl Devel Mingw Compiler Free


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There isn't exactly an 'adding libraries to codeblock for dummies' out there, and I read some guides/explanations but nothing really worked. After a couple hours finally the solution came from here:

Mingw Free Download

Download the 'Win32 Generic' libcurl package. (7.24.0) In Code::Blocks, right click your project and open the build options. Go to 'Linker Settings' and add 'curldll' into the 'Link Libraries' listbox. (image) Go to 'Search Directories' and under 'Compiler' link it to the path of your 'curl-7.24.0-devel-mingw32include' folder. Go to the 'Linker' tab under 'Search Directories', and add the path of your 'curl-7.24.0-devel-mingw32lib' directory. Move all DLLs from your 'curl-7.24.0-devel-mingw32bin' folder into your projects 'bin' folder. Build and enjoy

It doesn't have much explanation but I'd like to know what's going on. Firstly, curl-7.24.0-devel-mingw32include is being adding to the list of standard headers (allowing me to use <curl/curl.h> rather than 'curl/curl.h'), and curl-7.24.0-devel-mingw32lib to the standard library, or something, right?

I need to add the DLL files to my bin folder because this is a dynamic library, but what is the purpose of adding curldll to the Link Libraries? Can someone explain that to me?

Is there a way to make this a static library?

Also, is adding libraries really this awkward?

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