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I just finished setup two build agent on a server. From what I think, I don't need to install TFS Server on this machine because it use as build agents not the server itself. I might need to install TFS Server to configure the build agents but I hope I can uninstall them after I finished configuring.

The MQSeries adapter is available with the BizTalk Server installation. It can support transactional and non-transactional messaging by setting the Transaction Supported property in the MQSeries adapter transport properties.

I am not sure is it possible to run TFS Build Agent without installing TFS server or not?

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You do not have to have the application tier (server) configured on the build agent machine.

You can install the build agent but in order to fully configure the build agent, it will need to be configured against a server's collection (local or remote).

Step 3 in the wizard covered here, details how you need to browse and select the collection the build agent will build for by browsing (it's the same connect dialog you get from the VS client).

Note that if you are using TFS 2012 Build Wizard on-premise (it's released now) it saves you from deploying a server :) At step 3, you point to a cloud hosted account @, it will prompt you to authenticate and download the service account details for the build agent.

The 2012 wizard is covered here.

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Hello All,

I am new to BizTalk,

I have created a new BizTalk Project and I am following pdf 'BizTalk 2010 A problem solution approach'

So in short created a new project, Added a schema as


Now as per PDF

It is also possible to create message context properties that do not exist in the message itself, but
only in the message context. This may be valuable when you are not allowed to modify the schema but
would like to associate additional information with the document. This may be accomplished by adding
a node to a property schema and setting its Property Schema Base property to
MessageContextPropertyBase. This property is then available and can be set in an orchestration, and
ultimately, the document may be routed based on its value. For example, perhaps you would like to
calculate the age for each person processed in the preceding example, but you cannot add an Age

element to the schema.

So I have created a Property Schema and added the node Age, Also promoted the node SteofBirth.

I am not getting the idea how I can design the orchestration based on below things as given in PDF

To complete the scenario, you would do the following:
• Create an orchestration that subscribes to all of the documents with no value for
• In this orchestration, calculate the Age value based on the birth date, and set the
property accordingly.
• Send the document back into the MessageBox database.
• Add a second filter expression to the existing send ports to subscribe based on the
StateOfBirth and if the Age value is present.

I am stuck how many send ports should i take in orchestration is it as per STateOfBirth ?

Suppose I take RequestPort and single Response Port then how will I add the filter expreassion in the BizTalk Server Admin console.

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Anybody please help me ? I am struggling hard.