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This is a list of animatedshort films. The list is organized by decade and year, and then alphabetically. The list includes theatrical, television, and direct-to-video films with less than 40 minutes runtime. For a list of films with over 40 minutes of runtime, see List of animated feature films.

NameYearCountryAnimation style
Le Clown et ses chiens1892FranceHand-painted animation
Un bon bock1892FranceHand-painted animation
Autour d'une cabine1894FranceHand-painted animation
Humorous Phases of Funny Faces1906United StatesCutout animation
Fantasmagorie1908FranceTraditional animation
Katsudō Shashin[1]1911JapanAnime
Little Nemo1911United StatesTraditional animation
The Cameraman's Revenge1912RussiaStop-motion animation
Gertie the Dinosaur1914United StatesTraditional animation
Battle of a Monkey and a Crab1917JapanAnime
The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy1917United StatesStop-motion animation
Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki1917JapanAnime
Namakura Gatana1917JapanAnime
The Sinking of the Lusitania1918United StatesTraditional animation
Urashima Tarō1918JapanAnime
The Einstein Theory of Relativity1923United StatesTraditional animation
Felix in Hollywood1923United StatesTraditional animation
Symphonie diagonale1923Weimar RepublicTraditional animation
Dog Treat1924ChinaTraditional animation
New Year1924ChinaTraditional animation
Oh Mabel1924United StatesTraditional animation
Animal Olympic Games1928JapanAnime
Dinner Time1928United StatesTraditional animation
Ghosts Before Breakfast1928Weimar RepublicCombination of stop-motion animation and live-action
Mighty Taro's Reckless Training1928JapanAnime
Momotaro the Undefeated1928JapanAnime
Steamboat Willie1928United StatesTraditional animation
Woos Whoopee1928United StatesTraditional animation
Eveready Harton in Buried Treasure1929United StatesTraditional animation
Race Riot1929United StatesTraditional animation
The Skeleton Dance1929United StatesTraditional animation
Weary Willies1929United StatesTraditional animation
Yanky Clippers1929United StatesTraditional animation
Fiddlesticks1930United StatesTraditional animation
Adventures of Juku the Dog1931EstoniaTraditional animation
The Bum Bandit1931United StatesTraditional animation
Mickey's Orphans1931United StatesTraditional animation
Flowers and Trees1932United StatesTraditional animation
It's Got Me Again!1932United StatesTraditional animation
Soda Squirt1933United StatesTraditional animation
Bosko's Knight-Mare1933United StatesTraditional animation
Building a Building1933United StatesTraditional animation
Chikara to Onna no Yo no Naka1933JapanAnime
King Klunk1933United StatesTraditional animation
The Merry Old Soul1933United StatesTraditional animation
Russian Dressing1933United StatesTraditional animation
Snow-White1933United StatesTraditional animation
Three Little Pigs1933United StatesTraditional animation
Babes at Sea1934United StatesTraditional animation
Holiday Land1934United StatesTraditional animation
Jolly Little Elves1934United StatesTraditional animation
The Calico Dragon1935United StatesTraditional animation
The Camel's Dance1935ChinaTraditional animation
A Cat, a Mouse and a Bell1935Unites StatesTraditional animation
Make Believe Revue1935United StatesTraditional animation
The Shoemaker and the Elves1935United StatesTraditional animation
The Tortoise and the Hare1935United StatesTraditional animation
Three Orphan Kittens1935United StatesTraditional animation
Who Killed Cock Robin?1935United StatesTraditional animation
A Coach for Cinderella1936United StatesTraditional animation
The Country Cousin1936United StatesTraditional animation
I Love to Singa1936United StatesTraditional animation
The Old Mill Pond1936United StatesTraditional animation
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor1936United StatesTraditional animation
Thru the Mirror1936United StatesTraditional animation
A Car-Tune Portrait1937United StatesTraditional animation
Clock Cleaners1937United StatesTraditional animation
Educated Fish1937United StatesTraditional animation
The Little Match Girl1937United StatesTraditional animation
The Old Mill1937United StatesTraditional animation
All's Fair at the Fair1938United StatesTraditional animation
Brave Little Tailor1938United StatesTraditional animation
Good Scouts1938United StatesTraditional animation
Ferdinand the Bull1938United StatesTraditional animation
Hunky and Spunky1938United StatesTraditional animation
Mother Goose Goes Hollywood1938United StatesTraditional animation
Porky in Wackyland1938United StatesTraditional animation
Benkei tai Ushiwaka1939JapanAnime
Detouring America1939United StatesTraditional animation
Donald's Penguin1939United StatesTraditional animation
Early Abstractions1939-56United StatesExperimental animation
The Hockey Champ1939United StatesTraditional animation
Officer Duck1939United StatesTraditional animation
Peace on Earth1939United StatesTraditional animation
The Pointer1939United StatesTraditional animation
The Ugly Duckling1939United StatesTraditional animation
Ants in the Plants1940United StatesTraditional animation
Boogie-Doodle1940CanadaTraditional animation
The Milky Way1940United StatesTraditional animation
Puss Gets the Boot1940United StatesTraditional animation
The Sour Puss1940United StatesTraditional animation
A Wild Hare1940United StatesTraditional animation
You Ought to Be in Pictures1940United StatesCombination of traditional animation and live-action
The Alley Cat1941United StatesTraditional animation
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B1941United StatesTraditional animation
Down on the Farm1941United StatesTraditional animation
Hiawathas Rabbit Hunt1941United StatesTraditional animation
How War Came1941United StatesTraditional animation
Lend a Paw1941United StatesTraditional animation
The Night Before Christmas1941United StatesTraditional animation
Hen Hop1942CanadaTraditional animation
Rhapsody in Rivets1941United StatesTraditional animation
Rhythm in the Ranks1941United StatesStop-motion animation
The Rookie Bear1941United StatesTraditional animation
Superman1941United StatesTraditional animation
Truant Officer Donald1941United StatesTraditional animation
All Out for 'V'1942United StatesTraditional animation
Blitz Wolf1942United StatesTraditional animation
Der Fuehrer's Face1942United StatesTraditional animation
The Dover Boys1942United StatesTraditional animation
Jukebox Jamboree1942United StatesTraditional animation
Pigs in a Polka1942United StatesTraditional animation
Tulips Shall Grow1942United StatesStop-motion animation
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins1943United StatesTraditional animation
The Dizzy Acrobat1943United StatesTraditional animation
Dumb-Hounded1943United StatesTraditional animation
Greetings Bait!1943United StatesTraditional animation
Imagination1943United StatesTraditional animation
Kumo to Tulip1943JapanAnime
Momotarō no Umiwashi1943JapanAnime
Puss n' Booty1943United StatesTraditional animation
Reason and Emotion1943United StatesTraditional animation
Red Hot Riding Hood1944United StatesTraditional animation
Yankee Doodle Mouse1943United StatesTraditional animation
And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street1944United StatesTraditional animation
Camouflage1944United StatesTraditional animation
The Case of the Screaming Bishop1944United StatesTraditional animation
Dog, Cat and Canary1944United StatesTraditional animation
Fish Fry1944United StatesTraditional animation
How to Play Football1944United StatesTraditional animation
How to Play Golf1944United StatesTraditional animation
Mouse Trouble1944United StatesTraditional animation
My Boy, Johnny1944United StatesTraditional animation
Swooner Crooner1944United StatesTraditional animation
Donald's Crime1945United StatesTraditional animation
Draftee Daffy1945United StatesTraditional animation
The Friendly Ghost1945United StatesTraditional animation
Jasper and the Beanstalk1945United StatesStop Motion animation
Life with Feathers1945United StatesTraditional animation
Mighty Mouse in Gypsy Life1945United StatesTraditional animation
The Poet and the Peasant1945United StatesTraditional animation
Quiet Please!1945United StatesTraditional animation
Rippling Romance1945United StatesTraditional animation
Svatba v korálovém moři1945CzechoslovakiaTraditional animation
Baseball Bugs1946United StatesTraditional animation
The Cat Concerto1946United StatesTraditional animation
Jasper in a Jam1946United StatesStop Motion animation
John Henry and the Inky-Poo1946United StatesStop Motion animation
Musical Moments from Chopin1946United StatesTraditional animation
Squatter's Rights1946United StatesTraditional animation
The Story of Menstruation1946United StatesTraditional animation
Walky Talky Hawky1946United StatesTraditional animation
Tweetie Pie1947United StatesTraditional animation
Chip an' Dale1947United StatesTraditional animation
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse1947United StatesTraditional animation
Motion Painting No. 11947United StatesPaint-on-glass animation
Pluto's Blue Note1947United StatesTraditional animation
Tubby the Tuba1947United StatesStop Motion animation
The Little Orphan1948United StatesTraditional animation
Mickey and the Seal1948United StatesTraditional animation
Mouse Wreckers1948United StatesTraditional animation
Robin Hoodlum1948United StatesTraditional animation
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer1948United StatesTraditional animation
Tea for Two-Hundred1948United StatesTraditional animation
There's Good Boos To-Night1948United StatesTraditional animation
Bad Luck Blackie1949United StatesTraditional animation
Begone Dull Care1949CanadaTraditional animation
Canary Row1949United StatesTraditional animation
Gauche the Cellist1949JapanAnime
For Scent-imental Reasons1949United StatesTraditional animation
Hatch Up Your Troubles1949United StatesTraditional animation
A Haunting We Will Go1949United StatesTraditional animation
The Magic Fluke1949United StatesTraditional animation
So Much for So Little1949United StatesTraditional animation
Toy Tinkers1949United StatesTraditional animation
A Doll's Dream1950NorwayCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Gerald McBoing-Boing1950United StatesTraditional animation
Jerry's Cousin1950United StatesTraditional animation
Rabbit of Seville1950United StatesTraditional animation
Trouble Indemity1950United StatesTraditional animation
Chow Hound1951United StatesTraditional animation
Lambert the Sheepish Lion1951United StatesTraditional animation
Rooty Toot Toot1951United StatesTraditional animation
The Two Mouseketeers1951United StatesTraditional animation
Duck and Cover1952United StatesTraditional animation
Johann Mouse1952United StatesTraditional animation
Little Johnny Jet1952United StatesTraditional animation
Madeline1952United StatesTraditional animation
Magical Maestro1952United StatesTraditional animation
Neighbours1952CanadaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
One Cab's Family1952United StatesTraditional animation
Pink and Blue Blues1952United StatesTraditional animation
The Romance of Transportation in Canada1952CanadaTraditional animation
Susie the Little Blue Coupe1952United StatesTraditional animation
Tree for Two1952United StatesTraditional animation
A Is for Atom1953United StatesTraditional animation
Belle Boys1953United StatesTraditional animation
Christopher Crumpet1953United StatesTraditional animation
Duck Amuck1953United StatesTraditional animation
From A to Z-Z-Z-Z1953United StatesTraditional animation
Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony1953United StatesTraditional animation
Rugged Bear1953United StatesTraditional animation
The Tell-Tale Heart1953United StatesTraditional animation
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom1953United StatesTraditional animation
Alley to Bali1954United StatesTraditional animation
Baby Buggy Bunny1954United StatesTraditional animation
Bell Hoppy1954United StatesTraditional animation
Boo Moon1954United StatesTraditional animation
Convict Concerto1954United StatesTraditional animation
Crazy Mixed Up Pup1954United StatesTraditional animation
A Fine Feathered Frenzy1954United StatesTraditional animation
How Now Boing Boing1954United StatesTraditional animation
Pigs Is Pigs1954United StatesTraditional animation
Quack Shot1954United StatesTraditional animation
Sandy Claws1954United StatesTraditional animation
Touché, Pussy Cat!1954United StatesTraditional animation
Under the Counter Spy1954United StatesTraditional animation
When Magoo Flew1954United StatesTraditional animation
Blinkity Blank1955CanadaDrawn-on-film animation
Feather Dusted1955United StatesTraditional animation
Good Will to Men1955United StatesTraditional animation
Helter Shelter1955United StatesTraditional animation
The Legend of Rockabye Point1955United StatesTraditional animation
No Hunting1955United StatesTraditional animation
One Froggy Evening1955United StatesTraditional animation
Speedy Gonzales1955United StatesTraditional animation
Destination Earth1956United StatesTraditional animation
Gerald McBoing-Boing on Planet Moo1956United StatesTraditional animation
The Jaywalker1956United StatesTraditional animation
Magoo's Puddle Jumper1956United StatesTraditional animation
Rythmetic1956CanadaTraditional animation
A Star Is Bored1956United StatesTraditional animation
Your Safety First1956United StatesTraditional animation
Birds Anonymous1957United StatesTraditional animation
A Chairy Tale1957CanadaStop-motion animation
One Droopy Knight1957United StatesTraditional animation
Tabasco Road1957United StatesTraditional animation
Trees and Jamaica Daddy1957United StatesTraditional animation
The Truth About Mother Goose1957United StatesTraditional animation
What's Opera, Doc?1957United StatesTraditional animation
Chew Chew Baby1958United StatesTraditional animation
Dom1958PolandCombination of live-action and various animation styles
Everglade Raid1958United StatesTraditional animation
Knighty Knight Bugs1958United StatesTraditional animation
Mole's Adventure1958JapanAnime
Paul Bunyn1958United StatesTraditional animation
Sidney's Family Tree1958United StatesTraditional animation
Cow on the Moon1959YugoslaviaTraditional animation
Mexicali Schmoes1959United StatesTraditional animation
Moonbird1959United StatesTraditional animation
Noah's Ark1959United StatesTraditional animation
A Place in the Sun1959CzechoslovakiaTraditional animation
The Violinist1959United StatesTraditional animation
Dog Gone People1960United StatesTraditional animation
Goliath II1960United StatesTraditional animation
High Note1960United StatesTraditional animation
Mouse and Garden1960United StatesTraditional animation
Munro1960Czechoslovakia, United StatesTraditional animation
Three Tales1960JapanAnime
Aquamania1961United StatesTraditional animation
Beep Prepared1961United StatesTraditional animation
Nelly's Folly1961United StatesTraditional animation
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe1961United StatesTraditional animation
The Substitute1961YugoslaviaTraditional animation
The Hole1962United StatesHand-painted animation
Icarus Montgolfier Wright1962United StatesHand-painted animation
The Game1962YugoslaviaCombination of live-action and cutout animation
My Financial Career1962CanadaTraditional animation
Now Hear This1962United StatesTraditional animation
Self Defense... for Cowards1962United StatesTraditional animation
A Symposium on Popular Songs1962United StatesTraditional animation
Automania 20001963United KingdomCutout animation
Christmas Cracker1963CanadaCutout animation
The Cowboy's Flute1963ChinaTraditional animation
The Critic1963United StatesHand-painted animation
Pianissimo1963United StatesExperimental animation
Alf, Bill and Fred1964United KingdomCutout animation
The Games of Angels1964FranceAbstract animation
How to Avoid Friendship1964United StatesTraditional animation
The Thieving Magpie1964ItalyHand-painted animation
The Last Trick1964CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Nudnik No. 21964United StatesTraditional animation
Nuts and Volts1964United StatesTraditional animation
The Pink Phink1964United StatesTraditional animation
A1965West GermanyTraditional animation
Clay or The Origin of Species1965United StatesStop-motion animation
The Dot and the Line1965United StatesTraditional animation
A Game with Stones1965CzechoslovakiaStop-motion animation
The Hand1965CzechoslovakiaCombination of puppet animation and stop-motion animation
Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasy in G Minor1965CzechoslovakiaLive-action and stop-motion animation
Angel1966CanadaExperimental animation
Clippety Clobbered1966United StatesTraditional animation
The Drag1966CanadaCutout animation
Et Cetera1966CzechoslovakiaStop-motion animation
A Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature1966United StatesCutout animation
The Pink Blueprint1966United StatesTraditional animation
Punch and Judy1966CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action, stop-motion animation and puppet animation
The Solid Tin Coyote1966United StatesTraditional animation
The Snails1966FranceCombination of traditional animation and stop-motion animation
What on Earth!1966CanadaTraditional animation
Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree1966United StatesTraditional animation
The Box1967United StatesTraditional animation
Eye Myth1967United StatesExperimental animation
Historia Naturae, Suita1967CzechoslovakiaCombination of stop-motion animation and live-action
The House That Jack Built1967CanadaTraditional animation
Hypothèse Beta1967FranceExperimental animation
The Alphabet1968United StatesCombination of live-action and traditional animation
Cosmic Zoom1968CanadaExperimental animation
The Flat1968CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
The Garden1968CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
The Magic Pear Tree1968United StatesTraditional animation
Pas de deux1968CanadaExperimental animation
Picnic with Weissmann1968Czechoslovakia, United KingdomCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Walking1968CanadaTraditional animation
Why Man Creates1968United StatesCombination of live-action and various animation styles
Windy Day1968United StatesCombination of traditional animation and hand-painted animation
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day1968United StatesTraditional animation
Amentü Gemisi Nasıl Yürüdü1969TurkeyHand-painted animation
Bambi Meets Godzilla1969CanadaTraditional animation
Don Juan1969CzechoslovakiaPuppet animation
It's Tough to Be a Bird1969United StatesTraditional animation
A Quiet Week in the House1969CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Of Men and Demons1969United StatesTraditional animation
The Shepherd1969United StatesTraditional animation
Winnie-the-Pooh1969Soviet UnionTraditional animation
The Further Adventures of Uncle Sam1970United StatesTraditional animation
Is It Always Right to Be Right?1970United StatesTraditional animation
The Ossuary1970CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Rosie's Walk1970Czechoslovakia, United StatesTraditional animation
Sansür1970TurkeyCutout animation
The Battle of Kerzhenets1971Soviet UnionStop-motion animation
The Crunch Bird1971United StatesTraditional animation
A Christmas Carol1971United StatesTraditional animation
Evolution1971CanadaTraditional animation
Hot Stuff1971CanadaTraditional animation
How Death Came to Earth1971CanadaCutout animation
Jabberwocky1971CzechoslovakiaCombination of stop-motion animation and live-action
Losharik1971Soviet UnionStop-motion animation
Synchromy1971CanadaExperimental animation
Winnie-the-Pooh Pays a Visit1971Soviet UnionTraditional animation
Balablok1972CanadaTraditional animation
A Computer Animated Hand1972United StatesComputer animation
Leonardo's Diary1972CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Kama Sutra Rides Again1972United KingdomTraditional animation
Okashi na Tenkousei1972JapanAnime
The Selfish Giant1972CanadaTraditional animation
Street Musique1972CanadaTraditional animation
Tup Tup1972YugoslaviaTraditional animation
Winnie-the-Pooh and a Busy Day1972Soviet UnionTraditional animation
The Family That Dwelt Apart1973CanadaTraditional animation
Frank Film1973United StatesCutout animation
The Legend of John Henry1973United StatesHand-painted animation
Pulcinella1973ItalyTraditional animation
Basketball Jones1974United StatesTraditional animation
Closed Mondays1974United StatesStop-motion animation
Ek Anek Aur Ekta1974IndiaCutout animation
Fuji1974United statesCombination of live-action, traditional animation, and abstract animation
Hunger1974CanadaComputer animation
Sisyphus1974HungaryHand-painted animation
Voyage to Next1974United StatesTraditional animation
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too1974United StatesTraditional animation
The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow1975United StatesStop-motion animation
Great1975United KingdomTraditional animation
Hedgehog in the Fog1975Soviet UnionCombination of cutout animation and stop-motion animation
Kick Me1975United StatesDrawn-on-filn animation
Monsieur Pointu1975CanadaStop-motion animation
Quasi at the Quackadero1975United StatesTraditional animation
Uchu Enban Daisenso1975JapanAnime
Dedalo1976ItalyTraditional animation
Leisure1976AustraliaCutout animation
Mindscape/Le paysagiste1976CanadaTraditional animation
The Street1976CanadaHand-painted animation
UFO Robot Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger1976JapanAnime
Bead Game1977CanadaStop-motion animation
Castle of Otranto1977CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
A Doonesbury Special1977United StatesTraditional animation
Jimmy the C1977United StatesStop-motion animation
Lucas, the Ear of Corn1977United StatesTraditional animation
The Sand Castle1977CanadaStop-motion animation
Afterlife1978CanadaTraditional animation
The Devil and Daniel Mouse1978CanadaTraditional animation
Oh My Darling1978NetherlandsTraditional animation
Rip Van Winkle1978United StatesStop-motion animation
Special Delivery1978CanadaTraditional animation
Banjo the Woodpile Cat1979United StatesTraditional animation
Dream Doll1979United Kingdom, YugoslaviaTraditional animation
Every Child1979CanadaTraditional animation
Elbowingn1979CanadaTraditional animation
Free Radicals1979United StatesExperimental animation
Harpya1979BelgiumCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House1979United StatesTraditional animation
The Log Driver's Waltz1979CanadaTraditional animation
Tale of Tales1979Soviet UnionCombination of cutout animation and stop-motion animation
All Nothing1980CanadaTraditional animation
The Fall of the House of Usher1980CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
History of the World in Three Minutes Flat1980CanadaTraditional animation
The Fly1980HungaryTraditional animation
Moon Breath Beat1980United StatesTraditional animation
Crac1981CanadaTraditional animation
The Creation1981United StatesTraditional animation
A Deer of Nine Colors1981ChinaTraditional animation
Tango1981PolandStop-motion animation
The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin1981CanadaTraditional animation
Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons1981United StatesTraditional animation
The Deer's Bell1982ChinaTraditional animation
Dimensions of Dialogue1982CzechoslovakiaStop-motion animation
Enter Life1982United StatesTraditional animation
The Great Cognito1982United StatesStop-motion animation
The Snowman1982United KingdomTraditional animation
Vincent1982United StatesStop-motion animation
Down to the Cellar1983CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
The Green Cat1983JapanAnime
Mickey's Christmas Carol1983United StatesTraditional animation
The Pendulum, the Pit and Hope1983CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Sound of Sunshine — Sound of Rain1983United StatesTraditional animation
Sundae in New York1983United StatesStop-motion animation
Teddy Bear Maelstrom1983United StatesComputer animation
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore1983United StatesTraditional animation
The Adventures of André and Wally B.1984United StatesComputer animation
Anna & Bella1984NetherlandsTraditional animation
The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer1984United KingdomStop-motion animation
Charade1984CanadaTraditional animation
Chromosaurus1984United StatesComputer animation
Doctor De Soto1984United StatesTraditional animation
Elephant Bubbles1984United StatesComputer animation
The Fight Between the Snipe and the Clam1984ChinaTraditional animation
Hair Piece: A Film for Nappyheaded People1984United StatesCombination of cut-out animation and live-action
High Fidelity1984United StatesComputer animation
Paradise1984CanadaTraditional animation
The Big Snit1985CanadaTraditional animation
Botco1985United StatesComputer animation
Cosmic Zoom1985United StatesComputer animation
Dry Noodles1985CanadaTraditional animation
Ghoti1985United StatesComputer animation
A Greek Tragedy1985BelgiumTraditional animation
Jac Mac & Rad Boy Go!1985United StatesTraditional animation
Kiss Me You Fool1985United StatesComputer animation
Max's Place1985United StatesComputer animation
Max Trax1985United StatesComputer animation
Second Class Mail1985United KingdomTraditional animation
Tuber's Two Step1985United StatesComputer animation
Beach Chair1986United StatesComputer animation
The Blue Chair1986United StatesComputer animation
Call Me Tonight1986JapanAnime
Fair Play1986United StatesComputer animation
Flags and Waves1986United StatesComputer animation
The Frog, the Dog and the Devil1986New ZealandTraditional animation
Interiors1986United StatesComputer animation
Luxo Jr.1986United StatesComputer animation
Metafable1986United StatesComputer animation
Opéra Industriel1986Canada, United StatesComputer animation
Quest: A Long Ray's Journey Into Light1986United StatesComputer animation
Speeder1986United StatesComputer animation
Street of Crocodiles1986United KingdomStop-motion animation
Vision Obvious1986United StatesComputer naimation
Welcome1986Soviet UnionPaint-on-glass animation
Balloon Guy1987United StatesComputer animation
Boom Boom Boom1987United StatesComputer animation
Burning Love1987United StatesComputer animation
Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon1987JapanAnime
Deja-Vu1987United StatesComputer animation
Dinosaurs! – A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time!1987United StatesCombination of live-action, traditional animation and stop-motion animation
Fabricated Rhythm1987United StatesComputer animation
George and Rosemary1987CanadaTraditional animation
The Man Who Planted Trees1987CanadaTraditional animation
Nagisa No Peppy1987JapanAnime
Project Sci-VI1987United StatesComputer animation
Red's Dream1987United StatesComputer animation
Rigid Body1987United StatesComputer animation
Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the Ice1987United StatesComputer animation
Your Face1987United StatesTraditional animation
Abel's Island1988United StatesTraditional animation
Arnold Escapes from Church1988United StatesStop-motion animation
The Cat Came Back1988CanadaTraditional animation
Feeling from Mountain and Water1988ChinaTraditional animation
Particles Dreams1988United StatesComputer animation
Peep and the Big Wide World1988CanadaTraditional animation
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story1988United StatesStop-motion animation
Tin Toy1988United StatesComputer animation
Technological Threat1988United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Virile Games1988CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Animated Self-Portraits1989Canada, Czechoslovakia, Japan, United StatesVarious animation styles
Anniversary1989CanadaCombination of computer animation and live-action
Balance1989West GermanyStop-motion animation
The Cow1989Soviet UnionPaint-on-glass animation
Creature Comforts1989United KingdomStop-motion animation
Darkness Light Darkness1989CzechoslovakiaStop-motion animation
Egoli1989United KingdomTraditional animation
Eurythmy1989United StatesComputer animation
Flora1989CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
A Grand Day Out1989United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Hill Farm1989United KingdomTraditional animation
Juke-Bar1989CanadaStop-motion animation
Knick Knack1989United StatesComputer animation
Locomotion1989United StatesComputer animation
Meat Love1989CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Megacycles1989United StatesComputer animation
Tummy Trouble1989United StatesCombination of traditional animation and live-action
War Story1989United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Wave1989United StatesComputer animation
All My Relations1990United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
The Arnold Waltz1990United StatesStop-motion animation
Deadsy1990United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia1990United KingdomStop-motion animation
Going Equipped1990United KingdomStop-motion animation
Grasshoppers1990ItalyTraditional animation
Grinning Evil Death1990United StatesCombination of computer animation and traditional animation
Ident1990United KingdomStop-motion animation
More Bells and Whistles1990United StatesComputer animation
Next1990United KingdomStop-motion animation
Roller Coaster Rabbit1990United StatesCombination of traditional animation and live-action
Toxic1990Canada, United KingdomStop-motion animation
Adachi-ga Hara1991JapanAnime
Anamorphosis1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Apprentice/L'Apprenti1991CanadaTraditional animation
Balloon1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
Blackfly1991CanadaTraditional animation
The Comb1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
Devil's Mine1991France, GermanyCombination of live-action and computer animation
Dreams1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
Father Christmas1991United KingdomTraditional animation
Frankie & Johnny1991United StatesComputer animation
How Dinosaurs Became Extinct1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Invisible Man in Blind Love1991FranceComputer animation
The Lump1991CanadaCutout animation
Manipulation1991United KingdomCombination of live-action, stop-motion animation, traditional animation and cutout animation
The Sandman1991United KingdomStop-motion animation
Slide Show1991United StatesComputer animation
Strings1991CanadaPaint-on-glass animation
Touch1991United KingdomTraditional animation
Two Sisters1991CanadaTraditional animation
Words, Words, Words1991CzechoslovakiaTraditional animation
Adam1992United KingdomStop-motion animation
A Is For Autism1992United KingdomCombination of live-action and traditional animation
Andrei Svislotskiy1992RussiaTraditional animation
Daumier's Law1992United KingdomTraditional animation
Food1992CzechoslovakiaCombination of live-action and stop-motion animation
Gas Planet1992United StatesComputer animation
Happy Dog1992United StatesComputer animation
Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers1992United StatesTraditional animation
Itsy Bitsy Spider1992United StatesTraditional animation
Minoru: Memory of Exile1992CanadaTraditional animation
Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase1992United StatesHand-painted animation
Off His Rockers1992United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
The Real Story of Happy Birthday to You1992CanadaTraditional animation
Screen Play1992United KingdomStop-motion animation
Soho Square1992United KingdomHand-painted animation
Big Smoke1993United StatesComputer animation
Blindscape1993United KingdomTraditional animation
Bob's Birthday1993Canada, United KingdomTraditional animation
Britannia1993United KingdomTraditional animation
I Pagliacci1993United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Mighty River1993CanadaPaint-on-glass animation
Small Talk1993United KingdomTraditional animation
Trail Mix-Up1993United StatesCombination of traditional animation and live-action
The Village1993United KingdomTraditional animation
The Wrong Trousers1993United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Big Story1994United StatesStop-motion animation
Gagarin1994RussiaTraditional animation
I'm Mad1994United StatesTraditional animation
The Janitor1994CanadaTraditional animation
The Monk and the Fish1994FranceTraditional animation
Pib and Pog1994United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Red Book1994United StatesCutout animation
Sleepy Guy1994United StatesComputer animation
Stressed1994United KingdomTraditional animation
Triangle1994United KingdomTraditional animation
Achilles1995United KingdomStop-motion animation
Ah, L'Amour1995United StatesTraditional animation
Brick-a-Brac1995United StatesComputer animation
The Chicken from Outer Space1995United StatesTraditional animation
A Close Shave1995United KingdomStop-motion animation
Dino: Stay Out!1995United StatesTraditional animation
The End1995CanadaComputer animation
Gogs Ogof1995United KingdomStop-motion animation
Jingle Bell Rock1995United StatesTraditional animation
Kebabaluba1995TurkeyTraditional animation
Runaway Brain1995United StatesTraditional animation
Scratch and Crow1995United StatesHand-painted animation
The Tickler Talks1995United KingdomTraditional animation
Canhead1996United StatesStop-motion animation
Famous Fred1996United KingdomTraditional animation
Diary of a Camper1996United StatesComputer animation
How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels1996CanadaCutout animation
La Salla1996CanadaComputer animation
North by North Pole1996United KingdomStop-motion animation
Quest1996GermanyStop-motion animation
The Saint Inspector1996United KingdomStop-motion animation
Testament - The Bible In Animation: Joseph1996United KingdomStop-motion animation
Testament - The Bible In Animation: Moses1996United KingdomTraditional animation
Trainspotter1996United KingdomTraditional animation
Uncle1996AustraliaStop-motion animation
Wat's Pig1996United KingdomStop-motion animation
Blahbalicious1997United StatesComputer animation
(Blooper) Bunny1997United StatesTraditional animation
The Broken Jaw1997United KingdomTraditional animation
Dino: The Great Egg-Scape1997United StatesTraditional animation
El Caminante1997United KingdomTraditional animation
Flatworld1997United KingdomCutout animation
Gabola The Great1997United StatesComputer animation
Geri's Game1997United StatesComputer animation
Noiseman Sound Insect1997JapanAnime
The Old Lady and the Pigeons1997Belgium, Canada, France, United KingdomTraditional animation
Owzat1997United KingdomComputer animation
The Puzzling Challenge Letter of the Mysterious Thief Dorapan1997JapanAnime
Redux Riding Hood1997United StatesTraditional animation
Mermaid1997RussiaPaint-on-glass animation
Stage Fright1997United KingdomStop-motion animation
T.R.A.N.S.I.T.1997Netherlands, United KingdomTraditional animation
When Life Departs1997EstoniaTraditional animation
3 Misses1998NetherlandsTraditional animation
1001 Nights1998United StatesTraditional animation
Al Dente1998United KingdomComputer animation
Basic Insect1998United StatesComputer animation
The Bear1998United KingdomTraditional animation
Billy's Balloon1998United StatesTraditional animation
Bingo1998CanadaComputer animation
Bunny1998United StatesComputer animation
The Canterbury Tales1998United KingdomStop-motion animation in the main sequences and various animation styles in the story sequences
The First Snow of Winter1998United Kingdom, United StatesTraditional animation
Humdrum1998United KingdomStop-motion animation
Gogwana1998United KingdomStop-motion animation
Jolly Roger1998United KingdomTraditional animation
Millennium Bug1998United StatesComputer animation
More1998United StatesStop-motion animation
Al Tudi Tuhak1999CanadaTraditional animation
Fat Cat On a Diet 1999United StatesComputer naimation
Fishing 1999United StatesComputer naimation
The Man With The Beautiful Eyes1999United KingdomTraditional animation
My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts1999CanadaTraditional animation
The Old Man and the Sea1999Canada, Japan, RussiaPaint-on-glass animation
Periwig Maker1999GermanyStop-motion animation
Run of the Mill1999Denmark, NetherlandsTraditional animation
She and Her Cat1999JapanAnime
Village of Idiots1999CanadaTraditional animation
When the Day Breaks1999CanadaTraditional animation
The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg2000CanadaTraditional animation
Bully Dance2000CanadaTraditional animation
Cloud Cover2000United KingdomTraditional animation
Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big2000United StatesComputer animation
Father and Daughter2000Belgium, Netherlands, United KingdomTraditional animation
For the Birds2000United StatesComputer animation
Geraldine2000FranceFlash animation
Lounge Act2000United KingdomStop-motion animation
Metropopular2000United StatesComputer animation
Rejected2000United StatesTraditional animation
Six of One2000United KingdomTraditional animation
12 Tiny Christmas Tales2001United StatesTraditional animation
Camouflage2001United KingdomTraditional animation
Cat Soup2001JapanAnime
Chirpy2001United StatesTraditional animation
Das Rad2001GermanyCombination of stop-motion animation, puppet animation and computer animation
Dog2001United KingdomStop-motion animation
Fifty Percent Grey2001IrelandComputer animation
Give Up Yer Aul Sins2001IrelandTraditional animation
Home Road Movies2001United KingdomCutout animation
Hubert's Brain2001United StatesComputer animation
Slayers Premium2001JapanAnime
Stubble Trouble2001United StatesTraditional animation
Telling Lies2001United KingdomExperimental animation
Tuesday2001United KingdomTraditional animation
The World of Interiors2001United KingdomTraditional animation
Black Soul2002CanadaTraditional animation
The Cathedral2002PolandComputer animation
The ChubbChubbs!2002United StatesComputer animation
The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside2002United KingdomCutout animation
Fish Never Sleep2002United KingdomTraditional animation
The Hungry Squid2002CanadaStop-motion animation
Koro no Daisanpo2002JapanAnime
Kūsō no Sora Tobu Kikaitachi2002JapanAnime
Mike's New Car2002United StatesComputer animation
Mount Head2002JapanAnime
Santa vs. the Snowman 3D2002United StatesComputer animation
Sap2002United KingdomTraditional animation
Sprout2002United StatesComputer animation
Strange Invaders2002CanadaTraditional animation
Voices of a Distant Star2002JapanAnime
Wedding Espresso2002United KingdomTraditional animation
The Astounding Talent of Mr. Grenade2003United StatesComputer animation
Boundin'2003United StatesComputer animation
Dad's Dead2003United KingdomComputer animation
Dear Sweet Emma2003United StatesComputer naimation
Destino2003United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Doggy Poo2003South KoreaStop-motion animation
Falling in Love Again2003Canada3D animation
Fast Film2003Austria, Germany, LuxembourgCutout animation
Harvie Krumpet2003AustraliaStop-motion animation
Gone Nutty2003United StatesComputer animation
I Want a Dog2003CanadaFlash animation
Jo Jo in the Stars2003United KingdomComputer animation
Louise2003CanadaTraditional animation
Nibbles2003CanadaTraditional animation
Noël Noël2003CanadaTraditional animation
Plumber2003CanadaComputer animation
Birthday Boy2004AustraliaComputer animation
City Paradise2004United KingdomCombination of live-action, computer animation, stop-motion animation and cutout animation
Crawlspace2004AustraliaComputer animation
Desmond's Trashed Apple Tree2004SwedenTraditional animation
Fallen Art2004PolandComputer animation
Gopher Broke2004United StatesComputer animation
Guard Dog2004United StatesTraditional animation
Hare and Loathing in Las Vegas2004United StatesTraditional animation
Heavy Pockets2004United KingdomCutout animation
His Passionate Bride2004United KingdomTraditional animation
John and Michael2004CanadaStop-motion animation
Little Things2004United KingdomTraditional animation
Lorenzo2004United StatesTraditional animation
Ryan2004CanadaCombination of computer animation and live-action with various animation styles in archival footage
92005United StatesComputer animation
Aunt Fanny's Tour of Booty2005United StatesComputer animation
Babak and Friends2005United StatesTraditional animation
Badgered2005United KingdomTraditional animation
The Big Fall2005LebanonFlash animation
cNote2005CanadaComputer animation
Film Noir2005United KingdomCutout animation
Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight2005United StatesCombination of computer animation, stop-motion animation, cutout animation and puppet animation
Delivery2005GermanyComputer animation
Jack-Jack Attack2005United StatesComputer animation
Kamiya’s Correspondence2005United KingdomTraditional animation
Le Building2005FranceTraditional animation
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper2005United StatesComputer animation
Maestro2005HungaryComputer animation
Moongirl2005United StatesStop-motion animation
The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation2005United StatesCombination of live-action and various animation styles
The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello2005AustraliaCutout animation
Negadon: The Monster from Mars2005JapanAnime
One Man Band2005United StatesComputer animation
Rabbit2005United KingdomCutout animation
Tower Bawher2005CanadaAbstract animation
Tragic Story with Happy Ending2005Canada, France, PortugalTraditional animation
Android 2072006CanadaStop-motion animation
The Aroma of Tea2006NetherlandsTraditional animation
The Danish Poet2006Canada, NorwayTraditional animation
Dreams And Desires: Family Ties2006United KingdomTraditional animation
Everything Will Be OK2006United StatesTraditional animation
First Flight2006United StatesComputer animation
Flutter2006CanadaTraditional animation
Guy 1012006United StatesComputer animation
Hammy's Boomerang Adventure2006United StatesComputer animation
Hoshi o Katta Hi2006JapanAnime
Jeu2006Canada, SwitzerlandAbstract animation
Lifted2006United StatesComputer animation
The Little Matchgirl2006United StatesTraditional animation
Looking for a Home2006JapanAnime
Mater and the Ghostlight2006United StatesComputer animation
McLaren's Negatives2006CanadaCombination of cutout animation and live-action
Mizugumo Monmon2006JapanAnime
My Love2006RussiaPaint-on-glass animation
The Night of Taneyamagahara2006JapanAnime
No Time for Nuts2006United StatesComputer animation
Peter and the Wolf2006Norway, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Sparky Book2006CanadaCombination of cutout animation and live-action
The Wraith of Cobble Hill2006United StatesStop-motion animation
Yonna in the Solitary Fortress2006JapanAnime
The Chestnut Tree2007United StatesTraditional animation
The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas2007United StatesComputer animation
A Country Doctor2007JapanAnime
The Crumblegiant2007IrelandTraditional animation
Even Pigeons Go to Heaven2007FranceComputer animation
Freedom Dance2007United StatesCombination of live-action and traditional animation
Head Over Heels2007United KingdomTraditional animation
I Met the Walrus2007CanadaFlash animation
Lavatory – Lovestory2007RussiaTraditional animation
Madame Tutli-Putli2007CanadaStop-motion animation
Oktapodi2007FranceComputer animation
The Pearce Sisters2007United KingdomTraditional animation
Sleeping Betty2007CanadaTraditional animation
Yellow Sticky Notes2007CanadaTraditional animation
Your Friend the Rat2007United StatesComputer animation
BURN-E2008United StatesComputer animation
The Butterfly from Ural2008FinlandStop-motion animation
Chatura Kau2008IndiaFlash animation
Codswallop2008United KingdomTraditional animation
Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!2008JapanAnime
Drux Flux2008CanadaAbstract animation
French Roast2008FranceComputer animation
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty2008IrelandCombination of computer animation and flash animation
How People Got Fire2008CanadaRotoscoped animation
Lego Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Brick2008DenmarkComputer animation
La Maison en Petits Cubes2008JapanAnime
A Matter of Loaf and Death2008United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Necktie2008CanadaComputer animation
Presto2008United StatesComputer animation
This Way Up2008United KingdomComputer animation
Tomboy2008CanadaTraditional animation
Varmints2008United KingdomComputer animation
All in the Bunker2009United StatesComputer animation
Alma2009SpainComputer animation
The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas2009United StatesTraditional animation
The Cat Piano2009AustraliaComputer animation
Dug's Special Mission2009United StatesComputer animation
Fishing with Sam2009NorwayComputer animation
George and A.J.2009United StatesFlash animation
The Happy Duckling2009United KingdomCombination of cutout animation and computer animation
The Gruffalo2009Germany, United KingdomComputer animation
Kowarekake no Orgel2009JapanAnime
The Lady and the Reaper2009SpainComputer animation
Logorama2009FranceComputer animation
Partly Cloudy2009United StatesComputer animation
Ravex in Tezuka World2009Japan, United StatesAnime
Runaway2009CanadaTraditional animation
The Spine2009CanadaComputer animation
The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger2010United StatesTraditional animation
Coyote Falls2010United StatesComputer animation
Day & Night2010United StatesCombination of computer animation and traditional animation
Don't Go2010TurkeyCombination of live-action and computer animation
Dot2010United KingdomStop-motion animation
The Eagleman Stag2010United KingdomStop-motion animation
Flawed2010CanadaCombination of live-action and traditional animation
Higglety Pigglety Pop! or There Must Be More to Life2010CanadaCombination of live-action and puppet animation
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors2010CanadaTraditional animation
Let's Pollute2010United StatesTraditional animation
Lipsett Diaries2010CanadaHand-painted animation
The Lost Thing2010Australia, United KingdomComputer animation
Madagascar, a Journey Diary2010FranceTraditional animation
Matter Fisher2010United KingdomTraditional animation
Mother of Many2010United KingdomCutout animation
Pandane to Tamago Hime2010JapanAnime
A Sumo Wrestler's Tail2010JapanAnime
Thursdya2010United KingdomFlash animation
Abuelas2011United KingdomCombination of live-action and computer animation
Adam and Dog2011United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Bobby Yeah2011United KingdomStop-motion animation
Dimanche2011CanadaTraditional animation
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore2011United StatesStop-motion animation
Hawaiian Vacation2011United StatesComputer animation
I'm Fine Thanks2011Ireland, United KingdomFlash animation
La Luna2011United StatesComputer animation
The Making of Longbird2011United KingdomCombination of live-action and cutout animation
A Morning Stroll2011United KingdomCombination of computer animation and flash animation
My Last Day2011JapanAnime
Night of the Living Carrots2011United StatesComputer animation
Osman2011TurkeyFlash animation
Small Fry2011United StatesComputer animation
Wild Life2011CanadaHand-painted animation
Color of Love2012IranComputer animation
Feral2012United StatesTraditional animation
Flawless Life2012TurkeyComputer animation
Fresh Guacamole2012United StatesStop-motion animation
Head over Heels2012United KingdomStop-motion animation
Here to Fall2012Ireland, United KingdomTraditional animation
I Am Tom Moody2012United KingdomStop-motion animation
I, Pet Goat II2012CanadaComputer animation
Kali the Little Vampire2012Canada, France, Portugal, SwitzerlandTraditional animation
The Legend of Mor'du2012United StatesComputeranimation
The Longest Daycare2012United StatesTraditional animation
Paperman2012United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Partysaurus Rex2012United StatesComputer animation
Room on the Broom2012Germany, United KingdomCombination of computer animation and stop-motion animation
Scared of Nuclear Plant2012TurkeyTraditional animation
Backward Run2013TurkeyTraditional animation
The Blue Umbrella2013United StatesComputer animation
A Boy and His Atom2013United StatesStop-motion animation
The End of Pinky2013CanadaCombination of cutout animation and stop-motion animation
Everything I Can See From Here2013United KingdomFlash animation
Get a Horse!2013United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Gloria Victoria2013CanadaTraditional animation
İrfan in University2013TurkeyTraditional animation
Little Witch Academia2013JapanAnime
Mr Hublot2013France, LuxembourgComputer animation
Party Central2013United StatesComputer animation
Sleeping with the Fishes2013United KingdomTraditional animation
Subconscious Password2013CanadaComputer animation
AJ's Infinite Summer2014United StatesTraditional animation
Bear Story2014ChileComputer animation
The Bigger Picture2014United KingdomCombination of cutout animation and puppet animation
The Dam Keeper2014United StatesComputer animation
Feast2014United StatesCombination of traditional animation and computer animation
Lava2014United StatesComputer animation
Long Live the Royals2014United StatesFlash animation
Me and My Moulton2014Canada, NorwayTraditional animation
Monkey Love Experiments2014United KingdomStop-motion animation
My Dad2014United KingdomTraditional animation
A Single Life2014NetherlandsComputer animation
Somewhere Down the Line2014IrelandTraditional animation
True Love Story2014IndiaTraditional animation
Adventures of Malia2015IndiaTraditional animation
Borrowed Time2015United StatesComputer animation
Edmond2015United KingdomStop-motion naimation
Laqi2015TaiwanTraditional animation
The Legend of Lucky Pie2015ChinaTraditional animation
Manoman2015United KingdomStop-motion animation
Prologue2015United KingdomTraditional animation
Riley's First Date?2015United StatesComputer animation
Sanjay's Super Team2015United StatesComputer animation
Something Between Us2015United StatesAbstract animation
Tempest2015IndiaTraditional animation
Typhoon Noruda2015JapanAnime
Voodoo Love Story2015ItalyTraditional animation
We Can't Live Without Cosmos2015RussiaTraditional animation
World of Tomorrow2015United StatesTraditional animation
The Alan Dimension2016United KingdomCombination of traditional animation and live-action
Blind Vaysha2016CanadaTraditional animation
Fox and the Whale2016CanadaComputer animation
Garden Party2016FranceComputer animation
A Love Story2016United KingdomStop-motion animation
Marine Life Interviews2016United StatesComputer animation
Pear Cider and Cigarettes2016Canada, United KingdomFlash animation
Pearl2016United StatesFlash animation
Piper2016United StatesComputer animation
Revolting Rhymes2016United KingdomComputer animation
Tough2016United KingdomFlash animation
Dante's Lunch—A Short Tail2017United StatesComputer animation
Dear Basketball2017United StatesTraditional animation
Grandpa Walrus2017United StatesTraditional animation
Have Heart2017United KingdomComputer animation
In a Heartbeat2017United StatesComputer animation
Late Afternoon2017IrelandTraditional animation
Lou2017United StatesComputer animation
Mamoon2017United KingdomTraditional animation
Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool2017United StatesComputer animation
Negative Space2017FranceTraditional animation
Once a Hero2017ChinaTraditional animation
Poles Apart2017United KingdomStop-motion animation
Puppy!2017United StatesComputer animation
Weekends2017United StatesTraditional animation
Animal Behaviour2018CanadaTraditional animation
Bao2018United StatesComputer animation
Bilby2018United StatesComputer animation
Bird Karma2018United StatesTraditional animation
One Small Step2018China, United StatesComputer animation
Skin for Skin2018CanadaComputer animation

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