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I'm having an extremely difficult time trying to convert an FBX file into a format that can be used with DirectX. I've read a lot of articles on forums all over the internet and have followed instructions carefully but have not yet been successful in loading a skinned mesh from an FBX file.

As I understand it, I am required to set the 'Bone Offset' field of a DirectX skinned mesh frame to the inverse bind pose of the bone which I can get using FBX SDK like so:

Then I get animation like this:

Then in my renderer I have this:

The model, however, is disfigured...skinned mesh:

standard mesh:

What is the proper way to evaluate the transforms for a skinned mesh when converting from FBX to DirectX 9?

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I am working with FBX SDK 2013.3 and project on DirectX .

I need some basic knowledge,

Think that i have a cube, exported from Maya with .fbx extension, it has animation but problem isn't that now.

Now i need Load this .fbx file to DirectX, so indices,vertex positions must be handle.

I looked FBX SDK Documentations, Samples ( mostly ViewScene sample ) and i obtain some information.

and when build this code snippet, i am not getting any error. But in runtime ,

indexCount return with 0 value.

Do you see any wrong or missed requirement ?

Thanks for interest.


2 Answers

Well you create a mesh, but you don't point it to a mesh in your scene. When i have loaded an .fbx file i create a mesh pointer and then go into my scene and grab the mesh. Consider this code.

now you should be able to get a correct vertex count from your mesh, and be able to extract the vertices. NOTE: If your .fbx file consist of more than one mesh then you would need to iterate thru the scene untill you find the desired mesh.

Directx Fbx Converter 2016 Olympics

Hope this helps


Directx Fbx Converter 2016 Olympics Free

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Fbx Converter Not Enough Parameters

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