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» Software Download BOSS DAMBRK™ is the most advanced, easy-to-use one-dimensional hydrodynamic flood routing software available. The software accounts for dam and bridge failures, storage effects, floodplain overbank flow, and flood wave attenuation.

Dam Break in HydroCAD

Dam Break in HydroCAD

I have modeled a watershed that drains to a lake. This lake has an earthen dam and a control structure. I am interested in breaching the dam, for inundation study purposes. The model is not very complicated, as the water shed is about 6 square miles.
The HydroCAD support site describes the method to perform a dam break, by setting the starting elevation of the lake to the peak elevation without the breach, and starting the calculations at the time when the breach occurs.
The problem that I have is that I don't see a way to input the time to failure. The method as described seems to just start the computations assuming that the breach is fully developed at the peak, when in fact, the breach develops over time. In my case, the time to failure is 30 minutes.
My breach model has really high discharges, which seem completely unreasonable to me. I think that the peak discharges should be lower if the breach takes time to develop, as compared to an instantaneous breach.
Any suggestions, ideas, comments...?
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