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Windows Installer Package For Windows 10

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I have a client that is having problems with our the .msi installer for our application. WiX was used to create this installer. The application has installed just fine on dozens of other machines, but on his machine it displays the message:

This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Package.

My guess is that it is one of these two possibilities:

  1. The version of Windows Installer on the client's machine is out of date.
  2. The .msi he has could be corrupted.

What is the most likely possibility, or are there other possibilities that I'm not aware of?

I think I've recreated the user's problem. If, from a command shell, I run MyFile.msi, then it successfully loads, then I get this in the log file:

However, if I run msiexec /i MyFile.msi /l*v MyLog.TXT, I get this:

And this shows this dialog box:

How To Create Windows Installer Package

This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.

So it seems like a permissions issue, but I'm not exactly sure why and how I can fix it. Do I maybe have to digitally sign the .msi file?

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I have noticed the exact same message when a MSI installer file was not downloaded completely, or was corrupted by my antivirus program, or was mangled by my FTP client.

The error message is actually coming from msiexec.exe, which is the executable program of the Windows Installer system that actually interprets the MSI installer files and installs the software on target the client's machine(s).

To check the integrity of the MSI file:

Calculate the MD5sum of a known-good copy of your MSI installer file using something like md5.exe. Have the client do the same thing for his copy, and then compare the hashes. If the results are different, then the client's copy of the MSI installer file is positively corrupt.

For example:

On your end:

On the client's end:

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Create msi package windows 10

I ran into this issue ('MainEngineThread is returning 2') as well. This thread was useful to narrow down the issue, but I have not fully solved it.

In our case, we suspect the problem is related to BitLocker and/or calling msiexec with relative paths (such as 'msiexec /i'). Running '' directly works, running 'msiexec /i foo.msi' in the proper folder also works.

Maybe these clues will help someone else. In our case, we will change the directory structure to avoid the '..'.

Julien CouvreurJulien Couvreur

This error message is thrown by msiexec if it detects that the MSI file is corrupted. It can do that because all MSI files have a checksum, and some even are digitally signed.

Such corruption of MSI files unfortunately happens a lot. Not just because of flaky network connections when downloading, but most often by virus scanners which interfere with the download itself - if they try to 'sanitize' the data stream, you'll end up with a corrupt MSI.

The only way to fix this is to re-download the MSI file, and maybe disable the virus scanner/firewall for that download. You can check for viruses after the MSI file is saved on disk before you try to install it.

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Windows Installer 5.0

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You could try to start the MSI in the command line and get a log file.

like so: MSI: msiexec /i (Filename.MSI) /l*v (filename.TXT)

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If anyone is developing a new installer and comes across this same error, check your Bootstrapper project output type. I added a new Bootstrapper project, and copied in a bunch of known-good code. The project output type defaults to MSI, and when attempting to test it I got an identical 'MainEngineThread is returning 2' and the same preceding line.

Set the output type to its appropriate EXE and it's working great.

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Solution:1) run the cmd as the administrator,2) F:SOFTWARES>msiexec /i node-v4.5.0-x64.msi

Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar

it work when i use the absolute path ms file


msiexec.exe /i .a.msi

msiexec.exe /i c:a.msi


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