Comag Sl65 Software Update

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Comag Sl65 Software Update
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Silvercrest SL65 with DiSeq 1.2 motor, HDrive 100gigs, dvd recorder, 5.1 goodmans surround sound, xbox360 wifi live,goodmans GD3
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Software Update For Windows Download

hi guys,
i know there are similar topics already open but didnt get any replied to my posts there...
the problem im having is...
1. i cant figure out how to put my silvercrest (comag) reciever into download mode...ive tried the instruction of holding down the ch up and ch down buttons and then switching it on but that doesnt work.
2. for some reason, astra 28E, when i do a search on my reciever only returns the same channels as it finds on astra 18....
any suggestions?
thanks in advance
I bought an SL65 from Lidl about 2 or 3 years ago which I don't use except as a test when messing with cables and dishes and stuff.
Because I'm a little bit of a firmware freak, I tried to update the firmware a while back but it constantly fails. I'm wondering if maybe Silvercrest have changed the parameters (channel/frequency/polarity/woteva) that are used to carry the firmware updates since the box was built ?
When I connect it to a dish pointing at 28e it fails entirely - this is correct since the updates are supposed to be available from 19e.
However, when I connect it to a dish pointing at 19e it gets a little further but fails again. I can't remember the exact message it gives, but it doesn't get as far as trying to load the firmware.
It's quite possible I haven't got the dish fully aligned correctly, so I can see how what I'm seeing is the result of trying to update firmware with a poor signal. It's fine to have a partial signal for video, but for firmware you really do want every bit to be exactly what it's supposed to be so maybe the update bums out when it determines the signal isn't reliable.
Anyhoo . . . the real question here is . . . does anyone know whether it is likely that Silvercrest have changed the parameters or whether (more likely) I don't have the dish aligned quite right and it's bumming out as a protective measure ?

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Comag Sl65 Software Update

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