Cisco Asa Activation Key Gns3 2017 And Software

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Managing Licenses with Activation Keys. An activation key is an encoded bit string that defines the list of features to enable, how long the key would stay valid upon activation, and the specific serial number of a Cisco ASA device. Cisco ASA 5500 Platform How to enable and add licences and product features. Navigation Menu. PetesASA# show version Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(3). You add this licence to the ASA with an “activation-key” command. 1 Cisco ASA Software releases prior to 9.1 and Cisco ASA Software Release 9.3 have reached end-of-software maintenance. Customers should migrate to a supported release. Note: It is possible that certain fixed software releases for this vulnerability are affected by a bug described in Cisco Field Notice FN-64291 where a security appliance may fail to pass traffic after 213 days of uptime.

Dynamic NAT ( PAT ) using Cisco ASA in GNS3. Install ASDM for ASA in GNS3. Add GNS3 Lab to Internet Cloud. Activate ASA License in GNS 3. Using Cisco ASA 8.4. This document will describe about the IPSec ( IP Security ) Site to Site VPN using Cisco ASA Firewall ( software version 8.4 ) with Internet Key Exchange. Ikev1 pre-shared-key cisco. How-To: ASA in GNS3 with ASDM. They also recommend that you use the ASAv directly from Cisco’s VIRL software. A google search will get you the image you need. Next, you need to configure the ASAv to get an IP address via DHCP and also activate the http server on the ASA and allow the IP that you get from DHCP to access the http server.


Each model in the Cisco ASA 5500 range comes with a range of licences and features, to add these features you can purchase them from a Cisco reseller. You will then need to apply the licence to the device.

Cisco Asa Activation Key Gns3 2017 And Software Free

Cisco asa activation key gns3 2017 and software free


1. Your first step is to purchase the Licence you require from an authorised cisco reseller.

2. When your licence arrives you need to locate the PAK that is on the certificate.

Cisco Asa Activation Key Gns3 2017 And Software Downloads

3. You need the Serial number of the ASA 5500, to get this either look on the chassis of the device or issue a “show version” command.

4. So the one above has a serial Number of JMX1234ABCD.

5. Now you have the PAK and the serial number, you need to register them with Cisco Go there, login with a Cisco CCO account name. Enter the PAK Code > Submit.

6. Check the PAK details, and add more as required > Click “All Done”.

Cisco Asa Activation Key Gns3 2017 And Software Update

7. Enter the Serial Number of the ASA and tick “I Agree..” > Enter/Check your details > Enter the Licensee details (If Different) > Continue.

8. Read the Summary > Submit > Wait for it to stop saying “Processing” > When complete it should “Go Green” and say Registration Complete.

9. If can take a little while for the licence to be emailed to you and USUALLY goes straight to Junk Mail (Thanks Microsoft, that’s not funny!)

10. When the Licence comes in, the detail that you need is the activation key, it will look like….

dd12eb50 9e16d5bb 45b2a92c 78901838 44999999

11. You add this licence to the ASA with an “activation-key” command:

12. That’s the licence added.

Note: In the example above I added a licence to increase the web VPN peers from 25 to 50 (Which you can see if you compare the two pieces of code).

To add a Licence from the ASDM

1. Connect via ASDM.

2. Navigate to > Configuration > Device Management > Licensing > Activation Key > Paste in the new activation key > Update Activation Key.

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