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Hamburg - Germany. I am the owner of 'The Trumpet Shop' in. Vincent Cichowicz Flow Studies.pdf DOWNLOAD HERE 1 / 2. Vincent Cichowicz 10 B Tpt. 5 B Trumpet Cichowicz Flow Studies Expansion Drills. This is the Vincent Cichowicz Flow.

I still have about 3 tattered copies of the official flow study book created by Cichowicz. I studied there from '92 to '96, and, at that time you went to the Kinko's in Evanston and bought the course book. I'm sure it isn't that hard to find a copy these days, and there are a lot of other Compilations. I also have flow studies compilations by Daval and Phil Collins. However, neither of these includes the forward that the Northwestern course booklet had. I think this is what people need to read to understand why Cichowicz used them and why we all should. Here is the forward as it is written by Cichowicz.
These studies are an important medium in which to develop a free, flexible production of sound upon which all aspects of trumpet technique depend. It would be a mistake to view them solely as a means to develop finger dexterity. Herbert L. Clarke, who deplored so called 'long tone' studies, espoused the practice of material with movement instead of long tones (i.e: Technical Studies) and is the forefather of this concept. These studies are an extension and elaboration of this principal. They are most effective when practiced at moderate speeds, taking care to produce a clear, flexible sound and that the connection of the notes be smooth and without distortion. I view finger dexterity as a collateral benefit rather than the main purpose of these etudes. Further benefit may be had by utilizing varied articulations and transpostions.
So, that is how Cichowicz explained the reason behind flow studies.
Hope this is helpful!!
Dave V.

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Cichowicz Flow Studies Pdf

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Trumpet flow studies

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Vincent Cichowicz Flow Studies Pdf

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