Can You Rent A Car If Your License Is Expired

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Expired License and Car Hire? Reply Prev of. You can do it all online if you have a passport as they just nick the photo from the passport records, new card in the post and all done in around a. An IDL (International Driver’s License) is legally mandatory if you plan on driving a rental car during your visit to Italy. Travelers should take heed to this rule, as you will be fined if you get pulled over and do not have one! You don’t need to show the IDL when you rent the car but do need to show it to the police if you are pulled over. I rent cars frequently with enterprise and am very disappointed with my last 2 rentals. Related: Enterprise Rent A Car - Reservation is useless First of all I was given a car with expired tags from the enterprise in Kansas City location.

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OK My first thread got deleted for some reason, so I'll try again.
is there a way to legally rent a rental car if you don't have a drivers license physically on your person? I am in Kansas City on business and need to get to Mt Sterling IL which is about three hours away to help my Dad pack up my grandma's house. She passed away about two or three weeks ago and he drove out here from Idaho to pack up her house before it's sold.
On the way out here I somehow lost my @#[email protected]#[email protected]#@ drivers license. I got on the plane with it but I can't find it anywhere. Avis does not hold my license on file despite the fact I've rented with them before, and apparently there is NO provision to check a license online or something in case of this contingency. So I'm screwed. they said my wife could get a temp and fedex it to me but again, no go. I have a perfect driving record but that matters not without a physical license with me.
they said I could come to the DMV in UTAH and get a temp but that does me no good. I have to get to Mt Sterling and back by tomorrow at 3 pm.
any ideas?
Can You Rent A Car If Your License Is Expired

Can You Rent A Car If You Are Under 25


Rental Car With Expired Tags

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Originally Posted by gman5431
So i reserved a trip a while back - for over NYE and it involves me renting a car. Without going into to much detail, by the time i go to get my car, my license will be suspended. Do they run a background check? Will they be able to see this or will i be able to pick up the car without a problem?
Thanks in advance and please dont judge, haha.
G Man
I was never aware of any license check, just the credit check.
Good luck with getting the 'situation' sorted out. My daughter recalls her father regaling her with his tale of getting his license suspended when he registered to vote. She was about 10 years old & was overwhelmed that HE cried when he told her it was revoked for lack of child support payments.
I told her that her step father would never cry for getting caught doing something wrong. haha. The look on her face was priceless.
I hope all works out well for you. I wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone.
Happy travels!