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Here is the list of Best Torrenting sites for music, movies, games and mac, windows softwares, Ebook 2018. The Pirate ( For Movies, Music, Apps, Games). The Pirate Bay is one of the first torrent file hosting websites in the world. For the year 2018, The Pirate Bay is the “King of Torrents” once again. Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 Luckily for you, here is a list of the 13 popular free torrent downloading softwares for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones. Where can I find torrents for cracked softwares for Windows? What is the best torrent site for software? Where can I download all the cracked softwares? Torrent files are incredibly useful, but to use them, you need the right software. Here are the best free torrent clients around. The best free torrent client. Handy extra tools.

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  2. Best Torrent For Windows Software
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  4. Best Torrent Software For Windows
  5. Best Software Torrent Download Sites


Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. To get the actual files you want on your local storage, you will require some of the best torrent programs for a various number of supported operating systems.

Best Torrent Clients For Windows, Mac, Linux

Here is a list of the 13 popular free torrent downloading software for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones. – Editors Choice

When it comes to downloading torrents, you are basically exposing yourself to threats, and security issues as well. In many cases, you can face legal issues as well when it comes to torrents. Keeping that in mind, this is where comes in.

For those who do not know, this client is based on cloud, and one of the best things is that you can even use apps to this that are available on Android, iOS, App TV, Roku, as well as integration to Chromecast. You can actually download torrents from the client, or automatically download the RSS feeds as well, making this torrent client one of the best.

It is completely secure, and the best part is that all torrents are downloaded from the servers of Additionally, it is easy to use and can be accessed without running into any issues. The torrent fetching feature is one of the best we can think of. You even have a feature that lets you stream in 4K. Last but not least, is completely unobtrusive, meaning that you will not be needing to install the client as everything is based online.

To be honest, during my use, the only thing that I do not like about this software is the fact that some of the advanced features require you to pay for the software.

Overall, is definitely one of the most advanced torrent clients available for you to use. Sure, some of the advanced features are locked behind a paywall but even for a free version, this is one of the best clients.


  • It is completely secure and encrypted.
  • Using the software is easy and extremely accessible.
  • The torrent fetching feature works fast and without any issue.
  • You can stream videos in resolution up to 4K.
  • You can use it almost any web browser that you want.


  • Some of the advanced features require you to pay for the software.


If you want simplicity, speed, and features all bundled up in a great package, then qBittorrent is a great little program for you. It is geared towards PC users so macOS and Linux-system runners will need something else to run. However, that is not to say that macOS and Linux machines cannot run the software.

As far as simplicity goes, qBittorrent looks extremely neat and clean. The idea is that you will not get confused using this software, especially for someone who is going to enter the realm of downloading torrents for the first time.

Just make sure to read the above-mentioned information so you know what you’re getting involved in. This program will also be running while consuming the minimum number of systems resources.

The tool is great for those people who have inexpensive systems running because, in addition to downloading torrents, you will be able to carry out other light tasks while the downloading process takes place in the background.

As for the features, it has an integrated torrent search engine, media player, and encryption. Furthermore, it possesses prioritization of torrents and the files within those torrents, along with IP filtering and torrent creation, giving you a whole package for free.

You can say that it is the closest open source and adware-free competitor to the ever-popular uTorrent program.

Unfortunately, there are certain caveats to endure if you’re a qBittorrent user. There are far fewer plugins available for qBittorrent than there are for uTorrent. In other words, if you love the flexibility of having more plugins, then you will love the other alternatives we will be covering below.

However, if you love having something simple, resource-friendly and convenient, then download qBittorrent right away and enjoy.


Best Torrent Site For Music

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Resource friendly so you can use other programs while it is running in the background
  • Perfect for those that will be downloading torrents for the first time
  • Ad-free competitor of uTorrent
  • Few extra tools that you will need to get the job done
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux (you’ll have to confirm if this still works for Mac machines)


  • Fewer extensions than you would have liked


The gold old software that you’ve been using ever since you got to know about torrents in the first place. uTorrent is a torrent downloader’s dream and if you still have not used it then you are definitely missing out.

Just like qBittorrent, uTorrent utilizes a minimum number of system resources. On an average, the program will use around 6MB of RAM, so it will definitely not be locking up your system.

uTorrent also covers the essentials and is able to create torrents for you effortlessly. While it is meant for downloading torrents, you can upload such files at will.

Unfortunately, just like qBittorrent, uTorrent has not been made for everybody. For starters, you might get annoyed with the number of ads floating around.

If that does not get you irritated, there is also no built-in search options present, so you’ll have to make the effort yourself. Those who have been experiencing weird issues with uTorrent, timely software updates are always released to address bug fixes and other minor details.

Must Read – uTorent Alternatives

This helps to keep your experience at a gold level so you don’t have to switch to a different program. Still, if you don’t mind the ads or lack of built-in search, then you should definitely go for this.


  • Tiny in size so it will easily run on your system
  • Ability to create torrents as well
  • You can schedule the downloads and uploads of torrents
  • Old program that people have been using for years
  • Lots of plugins to take advantage of
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems (you’ll have to confirm if this still works for Mac machines)


  • Ads might make your experience less than perfect
  • There is no built-in search option
  • Bundled software inside the installer might make you more annoyed than usual
Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.
Price: Free+


It is extremely lean, extremely simple, and a very powerful tool for the uninitiated. So why haven’t you heard of Deluge and make this your daily driver of a torrent software? Well, perhaps you have been too busy with stuff like qBittorrent or uTorrent.

You can also integrate this torrent program with browsers such as Chrome and Firefox to make life even simpler. Unlike uTorrent, you don’t get that unwanted software. Additionally, you can also schedule the downloading of torrents, and batch-name them at will.

Now isn’t that something convenient? Despite all you’re getting for something that is not as popular as uTorrent or qBittorrent, Deluge does have some gripes. For starters, it does not sport nearly the same number of plugins, which would otherwise make things a lot better in terms of your experience.

Also, while the interface is easy to use, it is different from uTorrent and qBittorrent and will be initially difficult to use for first-timers. Regardless, it has all the tools that you desire to make this your daily driver so download it and get started.


  • Simple interface that will make things less confusing
  • It is extendable through plug-ins
  • You can schedule your important tasks at will
  • It is able to get integrated with Chrome or Firefox


  • Though simple, interface can take some getting used to
  • Will take you some time in getting used to the plugins
  • Not as many plugins as you would have liked to see


Vuze is a ‘free to use’ torrent client that offers all the features you would expect something from uTorrent. It was formerly known as Azureus and does the job of downloading the necessary files for a varied type of content.

When you get down to installing Vuze, you have the option to configure several settings, which is terrific. For newcomers, everything has been carefully explained so you do not rush into problems immediately and unprepared.

However, when you run it for the first time and if you have a low-end computer, you might run into problems. The experience is not going to be a catastrophic one, but it could be one that might put a frown on your face unless of course, you have powerful hardware running in your system.

There are very positive things that you will notice about this torrent downloader. This will range from magnetic link support to bandwidth limiting, IP filtering and so much more.

There is also a paid version which we feel should not be there in the first place. This is because there are a lot of features present in the paid version that you will not find on the regular version, and because it is not a ‘one-time’ payment mode, people will opt to go for the freeware nearly every single time.

In case you were wondering, you have to pay an annual fee to take advantage of the exclusive features.


  • Wide range of plugins to choose from and improve your experience
  • Social features present
  • Support for magnet links
  • Remote control via the internet
  • Media playback support also present
  • Support for a wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS


  • More resource-hungry than most of its competitors but nothing too alarming
  • There are ads present in the free version which you’ll have to get used to
  • Added software which no one likes to be bundled with the actual program
  • No support for Android
Developer: Azureus Software, Inc.
Price: Free+


Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.
Price: Free+

uTorrent and BitTorrent both share the same features across the board, which is why it has found its place in this list. BitTorrent is extremely small in size and very resource-friendly making it an ideal program to download torrents from.

It also sports a simple-looking and ‘easy to use’ interface, so if you’re going to be using this program for the first time, you will get the hang of it immediately. Unlike Vuze, there is no premium version scattered on the web. This will help maintain the experience of the user but it will happen at a price.

Since there is no premium version, BitTorrent will have to rely on other modes for generating revenue. This will include ads and if you’re not bothered by this addition, then you should download this software immediately.

Another thing we should be mentioning here is that there is no support for Android right now. If you’re the kind of person who continuously utilizes their smartphone storage to download files, then you’ll have to search for a different option.

If you can get over this little complaint, then BitTorrent can and will become your favorite torrent-downloading program forever.

Best Torrent Site For Windows Software

There are other options present too so be sure to check them out before reaching your decision.


  • Very small in size that will put little to no consumption on your local storage and system resources
  • ‘Easy to use’ interface for first timers
  • Support for both Windows and Mac
  • No premium version that you will have to pay for down the road
  • Extremely friendly towards your system resources


  • No support for the Android operating system
  • Bundled software makes the whole taste in your mouth go bad
  • Ads are going to be a pain in the neck since this is a freeware


Searching for torrent softwares for the Mac platform can be an arduous process. If you’re looking for something that is perfect for the macOS platform, then Transmission is one of them.

After Apple continues to introduce software updates to macOS, it renders the remaining torrent clients as haphazard-performing software. This means that programs like uTorrent, BitTorrent and others might or might not work properly.

For everything else related to torrent downloading, you have Transmission. It is extremely lightweight on your Mac and considering that macOS is already well optimized, you will thoroughly enjoy using this.

Best of all, there is a minimum configuration to get it up and running. Also, it is nearly identical to a ‘plug and play’ scenario, but you will still need to install it manually. However, it is not present on the Mac App Store so you will have to download it using an alternative route.

Please note: If you have been using Transmission version 2.90 for Mac, make darn sure you’ve updated to version 2.92 or later. This is because earlier versions have been found to distribute malware.

macOS is not intended to store malware in the local storage but this is the first time this has happened, so be extra careful.


  • Extremely lightweight user interface (macOS itself is very well optimized so this makes it all the more sweeter)
  • There are ads, but very little to complain about
  • Perfect for users that just want to download torrents and do absolutely nothing else
  • Very small size so you won’t cry about a chunk of space being used
  • More information on the files that you download


  • Transmission is a little too simple and might annoy some people that want more features
  • Ads are still present, which might not bode well for some people

Halite BitTorrent Client

Halite BitTorrent Client should not be confused with the actual BitTorrent program. In short, it is just another torrent-downloading program that shares several attributes of software like uTorrent.

In short, its interface is extremely lightweight on your system which is going to make it extremely resource friendly. For users installing this torrent software on older computers, this is a win-win situation for you.

Older systems have a terrible habit of locking up due to degrading hardware and storage and Halite BitTorrent Client being easy on your system is going to be a plus point.

Unfortunately, its simplistic factor might not bode well for several million users. It is because its simplicity means that you will not get every other feature there is to experience.

Our recommendation is that you can try to upgrade the components in your system to make it slightly faster if you want to experience programs that offer more at the table.

However, if you’re okay with a simple interface and design, then Halite BitTorrent Client is your cup of tea.


  • Extremely lightweight user interface
  • Perfect for users that just to download torrents
  • Different language support is also present
  • You can choose which torrent to give more priority to
  • Extremely resource friendly, which is great if you have a very old system
  • Supports 64-bit operating systems so you can at least upgrade the RAM


  • Does not pack every single advanced feature out there
  • Some users might not appreciate a limited number of settings, especially when the competition is offering them more


First, there was BitTorrent, now we have BitComet, another ‘free to use’ software. Apart from its simple interface, BitComet itself is a very small file, so you’ll get used to it and running in a few minutes.

Most of you are keen on having an antivirus program running so BitComet will take advantage of this and scan the downloaded files from the torrent using this antivirus. Now, if you absolutely loathe ads, then BitComet is one of the many clear winners from this top torrent clients list.

It does not feature ads, making the experience less distracting for you. Unfortunately, if you have an operating system that is not Windows, then you’ll be out of luck.

BitComet currently only supports Windows, so it will be wise to pick up something else if you’re used to running a different software.

Aside from this, BitComet might make changes to your computer without you noticing. If you see a different software running in the background or notice a different file on your desktop, it is possible that a bundled software was installed without your knowledge.

Still, since there are more pros and cons to see, why not give BitComet a try?


  • Very easy to use
  • You can effortlessly build your own torrents
  • Clean design so you never get confused
  • If you have antivirus running, it can use that to scan every download
  • This software is free from ads, how does that sound?


  • No built-in browser for torrent searches
  • Bandwidth changes cannot be made on a per-torrent basis
  • Only gets support for Windows operating systems
  • Can make unnecessary changes to your computer during the setup process


One of the best torrent programs is a program that you haven’t even heard of. FrostWire is one such program that offers many features. One of its best features: it provides support for a multitude of operating systems. It is supported on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

The file is very small and very resource-efficient so it will never tax your system. There are also no ads running so your experience will not fail at any given interval. If you’re a computer wizard, FrostWire is the software for you since it supports a ton of advanced settings.

Using these settings, you can customize the options wall for yourself, and adjust your experience accordingly. You can also open torrents using several paths such as a local torrent, using a URL or magnet link.

Isn’t it surprising that FrostWire offers so much in return and yet it continues to remain in the shadows of uTorrent and BitTorrent?

Well, time to popularize the program so download it right away and get started.


  • Very small file that is quick to download and install on your system
  • Simple interface will make you an expert in no time
  • Free of ads will make this a dream program
  • FrostWire can easily open files either locally, through their URL or by magnet links
  • You can share your files and folders with others
  • Supports importing multiple torrents at once
  • Lots of advanced settings to customize the software’s experience according to your requirements
  • Works with Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux


  • You cannot add custom websites to the search tool
  • FrostWire might try to install unnecessary programs during the setup process


Another program in our list is the mighty BitLord. Though you might not have heard of it, there is always something to look forward to in these mysterious programs.

It also comes ad-free so that is a very good start to improving your first impression. Though the file is small, when you open it up, it will start to download the necessary files to complete the setup. This may be fast or slow depending on your internet connection.

If you have an antivirus program running on your system, you’d be wise to disable it temporarily otherwise it might be alerted as a harmful program. The antivirus program might then proceed to delete important files, making the program unusable.

Do check out BitLord in your free time and we promise that you will not be left disappointed.


  • Small file that will waste zero time in running on your system
  • Very simple interface
  • Ad-free program will be music to your ears
  • This can easily open files either locally, through their URL or by magnet links
  • You can share your files and folders with others
  • Password protected so there is no fearing of people checking out your private files


  • Disable your antivirus or it might be flagged as harmful software
  • BitLord might make unnecessary programs during the setup process


Judging by the name of the software, one might assume that Tixati is something that is far from a bit torrent program, but in reality, it is actually one of the most powerful torrent clients that you can get for your computer at the moment.

Now, the good thing is that there are so many redeeming factors about Tixati, that make this one of the best torrent download softwares available. For starters, it is completely free, and without any annoying ads that can be a nuisance for many people. Unlike some of the other torrent downloaders that have been flagged with spyware, or other false positives, Tixati is completely free of those issues. Whether you are installing it on Windows, or Linux, the process is super simple and straightforward. Everything from bandwidth management, as well as reporting, and other features such as magnet links, IP filtering, and download scheduling is present in the software to make up for the best possible experience. The speed is top notch as long as you have a network for it, and in addition to that, the interface is super simple and easy to manage.

There is one thing that might bother some people; Tixati only supports Windows and Linux at the time of writing. Which means that every other operating system is not supported. If you are okay with this minor inconvenience, and you are looking for something that will get the job done for you, then Tixati is something that you should definitely look at.


  • Ad free.
  • No sign of spyware.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Provides bandwidth management facility.
  • Great speed.
  • Easy to navigate interface.


  • No support for any other OS than Windows or Linux.

Web Torrent

Considering how web applications are becoming more and more popular, I was not really surprised when I saw Web Torrent, a web based torrent application for people who are not looking to download an additional software just so they can download torrents.

The good thing about Web Torrent is that it is completely web-based, and does not take any system resources aside from the bandwidth. Using it is the simplest thing you can think of; you just have to paste the torrent file or the magnet URL, and you would be good to. The torrent will start right away. The client is a lot younger than some of the heavy hitters available in the market, so there are not a lot of features, but the good thing is that if you are looking for an installation package, it is available as a standalone application for Windows and other operating systems. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, and another great thing here is that you have a built-in player that can play music and video files. You can even stream the content over to your Chromecast without any issue whatsoever.

During my user experience, I did not run into any issue with the Web Torrent, the only thing I would like to point out is that as far as the features are concerned, the software is a bit lighter on those, but considering how it is still a new player in town, it is more than understandable.


  • Super simple and easily accessible.
  • Works on every platform.
  • Available as a stand-alone software.
  • Fast.
  • Can stream content onto the Chromecast.


  • Does not have a lot of advanced features.


We are now going to look at Tribler, another great bit torrent client that has been in the market for some time. But before you go ahead and download the program, the one thing that I would like you to know is that Tribler comes with a network similar to Tor, meaning that the software is geared towards people who are looking to protect their identity over the internet, and want to remain anonymous.

The software works in a rather fascinating way; it disconnects the user’s direct link with BitTorrent Swarm through 3 proxy servers that are connected together. The important thing that you need to know here is that this only works when it comes to peers or torrent downloaders; meaning that if you are a seeder, the feature is there, but it is not fully functional. Still, I really admire what Tribler is doing here, as it is a great step towards protecting all the torrent users across the world. Another thing I really love about this software is the interface, as it happen to carry a very contemporary, and flat look; much better than what the rest of torrent clients in the market are offering. It also comes with it torrent searcher for you to use, and a feature that basically gives you a built-in VLC player for watching videos as they download. You also get features such as bandwidth management, and family filter to have the best possible experience.

There is nothing to hate about this software actually. It is relatively know so it will take some time before the software fully matures, and that is completely fine. In addition to that, at the time of writing this, the software only supports Windows XP and onward. Means there is no support for other operating systems.

In conclusion, Tribler is a great bit torrent download tool that you can download for free, and you can even protect your anonymity.


  • Excellent interface.
  • The Tor-like onion network is a game changer.
  • Open source and free to use.
  • Uses VLC Player as a built-in media player.


  • Relatively low on features.
  • No support for operating systems other than Windows.

Risks For downloading torrents

We’ve reiterated this time and time again, and it is important that you’re well informed about this. Therefore, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Installing torrents is accompanied by a certain of risks. As you know, downloading torrents gives you access to files belonging to certain categories such as movies, games, software and more.

The activity of downloading torrents is considered illegal because you’re using content and software that you have not paid for.

Best torrent software for windows

That said, in some countries, it is actually a crime to download torrents and it is summarized as the illegal sharing of copyrighted material.

While P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, uploading these copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit in several developed countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others. Offenders can also be punished heavily if and when they are caught.

What can be the potential punishment if you happen to get caught?

In a single word; lawsuits are going to be the one deterrent in preventing users from uploading copyrighted content. Such lawsuits are filed against users who copy and distribute copyrighted materials.

Under regular circumstances, lawsuits will always be targeted to groups of individuals but occasionally a single person might have to appear in court to answer for their crimes.

Does this happen by chance? Absolutely not, but the parties involved often want to make an example out of these people so that they learn an indelible lesson and never have to indulge in such activities again.

P2P civil lawsuits can often become a financial and mental burden for the user so please take extra precaution and know the laws of your country before you start to download torrents.

We do not support any unlawful behavior so please take heed of what we have told you.

Best Torrents Search Engines

Search EngineBest Known For
P2PGuruMovies, TV Series, Games, eBooks
Torrentz2Incredibly capable search engine; Currently Indexes more than 60 million torrents.
Torrents.MeParallel Search in 600+ Torrent Websites
XTORXVery simple UI; Fast and accurate; No advertisements.
ToorgleTorrent Search in over 450+ torrents websites at the same time.
The Pirate BayBig Boss of Torrents
RARBGMost Diverse Torrent Repository
1337xOne of the largest engine for movies, games, TV series and more
ExtraTorrentLargest Torrent Community
YTS.AGMovies Exclusive
AIO SearchGoogle of Torrent Stuff
BTDBSimple and effective; Clean design; Fast search.
TorrentHoundsMost resilient Torrent Community
Lime TorrentsRedesigned and Improved Features
Katcr.coClone of Original KAT Torrents
ISO HuntNew team comes with Advanced Features
ZooqleMovies Search only
SnowflVery fast; Easy to use; Custom filtering included.
TorrentSeekerMinimal UI, Customized search results; Wide range.
VeoblePowered by Google custom search; Tons of filtering options; All popular sources covered.
Academic Researchers Only for Researchers

Final Words

These are the best torrent programs that we have come up just for you. In the end, it is just a matter of personal preference. Remember, just because you like a torrent software does not mean the person next to you is obligated to like it as well.

Try these out and let us know in the comments what you think.

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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday morning. My Thursday is going just great, I am actually getting ready to have some early morning lunch and then I will be busy with work at Oxavi Group Inc as I prepare more articles for our sister site, anyway, please read on…

Today we will focus the best BitTorrent clients for Windows. Torrents are what they call P2P technology and they continues to dominate the internet when it comes to downloading and uploading content. Before we give you the list of the Bittorrent clients for Windows 10, lets find out what is a ‘torrent’ and if it is legal, safe and ultimately if it is even worth your time to use.

What Are Torrents?

A Torrent is a file extension for a BitTorrent file format used by BitTorrent clients. Torrent files contain text and point out the trackers for a download to begin downloading from distributors (known as seeders or uploaders) and requesting clients (known as leechers or downloaders).

  • Are Torrents Safe?
    Tricky question but mostly yes, but sometimes no because you can download a file that has a virus or some spyware/malware attached to it. Make sure you only download from validated sources.
  • Are Torrents Legal?
    Yes and no, again it depends on where you live and what type of files you are downloading. Just use your own judgement and don’t download too much, if I can give you any advice it would be that, don’t download 10TB of files all day and be surprised when your ISP sends you an email or letter asking you, “Wtf are you downloading?”

#1. Download uTorrent For Windows 10

Best Torrent For Windows Software

Install uTorrent on Windows 10

uTorrent is a the most popular BitTorrent client, distributed by the creators of the BitTorrent protocol. uTorrent was designed to use as little of the computer’s resources as possible while offering a lot of the functionality expected from ‘full-featured’ clients, it works perfectly for Windows 10.

  • Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled – Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint specification (compatible with Azureus, and now BitComet 0.63) and peer exchange.
  • Resource-Friendly – µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources – typically using less than 6MB of memory, allowing you to use the computer as if it weren’t there at all. Additionally, the program itself is contained within a single executable less than 160 KB in size.
  • Skinnable and Localized – Various icon, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements are available, and creating your own is very simple. µTorrent also has support for localization, and with a language file present, will automatically switch to your system language. If your language isn’t available, you can easily add your own, or edit other existing translations to improve them!
  • Actively Developed and Improved – The developer puts in a lot of time working on features and making things more user friendly. Releases only come out when they’re ready, with no schedule pressures, so the few bugs that appear are quickly addressed and fixed.

uTorrent Screenshot

#2. Download Tixati For Windows 10

Install Tixati on Windows 10

Tixati is a proprietary cross-platform BitTorrent client written in C++ designed to be light on system resources. Its developers release standalone and portable versions with each new client versions. It has received a positive reception, and most reviews praised it for its lightweight design

Tixati is super lightweight and easy on resources. It focuses on one of the newer tricks in torrents: trackerless torrent swarming. It has anti-throttling features and variety of priority adjustments to help tweak performance.

Despite its lightness, Tixati has advanced bandwidth management features. All of this combined with its ad-free interface and worry-free installation makes it a popular torrent client.

Tixati Screenshot

#3. Download Torch Browser For Windows

Install Torch Browser On Windows 10

Torch Browser is a feature rich web browser with lots of customizable tweaks to make your Internet experience better.

Torch Browser Key Features

  • Drag & Drop – With this feature you can search, translate or share links easily.
  • Built In Torrent – You can manage your torrent downloads directly within the browser window.
  • Media Grabber – You can save almost any media type that you come across on the web.
  • Easy Sharing – You can share your up to date information with your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the browser.

Overall, Torch Browser is a powerful, fast, feature rich web browser. It is fully customizable and gives you a safe and secure browsing experience.

Torch Browser Screenshot

#4. Download qBittorrent For Windows

Install qBittorrent On Windows 10

qBittorrent is Free Software (more than just freeware! Free as in Freedom) released under the GNU GPLv2 license. You don’t have to pay for it and this won’t change. Its code is open and available to everyone and reusable under certain conditions. qBittorrent – of course – does not contain any malware, spyware, advertisements or undesired third-party programs.

  • It is Free/Libre Software (you can see the code and see what qBittorrent is doing).
  • Its development team is very active and friendly.
  • It is stable and it has a low footprint (generally, 20-60 MiB of RAM used), whilst providing all the features you may need.
  • It uses the high-tech libtorrent (Rasterbar) library, which means greater download and upload speed as well as excellent support of the latest features of the BitTorrent protocol.
  • It is easy to use and all of its features are well documented.
  • It is an international program, supporting Unicode and containing translations into more than 25 languages

qBittorrent Screenshot

#5. Download Deluge For Windows

Install Deluge Bittorrent On Windows 10

Deluge is a full-featured ​BitTorrent client for Linux, OS X, Unix and Windows. It uses ​libtorrent in its backend and features multiple user-interfaces including: GTK+, web and console. It has been designed using the client server model with a daemon process that handles all the bittorrent activity. The Deluge daemon is able to run on headless machines with the user-interfaces being able to connect remotely from any platform.

Deluge features a rich plugin collection; in fact, most of Deluge’s functionality is available in the form of plugins.

Deluge was created with the intention of being lightweight and unobtrusive. It is our belief that downloading shouldn’t be the primary task on your computer and therefore shouldn’t monopolize system resources.

Deluge Screenshot

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