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  2. Bartezzaghi: l’enigmistica e il gioco per apprendere e diffondere una lingua «I primi esempi di anagrammi gi; Matematicamente. It – 9 cruciverba da giocare online o da stampare. Maker – Sito per creare gratis i propri giochi enigmistici. In questo articolo invece avevamo visto pi. Bartezzaghi Pdf - Ebooks Download.

Why is a Software Needed to Convert Scanned PDF to Word?


A software is often needed to convert scanned PDF to Word, because scanned images in the PDF files are nothing but photos of documents and hence cannot be searched through with a text string. Additionally, important text cannot be extracted from such images as paragraphs and text cannot be selected and copied from image files and inserted into a word doc. These features of scanned images can severely limit their use and therefore important information can end up being excluded from the decision making process. Also when using software to convert scanned image to word, the output files can be indexed allowing for them to be retrieved faster from databases and document management systems. Using software to convert scanned image to word is preferred, because it is a much faster method than manually retyping text from scanned images into word. These software packages can extract text from images at a rate of several thousand words per hour and process hundreds of documents in a single batch. Manual text extraction from images can never achieve such extraction rates, and is an infinitely costlier option as several hours of data entry have to be performed to transfer a few pages of text present in images into a word file.

3 Steps on How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word

  • Download an Optical Character Recognition or OCR conversion program that will recognize the text on the scanned images of the PDF file
  • Upload and run the scanned PDF file on the OCR program
  • Highlight the recognized text and copy and paste the text into a Word Document
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    Accuracy Rates Provided by Software that Convert Scanned PDF to Word

    Such software packages have long been in existence, and have been used for several decades to extract text from scanned images. However these software that convert scanned image to word have been improved upon since their creation. As a result of these continuous improvements such software packages, generally have accuracy rates of over 98%. When human editing is performed on files output accuracy rates of over 100% can be achieved.

    Technology Included in Software that Convert Scanned PDF to Word

    There are several technologies included in software that convert scanned image to word. However, the core technology that drives such software is optical character recognition (OCR). Optical character recognition technology recognizes printed text from scanned images and extracts it. Once this process of extraction of complete the software places the text in an output file defined by the user.