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I have tried to get the MAC address of each network interface card on a machine by using the below function in VB.NET, but I just realized that this function doesn't work in Windows XP:

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How can I make this code to run on Windows XP? What other alternatives exist to get the list of MAC addresses on Windows XP?

Bank Software Download Vb Net 2010 Gratis

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2 Answers

Works for me on XP, except I've got a few interfaces and my first (0th) is my 'real' MAC address, and it corresponds to the MAC address reported by a non-.NET program.

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I did some digging when connecting to different VPNs. So far the below seems pretty reliable. Relying on 0 or 1 for the actual physical adapter as suggested above does not work in many cases. In some cases my actual Ethernet adapter was the 3rd adapter. Excluding the loopbacks, tunnels, and ppp adapters should narrow it down. I found that many of my non physical adapters have the string '00000000000000E0' as the mac address.

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