Banjo Tone Ring Installation

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Banjo Tone Ring Installation

Discussion Forum. Want to hide these Google ads? I would like some information on what is needed to install a tone ring on a tb3 pot,Pictures would be nice. Are plenty good.I wish I knew how to post them.) are of the banjo you now have, you don't have a BB tone ring. If it were, it would have the archtop appearance. It's a flathead.

  1. #66-2 is a previously undocumented banjo conforming to standard specifications for a style 3 plectrum of the 1930s with twenty-hole flathead tone ring, one-piece flange, mahogany resonator with two concentric rings of white-black-white purfling on the back, and nickel plating. The tailpiece is a Grover Presto and the tuners are Grover 'pancakes.'
  2. Fitting a Banjo Tone Ring with Tape It is most commonly agreed that a tone ring should be fitted to a rim so that if you turn it upside down, the ring should just slip off.

1. Draw a line with a pencil using the 5th string as a guide. Draw the line using the inside edge of the string (that which is closest to the inside of the fingerboard.) This will be your vertical guide.

2. Measure .286 inches up from the fret you want (ie. .286 up from the 7th fret toward the direction of the 6th). This is about 1/3 of the way up from the fret; 1/4' would be .250'. This will be your horizontal axis.

3. Put a dot here. This is where you will drill your hole using a dremel tool bit. We actually use dental drill bits. The number of them says SSW-FG 699. The bit should be slightly smaller than the shaft of the spike. We have measured the one we use and it measures out at .024'.

4. We use model railroad spikes; H/0 gauge which are considered 'mediums.'

5. Do not just pound the spikes into the fingerboard as you can split it.

6. If you drill the hole too big, put a very small drop of super glue on the tip of the spike and hold the spike in for a bit until it sets.


Banjo Tone Ring Installation Chart

7. The head of the spike should face towards the outer edge of the fingerboard, not towards the center.

Used Banjo Tone Rings

These directions are provided as a courtesy only. We accept no responsibility for customer installation of spikes or any possibly damage to the instrument that might occur during this process.