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Download a free AutoCAD trial for Windows or Mac, or download free trials of specialized toolsets for industries. Get Autodesk software free for 3 years. Autodesk has released Autodesk® Land Desktop 2005 Service Pack 1, which addresses several known issues with Autodesk Land Desktop 2005. This service pack also includes the fixes in the AutoCAD® 2005 Service Pack 1, and the Autodesk Map® 3D 2005 Service Pack 1 and 2.

When a stand-alone Autodesk product is installed for the firsttime on a computer, the license must be activated for it to workbeyond its trial period. If you have a perpetual license,reactivation is required when the previous activation of theproduct is somehow invalidated on the computer on which it isinstalled.

Autodesk land desktop 2005 again download pc

Note for Subscription Customers: Licensetransfer from one computer to another is not required to activateyour subscription software on a new computer. Your subscription toAutodesk software includes rights to install and activate yoursoftware on more than one computer. For each computer you wish touse, follow the standard installationand activation procedures for your software. Refer toyour SoftwareLicense Agreement for more information about softwareusage rights.

Reasons to Reactivate

An activation can be invalidated for the following reasons:

  • Significantly changing the primary boot disk
  • Changing too many hardware components at once (hard drive,graphics card, RAM, NIC, etc.)
  • Modifying the activation services or the software licensefiles
  • Modifying the system date or time properties on a computer thathas a time-limited software license
  • Reinstalling your operating system
  • Using the LicenseTransfer Utility to export a license from a computer and thentrying to run that product on the same computer
  • Installing from a hard disk image, created using Ghost oranother cloning software package, where the original Master BootRecord was included in the image
  • Your subscription or maintenance plan has expired

How to Manually Reactivate

Autodesk land desktop

When an activation is invalidated the license will attempt tosilently and automatically reactivate. If it cannot automaticallyreactivate, or if automatic reactivation has happened too manytimes over a certain period of months (over-activation), you will be prompted tomanually reactivate the product.

Reactivation requires the same steps and information as initialactivation of the product.

See: ActivateYour Product

If reactivation is triggered by an expired subscription ormaintenance plan, your software should prompt you to enter a newserial number upon startup. You do not need to reinstall yourAutodesk software to reactivate with a new serial number.

See:UpdatingYour Serial Number Without Reinstalling Your Software

To prevent a break in your product license when changinghardware, use the License Transfer Utility to export your licensebefore making the change. After the hardware change, use theLicense Transfer Utility again to import the license file back tothe machine.

Autodesk Land Desktop 2005 Again Download Free

See: License TransferUtility

Autodesk Land Desktop 2009

Still Need Help?

If you need assistance activating your software, contact Autodesk and provide informationabout why additional activations are required.

Autodesk Desktop Download

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