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SDS on the RNS-E has been cracked Sign in to follow this. Is the SDS sofware update avalible for download? Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. Also downgrading to 0100 before running the SDS hack allows me to install the VIM fix at the same time so now I can produce VIM and SDS in one go. How to activate (hack) SDS on RNS-E i need help how to activate SDS (voice recognition ) on Audi RNS-E. I've seen several sites but none explains how to.

Cars without full speech dialogue system, but a phone-prep or an Audi Bluetooth phone, come standard with phone speech control. However, it is not enabled or fully enabled in all markets. It is fully disabled (some reports of info from dealers/Audi claim problems if enabling it), in. Re: SDS Hack for RNSE 22 Sep 2015, 09:48 For anyone reading this thread that is also looking for the 650 + SDS Software (also known as 660 software) I have managed to obtain it from another forum.

Discover the most played and best Pokemon ROM Hacks of the year based on mentions, downloads, game ratings and recommendations from real users.

Without a doubt, the internet has given plenty of opportunities for passionate individuals to express their feelings and sharing their creativity through great creations.

If you are into Pokemon gaming, there are plenty of Pokemon game titles released available for different gaming consoles, but none of these are for free. Although purchasing a game is always an excellent approach, this is not always an option for some.

If you ever heard of Pokemon ROM hacks you may not want to miss the opportunity to play any of these classic Pokemon games. ROM hacks are video games that have been modified by fans to create an entirely new looking and improved version of a game. See Also: How To Play ROM Hacks on Android

I did thorough research for the best Pokemon ROM Hacks from different sources such as Reddit, Youtube, PokemonCommunity, Facebook, Twitter and came up with ten most mentioned and most played ROM hack titles of the year.

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks for 2019

1. Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed is an Emerald based ROM hack with plenty of new features, stunning effects, amazing new tiles, and sprites. I bet you want to see all legendaries from Kanto to Sinnoh and eight from Unova or catch at least one of them? Also check: Pokemon Glazed cheats.

Pokemon Glazed lets you pick from the five starter Pokemon instead of three and even capture all five starters and there are other more features waiting for you to discover. Glazed got tons of positive feedback with high ratings coming from different online sources which makes it in the first spot of the best Pokemon ROM hacks in the list.

2. Pokemon Prism

You might hear the phrase saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover” but with Pokemon Prism, you cannot judge the game by its design and oldie looking. Pokemon Prism is a Pokemon Crystal based ROM hack, despite the title’s low-quality looking tiles, effects, and color, Pokemon Prism has outstanding gameplay.

Unfortunately, for some reasons or maybe due to Prism’s growing popularity, Nintendo sent a cease & desist order to stop the development of the game. However, the Pokemon Prism’s build file has leaked online, making it available for download but has missing features from the final version, yet the game is fully functional.

3. Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter

Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter is a FireRed based ROM hack with a story that follows almost similar with Pokemon Adventures Red Manga but with some changes and improvements to make the game more entertaining.

Also, what’s the best with Adventures Red Chapter is that you can play with new Pokemon from the newest generations as well as Dragon and Fairy type Pokemon. Day and night system is in the game and a perfect match for the weather effect. If you have read and like the Pokemon Adventures Red Manga you will like this even more.

4. Pokemon Liquid Crystal

You cannot go wrong when you decide to play Pokemon Liquid Crystal. Liquid Crystal is a FireRed based ROM hack that follows the plot of Pokemon Crystal but with plenty of unique and entertaining features.

If you find the Day and Night magnificent, you will surely also love the real weather effects plus the updated graphics (see screenshot) and maps. It takes months of hard work to create a game like this and needs serious dedication, persistence, and yet the author successfully made it as one of its kind Pokemon game.

5. Pokemon Gaia

Can’t argue with this game, Pokemon Gaia is one of the top ROM hacks and my personal favorite one. It has plenty of new features, breathtaking storyline, new tiles, new Pokemon, colorful battle scenes and more. Gaia got the second spot for PokemonCommunity Hack hall of fame in the year 2014 and achieved the first position for the year 2015 with hundreds to thousands of positive reviews.

Who does not like Mega Evolution? The original FireRed does not have Mega evolution, which makes it too boring for some but with Pokemon Gaia, everything has changed. All you have to do is obtain the mega ring, get the right mega stone for your Pokemon and enjoy the mega evolution.

The game development is still in progress, and there’s a rumor that the version 3 is coming out soon so this would be so much exciting.


6. Pokemon Ash Gray

Play as Ash Ketchum and begin your adventure as a new Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Ash Gray. Although the game has not updated for several years; but still one of the most popularly played ROM hack.

Sometimes you may need more fun with your Ash Gray game, here are some of the most popular and handy Pokemon ash gray cheats.


Ash Gray follows the same plot as the Pokemon anime story but with new maps, sprites, tiles, and other modifications which make it look very different from the original Pokemon FireRed version game. Pokemon Ash Gray is a must download ROM hack, you will never regret when you play it with your favorite Gameboy Advance emulator.

7. Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover is a no ordinary ROM hack, and the team behind it made an enormous effort to create the game, and it is a phenomenal creation.

Clover is for you if you seek a unique Pokemon gaming entertainment experience. Pokemon Clover has a funny storyline, jokey characters and has 386 fresh new weird looking fakemons with strange names.

8. Pokemon Cloud White

Pokemon Cloud White is another FireRed based ROM hack with tons of new and cool unique features. Cloud White also has mega evolution which fans would love. Also, you will surely enjoy battling or catching the 540 Pokemon from gen 1 to 6 while beating the new evil teams.

Almost everything has updated which you will never know it is a FireRed game. If you haven’t done so, download Pokemon Cloud White today and play it with your GBA favorite emulator.

9. Pokemon Dark Rising

Some say the game is just too hard to complete, but it is not always the case. In fact, this is one of my most favorite ROM hacks I ever played. If Dark Rising is too hard for you, the improved version called Kaizo would fit your needs.

Pokemon Dark Rising has sequels which are worth to check out, Dark Rising II, Pokemon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed and Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: World Collide are pretty amazing ROM hacks that everyone should play.

10. Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky is the last in the list, but not because it is less popular as compared to the other nine listed Pokemon ROM hacks, but because it should be included in your top ten must play Pokemon ROM hacks. Flora Sky is a completed Emerald based ROM hack which got hundreds of positive reviews online.

It has amazing colorful tiles with epic battle scenes. The game gets harder after obtaining badges which make it more challenging and fun. For extra adventure, Flora Sky is also perfect for Nuzlocke.

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Poll: Top 10 Readers’ Choice Pokemon ROM Hacks

Cast your vote and select your top 10 Pokemon ROM hacks. Rom hacks with the highest number of votes will be added to “Readers’ Choice Pokemon ROM Hacks”. This poll is exclusive for visitors of

CLOSED - Vote for your Best Pokemon ROM Hacks (Max 10 votes) (2018)

  • Pokemon Glazed (11%, 4,887 Votes)
  • Pokemon Light Platinum (10%, 4,390 Votes)
  • Pokemon Ash Gray (8%, 3,314 Votes)
  • Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter (6%, 2,571 Votes)
  • Pokemon Dark Rising (5%, 2,322 Votes)
  • Pokemon Gaia (5%, 2,302 Votes)
  • Pokemon Dark Rising 2 (5%, 2,267 Votes)
  • Pokemon Mega Power (4%, 1,861 Votes)
  • Pokemon Theta Emerald EX (4%, 1,800 Votes)
  • Pokemon Cloud White 2 (4%, 1,781 Votes)
  • Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma (4%, 1,730 Votes)
  • Pokemon Blazed Glazed (4%, 1,651 Votes)
  • Pokemon Flora Sky (4%, 1,630 Votes)
  • Pokemon Cloud White (4%, 1,601 Votes)
  • Pokemon Liquid Crystal (4%, 1,567 Votes)
  • Pokemon Prism (3%, 1,310 Votes)
  • Pokemon Resolute (3%, 1,202 Votes)
  • Pokemon Snakewood (2%, 1,020 Votes)
  • Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma (2%, 959 Votes)
  • Pokemon Theta Emerald (2%, 881 Votes)
  • Nameless FireRed Project (2%, 828 Votes)
  • Pokemon Eclipse (2%, 782 Votes)
  • Pokemon League of Legends (2%, 766 Votes)
  • Pokemon Clover (2%, 745 Votes)

Total Voters: 16,800


There are hundreds, and a continuously growing number of Pokemon ROM hacks popping out on the internet available for download without a cost. Some of them are good, and some need further improvement.

Audi Sds Hack Download

Pokemon ROM hacking is famous few years back till the present days, and the good thing is, you can play it on your mobile device unlike before when it is available only for PC.

Have you tried any of the listed recommended Pokemon ROM hacks? I would like to hear your feedback. Did I miss your favorite ROM hack in the list? Don’t hesitate to name it and let’s discuss it here.